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How Is Your Career Progressing?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mercury53, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Post up how you're doing in your career thus far.

    Force India - Four Wins, Three Poles, Only Missed the Podium Three Times

    Melbourne - 4
    Malaysia - 1
    China - 1
    Istanbul - 11
    Spain- 2
    Monaco - 1
    Canada - 1
    Valencia - 2
    Silverstone - 4

    Lead Mark Webber in the championship by 20 points.
  2. At Valencia atm, playing the Lotus, which actually is kind of boring, since the KERS cars are too damn quick and the backmarkers are too slow. I've been pretty much doing the same results at every race; best of the noob-teams (19th).

    I usually beat them by more than second in qually and then stay in 19th for the entire race. No way I can keep up with the kers-cars unless they get into an accident. It pretty much sucks because my engineer always expects me to finish 18th :/

    Play on legend AI btw, I'm definately changing team next season if I get the opportunity..
  3. Just finished my first season coming 9th with the force india, now going to second season as number 1 driver as had only one offer from another team, which was williams. dont expect to win the drivers championship this season maybe next with a better car.

    IA on Legend and use a few assists
  4. That's the only thing that really bugs me about this game and the one from last year. If you had finished, say fifth, for Force India or Williams, you would be sought after by the big teams. Look at all the talk around Perez after his stellar first half of the season. I wish they could translate that into the game.

    German Grand Prix today, should be fun.
  5. Exactly this! Also at Valencia and kinda wish I would of gone with a kers team from the start, will defo be moving to Force India next year unless a better team like Renault or Toro Rosso offer me a spot :)
  6. I too couldn't get a spot at any teams after first season in FI... despite winning a couple of races! At the moment I'm in the second season. It looks like Williams have become a "slow" team and Lotus have moved up into the "quite slow" section, alongside Toro Rosso. Mercedes are now on par with Red Bull/McLaren/Ferrari, and the FI seems to be about as fast as the Renault, and slower than the Sauber. I had thought that this was based largely on championship standings, but this doesn't seem to be the case... at least not hugely.

    Sitting in 6th going in to Singapore. Only 5 points up on Rosberg and Vettel, but then there's a big gap to Perez.

    Last season did pretty amazingly in South Korea, India and the UAE, so hoping for the 5th spot. No good contracts offered yet (one from Renault... and then all the crap teams).
  7. How many races in to the season do u start seeing offers from other teams?

    Just finished 18th in Valencia which I was quite pleased with in the Lotus, really wish they would offer more realistic finishing places tho as 16th was a bit of an ask with a car without kers!!
  8. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    So far, I'm playing on Legend settings but the Professional AI, all drivers AID off etc. My first season I have chosen to go with Williams and my results are as follows which I'll update as the season goes on:-

    Melbourne (Australia) - Quali: P2 - Race: P3
    Sepang (Malaysia) - Quali: P2 - Race: P3

    Thats so far, now onto China..!

  9. Driving Force India 1st season 50% races, doing okay at the moment

    Melbourne - 13 - another drive push me into the wall, had to replace front wing
    Malaysia - 12 - wet race alot slower than AI
    China - 11 - tyre puncture on last lap
    Istanbul - 9 - normal race
    Spain - 1 qualified on pole and never looked back
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    My career is not going to well in terms of progression. The HRT is a slow brick to drive in a 100% race and the limited time I have to game doesnt help either :)

    Race 3 of my season will up tonight :)
  11. My career would be at Germany by now but for 2 saved game bugs made me start again, not happy and will wait for a patch before I play again.
  12. Driving for williams first season legend AI. first 3 races had TC on med, everything else off. About chucked my ps3 controller through the window as there is just no linearity with it. But was just too fast with it on so deciding to turn it off regardless of the frustration. Hopefully get a wheel soon as it almost brings me to tears watching videos of people playing on them and seeing how direct and smooth the input is.

    Melbourne - 2nd started 1st but locked my brakes in turn 1 and Hamilton got infront of me and just ran away from the field

    Malaysia - 1st started pole and race was heavy rain so had a fairly easy win here as the ai is not aggressive enough to overtake in the rain

    China - 1st very similiar to malaysia. rain ended with about 7 to go most of the top runners pitted and changed tires. i decided to stay out and risk it. alonso and vettel both got around me but they made contact going into the next corner and i was able to squeeze back infront and hold them off.

    Istanbul - 4th first race with the TC off. was way off the pace but managed a lucky 4th after a very tough and sloppy race.

    Spain - 1st ran away from the field here. Ai seems a bit slow here for whatever reason. The track feels 100% better than it did last year, turn 9 and the chicane especially.
  13. 1 st season and racing for Virgin
    Melbourne: Qualified 20th. I sucked in the wet qualy. And its never been a good track for me.
    Malaysia: Was a idiot here. Used up all my good tyres in qualy. So i started 3rd on the grid, but the ar felt horrible come race time.
    Got a drive thru penalty when i made contact with Rosberg. And dropped to last. Made my way back up to 19th. Even lapped everyone behind me. But with the gaps (and no drs or kers) it was impossible for me to close the gap.
    Will now rather make my tyre choices more wisely in future.
  14. Mine not even started and i don't think it will be very soon
  15. The same thing happened to me. Waiting for the patch to start career again.
  16. Managed ninth in Germany after qualifying 17th. I was running fifth but lost it at the same place in which I lost it in quali. I jumped back and won in Hungary after dominating the field from start to finish. Made some insane passes after pitstops that were a lot of fun, so to update.

