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How often do you play F1 2010 online?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Maurice Hurkmans, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    How often do you play F1 2010 online? Or do you prefer to play single in career mode or grand prix mode?

    At the moment numbers of people attending in the F1 2010 Racing Club (especially for PC events) are not as high i expected to be, so if you are looking for an nice and clean online environment to drive in, check out our events in the Racing Club section of this forum :)

    thank you in advance again!
  2. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    I played once but al my opponents were gost cars so I stopt with online playing.
  3. I pretty much only ever play online, i love the competition!! Ive only just made it upto Spain in my career.
  4. i play about 5 hours a day
  5. I go on for an hour or so each day but the lobbies are not very busy at all. I have never raced a full grid of cars and races usually average 5/6 or so at the most.

    I also keep ending up in lobbies with one guy who is constantly cutting corners (as long as you dont overtake its seems you get away with it) and bumped me off a few times too.
  6. Never played F1 2010 online and never will .. played Dirt 2 online for 20mins and it was like a demolition derby. Having seen so many threads stating that F1 2010 is really just for kids who want to ram and smash, seems like a complete waste of time.
  7. I play an hour here, an hour there. Went with 3-6.

    I really love online play, but little things can tarnish it. For instance:

    1) Penalties - occasionally these are, well, wrong. I deliberately cut a corner (out of frustration, I should add), just a warning. I get shunted off the track, lose my front wing, then get a 10 second penalty for cutting a corner. Or today, for instance, I came flying round a bend and crashed full on into a car reversing sideways along the track, and I got the penalty for "causing a collision". Makes no sense.

    2) Other drivers. In a 12 man race it's always best to be near the back. Because there is always one nutter who just decides not to break for the first corner, and more often than not, I'm the one who gets sent flying off the track. I go from 1st, 2nd, 3rd (where I normally seem to start in these races) to dead last with no front wing and hobbling around the track.

    I rarely win races (normally spin or something, only happens when I'm 1st though. Must be some sort of mental thing), but one race where I was actually destroying the race, the guy in last decided to wait until I lapped him then just destroyed my car whilst sending me spinning into the gravel. This after bumping into me and cutting me off several times. I ended up 9th out of 10 from a 20 second lead in 1st. Beyond a joke.

    I really hate being near the front and turning the first corner. If I don't get smashed into when braking, as I start to turn the corner I'm just waiting for someone to send my spinning, and, more often than not, I get that shunt.

    3) Ghosts. Can be really annoying when someone is trying to overtake you, so you try to defend and they just ghost through you. Literally.

    4) Lag. One guy I was chasing a whole race, because everytime I overtook him, be it on a straight or at a corner, he would just lag back in front of me. Not sure if this was genuine lag or some sort of mod, but it was annoying.

    Oh, and one time in a 3-man race, I was a lap ahead of this guy and behind him the whole race, yet he won!? I was 3rd after a first corner shunt. Caught up with one guy, took him to go 2nd. Then, on the same lap, I caught up with the leader AND the guy I had just overtaken. How did he get there? I was still 2nd though, and after I overtook the leader I was 1st with this guy in front of me 3rd. So somehow he had ended up at the last part of the track, yet a lap behind me on my first lap. Whatever. Anyway, I was behind him the whole rest of the race, still 1st according to the OSD. But when I crossed the finish line, he ended up 1st. Bizarre.

    Oh and last night when racing with my mate online, in a 12 man race, the OSD was all messed up. It told me I was 4th, and it also said he was 4th. Three cars in front of me piled up (including my mate), I overtook them all and ended up... 4th (turns out this time I actually was 4th). Yet my mate's OSD told him he was 4th. When I ended the race I was actually 4th, whilst he was 8th, but it continued to say he was 4th until the guys ahead of him finished, when, one by one, his thing told him he was 5th, then 6th, then 7th, etc.

    But when I stop taking it seriously and just go for a laugh, it can be fun. Sometimes I just want to do well, others I'm happy to be shunted off as long as when I return to the track I'm right in the action. Nothing more fun than following two cars duelling then taking both of them in the same time.
  8. not that much got bored of it alittle
  9. I have been playing on and off quite a bit since release - there are a couple of circuits I tend to avoid which don't lend themselves to online competition - the street circuits mainly just catch out too many people (me included at times!).

    I have found there to be some excellent races online, but I agree with Seftinho, there is often one idiot who ruins the race at the first corner. If you qualify at the front or are drawn there, I always dread the first corner entry if it's a long straight leading up to it. The penalty system can also be frustrating - I have been shunted a couple of times only for it to give me the penalty.

    However, with the right set of rules and a handful of people who at least try to drive cleanly, it can be really great fun. Generally you do get rewarded with a win if you're consistent and I've had a couple of races at Spa where I have been duelling for 20% distance every lap, including a recent race where the top 3 including me finished all within 1 second - that was a very tricky chicane! It's more rewarding against a real set of people if they race clean.

    Occasionally people make mistakes, I don't mind it as long as it's not deliberate sabotage. If I run into someone I shouldn't have because I out brake myself, I'd always let them back through if I knew it has been my fault - but you can tell when someone has made a real error and when they've just charged in using my car to brake!

    What I find frustrating is when you're level of past someone on a corner and they just force you off the track by not leaving room. Nothing more annoying than lining someone up around the outside and them forcing you into a wall on the exit, or getting on the inside and them just cutting you up even though they can obviously see you are level or just ahead.

    If someone does this to me, I'll give them room if they're alongside and try to re pass at the next corner if they get a better exit than me. Many times if people charge up the inside and you leave them room, they out brake themselves anyway leaving you to get the place back. If someone goes around the outside on a long corner, it's great fun to race side by side to the next corner, not just force them off!

    All in all, there have been more good races than bad and 80% of people I have raced on PC do race clean (though skill level varies) - the problem is if you have 10 people in a race, you only need 1 or 2 to be bad for it to be frustrating for everyone.
  10. Too bad you're on PC, you sound like the type of guy I'd enjoy racing with. I've had a fair share of decent races on the xbox but I have been shunted off track more times than I care to remember.

    Yesterday I was chasing down the race leader on the final lap at Monza: Got a good exit out of Lesmo 2 and passed him on the straight only to shunted full speed into the gravel just as I was about to turn into Ascari chicane. I think he got a 10 second penalty tho becasue he ended up 3rd in the standings so that eased my pain slightly lol Being robbed like that is extremely frustrating.
  11. don't touch online in this game. iRacing fulfills my online racing needs.
  12. I play online every tonight 2-3 hours
  13. Alot more now the patch is out, I stoppped playing career and switched to TT.
  14. Usually I play up to 20h a week.
  15. After completing my first career I went online constantly, too often though there are the usual online racing game people who think other cars are better brakes than the brake itself...

    I love the races when I don't get punted off though, always more competitive when I'm against people!
  16. I would love to play it online but my Windows Live doesnt work even though I tried nearly everything! GJ Microsoft!
  17. I have played online, but some hosts have all driving aids turned on. And my own internet connection does not allow me to host any game. So mostly I play offline or via LAN with freinds
  18. I never play online, I find the career to be more interactive :S
  19. 10 hours a week
  20. I'm going to play a few races every day until i reach lvl 50