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How are people so fast on the leaderboards?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by raisemyrent, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. I think I am no slug; I can beat the game in legend easily on any track, but I am SECONDS away from the world records in all tracks. I race their ghosts and they just take off on every corner; I'm on average 8 seconds behind or so. I always race ghosts without driver aids, too. Any clues? Are people cheating somehow?
  2. There are cheaters, the guys that are seconds faster than the 2nd fastest time for sure are cheating, but most of the top times, the guys are just damn good, i say its a combination of setup, getting power down out of corners and knowing the tracks like the back of your hand and knowing every apex you can cut without getting an invalid lap. I was shocked too when i tried TT at monaco, i did what i thought was just about a perfect lap and it came out at 1:13:XXX, then checked the leader board and thought i have no idea how i can make up 4-5 seconds.
  3. Someones done a legit 1:08:xxx and I've done a 1:11.xxx.
  4. yea some guys are just bloody quick on TT..some cheaters for sure but they're fairly easy to spot. I think i'm no slouch but the few tracks i've put in some serious effort on TT I'm still always around 2 secs off the ultimate pace in as well with no idea where to find that time lol
  5. yeah, I gave it another shot and lowered my time but I wasn't on time trial mode. oh well, but I do think it's easy to see who cheated and who put in a legit time now. I dunno how they cheat, but somebody was saying you can set the grip to 200% or so on PCs if you edit whatever file. I guess that would be kind of enjoyable, but it would probably mess you up for other races
  6. Unlimited grip would suck imo. You cant compare TT times to career or GP mode, the cars in TT are just unbelievable, i like driving a heavy car with tyre deg, makes my fantasy alot more realistic :redface:
  7. So I decided to practice Korea on TT, and for a laugh I put up Viktor's ghost car and copied his setup. His setups are usually a good base for me, I then need to tweak them to generate more oversteer but I do that in GP mode, so kept it the same to learn the track.

    So I thought rather than race all the way around, I'll just see if I can practice the corners sort of one at a time. If I was within the ghost shadow I'd then move on to the next corner. I couldn't get within a car length of him after the very first corner.

    Some people are just very very good.
  8. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    It just takes practice guys, when I first started out I was some 5-8 seconds off the pace everywhere I went, I never knew any track except Melbourne and Monaco so it was a massive learning curve.

    Now im 600 hours+ playing the game so theres where I attribute most of my performance but for sure the bulk of my practice came from the TT Wet area and not racing with the a.i or other ppl until I was competant enough at the track.
  9. For the last few days I've done around 200 laps around Singapore Wet in Time trial. Started out in the 1:46 and realised I needed to tweak my setup a bit. As I'm writing I'm currently 3rd in the world (first to use no assists) with a 1.41.6 but I'm still 1 second off the leader.
    So you need to practice, practice, practice, find a good setup and learn the track so you know every inch of it, where you gain or lose momentum. And obviously manage to drive the car fast. :thumb:
  10. Hi Andrew, what is the go with the "Wet area" can you please explain that? How does that help you? I find any wet race does not help me in the slightest, driving around at 7 tenths of normal pace braking early etc, i find it is way harder to be on the limit in the dry than putt around in the wet.
  11. Andrew's referring to Time Trial mode... when you select your TT track, you can highlight it (rather than the arrow to proceed) and choose whether you want to run a dry or wet TT. I imagine he finds TT Wet the best way to practice since the grip level is so much less than the regular dry TT.
  12. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    The TT wet area gives you less grip in the corners so setting up your car there for a online race is much better than setting it up in the TT dry where you have insane grip. So when I go from TT wet to online I know that my setup will have more grip and as a result am able to push the car to its limits more without having any problems where as you go from TT dry to online and you may well find that you dont have any grip where you need it most and struggle.

    You only get an improvement in performance the way I do it and is much more likely that you will find a setup that gets you to a consistant pace every lap.

    As I said above Wet TT to online is much easier than Dry TT to online.
  13. I can say for sure that there are alot of cheaters out there , using maybe some programs which i suspect give them more power and grip in corners , but who cares anyway , i love this game and this time trial .
  14. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    I cant say ive seen alot theres only a few names on the leaderboards that have ridiculous times.
  15. Sure, that makes sense. I've been running practice sessions in GP mode for a more similar environment to my career races, but I'll give TT Wet a go... if nothing else my wet driving skills could use some work.
  16. it does seem more logical to just do setup work in GP mode as conditions will be exactly the same as online. Doing TT wet to do online setups just overcomplicates things, no?

    we all know Bortz hacks anyway with his Kamui Kobayashi cockpit view small eyes mod and disconnect rivals when in front of him mod ;)
  17. Cheers for that m8. I dont really mess around with setup, not my forte so to speak, i just use the lowest downforce quick setup in the game 98% of the time. I did try some setups that were on here but i was consistently slower with them vs the low downforce quick setup, but i was using them in career so i guess that was why.