    Melbourne - 4
    Malaysia - 1
    China - 1
    Istanbul - 11
    Spain - 2
    Monaco - 1
    Canada - 1
    Valencia - 2
    Britain - 4
    Germany - 9
    Hungary - 1
    Spa - Upcoming
  17. Hi, on Canada now. Finished and qualified 1st every race with Williams (on Pro) I've been trying setups from RD and their are really helping.
    Assists off, tyre and fuel on with driving line for corners and auto gears using DFGT.

    Had to turn off tyre and fuel for qualifying for Monaco though, I couldn't get past Q1 in the wet! Any wet setups would be greatly appreciated. I have been exploiting the 11/11 bug though, I think it might work in wet?! Also set steering saturation to 25% I think that helped.

    I changing to legend for Canada to see how I get on. I have restarted/used flashbacks countless times to stay 1st so my career to date is somewhat false.

    Gonna try some of your guys setups now (Come on Bram, I need copy yours)
    Happy racing!
  18. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Force India
    50% race - Long Race Weekend
    Started with Auto Gears but switched to Manual by Round 3 (MS wheel on 360)
    TCS on, Fuel on, Tyres on, Brake assist off, ABS off, AI Professional

    Australian GP - Q 3rd, 10 place penalty, start 13th, finished 1 lap down in 17th place, 4 stops plus 2 penalty drive throughs, one front wing. I had fastest lap with 1:26:666 - lol - Alonso DNF
    Auto Gears, ABS on

    Malaysian GP - 28 Laps - obj Q16 R12 - actual Q1st! (1:32:540) R4th (1.5 sec faster than 2nd?!?), sched stops Op-7 P-15, actual Op-6, P-14, Op 23 - served drive through penalty L10, finished 4th! +24:895, Fast Lap 1:33:589 - Karthikeyan DNF d'Ambrosio DNF
    Auto Gears, ABS on
    +12 points

    Chinese GP - 28 Laps - obj Q14 R11 - actual Q1st (Q1.32.634) R3rd - turned off ABS and started using Manual Gears. easy to overtake in corners using no ABS and Manual Gears. Start Pole +1.4 sec on 2nd place, followed pit stop sch, O7, P17. no penalty this time! Ran out of Gas on Back str. during the last lap, never used high mix of gas and had to use low mix for last two laps. It also started raining with 5-6 laps to go.... everyone stayed on slick tyres. all cars finished
    Manual Gears, ABS off
    +15 points

    Turkish GP - R 29L - obj Q12 R9 - actual Q3rd (+0.034 sec) R1st. followed pit stop sch, O7, P18. no problem! incident with Webber on first lap at turn 9, he dove down the inside of me and wiped himself out, he finished 15th. I finished 1st! Kept the lead through most of the race, only losing it in pit stops Q1.26.366 FL 1.27.231 Hamilton FL 1.27.232 - all cars finished
    Maual Gears, ABS off (tried medium TCS but couldn't get a handle on it... will try again)
    +25 points

    Spanish GP - R 33 Laps - obj Q9 R6 - actual Q10th R1st!, Pit Sch O 8P 24O. Changed final tyres to P on L 23 not 24 because I was so far in the lead (more than 20 sec up in parts of the race). Made it up to 3rd in the first lap, then fought with Vettel and Massa. Incident with Vettel just before first stop (Lap 6) at Turn 1. Taped him a bit as i came up the inside which put him off track, when he came back on track he was out of position and spun. pitted before MASSA, when he pitteed i passed him. From there it was all clean air, faster than AI in last few corners consistantly. Should race Legendary on this track for sure. FL 1.21.261. 2nd +18sec 3rd +32sec?!?!?! - Barrichello DNF
    Manual Gears, ABS off
    +25 points

    So, as it stands.
    Button - 83
    ME - 77
    Hamilton - 67
    Webber - 55
    Vettel - 53
    Massa - 40
    Alonso - 36
  19. i'd say pretty good so far, season 1 with force india i finished in the points most of the races, out racing sutil every time (he is so bad it's ridiculous, i managed to get to Q3 every race and he qualified always in 16th or 17th), finished 9th in the championship, ahead of my rival heidfeld, which got me a seat in renault lotus, season two began with a 5th place in melbourn, under heavy rain after qualifying 9th and battling with hamilton during almost the entire race, and overtaking him with 2 laps remaining :cool:

    i'm playing legend AI, no assists and all the simulations turned on
  20. Not too bad, on 100% races but short weekends, pro AI with sims on, abs and tcs on med (using controller, PS3). Just finished Spa driving for Williams (always wanted to but never got round to it in 2010). So far -

    Australia - 24th/4th
    Malaysia - 1st/1st
    China - 1st/1st
    Turkey - 1st/DNF (Messed up here, went to quit to paddock before the race started and it skipped the race entirely)
    Spain - 10th/8th
    Monaco - 15th/10th
    Canada - 16th/14th
    Europe - 7th/DNF (funny glitch with this, despite a DNF I got congratulated on a 2nd podium of the season...also despite having 2 podiums already)
    UK - 11th/4th
    Germany - 11th/9th (Was chasing down a podium place until Vettel tried to go up the inside on the second half of the Schumacher S, hit me and span, thus giving ME a penalty)
    Hungary - 15th/1st
    Belgium - 18th/DNF (Horrendous race, couldn't get the pace and the wet weather came and destroyed what little diginity I had on track)

    Which leaves my standings at -

    Vettel - 179
    Webber - 171
    Alonso - 170
    Hamilton - 159
    Button - 146
    Moi - 106
    Massa - 100

    Williams 5th in the constructors with 106 points. So no bad thus far, signed with Williams with S2 and will no doubt crank up to Legendary and possibly long weekends.