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How adding tyre wall in rfactor track?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Miguel Silva, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. I´m working in a Portuguese Race Center (www.gtcompetizione.com) and i need to add a tyre wall or higher kerbs in some tracks. I would like to someone explain to me how do i do it!

    Greetings to all, Miguel Cardoso
  2. how do i do it with the 3dSimEd?
  3. Hello,

    There's a lot of work involved to make the kerbs higher, as you'l have to export from 3dsimed to a 3d modelling program, edit it and then re import it using 3dsimed.

    You can import objects in 3dsimed and just move them around until your happy, set all the visgroup and collision settings. save the new objects to the track folder and update the scn file. Then test for errors and work out how to fix them.
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  4. i´m a rookie in 3d modeling, but i´m willing to learn. Someone can explain to me like on a tutorial? Or give me a link to a video tutorial or something like that!

    Thanks for all the answers
  5. Higher kerbs can possibly be edited in 3DSimed. Scale them by Y-axis, if they are modelled suitably, they will increase in height quite nicely. Tirewalls are different, you really need some 3D modelling software.. It's possible with Sketchup but it is quite delicate process and you need to edit materials in 3DSimed, that'll possibly mean several passes back and forth the two programs..

  6. The method they use to import the rear wing, is the same method you would use to import a stack of tyres. The rest i cant remember because I havent needed to use 3dsimed in a very long time.

    Kennett's right you can scale some kerbs if they are seperate 3d objects, but if they are an integral part of the track surface like the isi tracks, when you scale the kerb you scale the whole 3d object.
  7. I see the video but I need help..

    Can I pick the kerb of another track and pull to the other?
  8. With 99,99999999999% certainty no.. No two corners are exactly the same. Well, in THEORY some corners have to be the same due to limited space.. (you can't design any system that goes to infinity without occupying all the infinite space and all the Moores law in the universe can't help you there..) . From a sample of 10 000 corners, you might get something like one corner where the end and start line up within 1cm difference, elevation in the apex ~10cm off with apex offset at ~10cm and shape is ½m off. With a flat 180 hairpin you just might find one usefull, any gradient. elevation, asymmetrical shape will make things really really complex really really soon. On 2D space things are mocuh more simpler and you might get one 99% match from 10 000 options. In modern digital 3d space the possibility is in the range of finding a regular sized needle in a planet sized haystack (no magnets allowed..).

    No real figures, just a hunch of what the possibilities might be since no two splines are identical unless they are clones (disregarding calculation capacity limitations...)
  9. Here is a link to the 3dsimed manual showing you the method used to export to a 3d editing program, in this case it's the old version sketchup.
    3dsimed manual
  10. I want to copy the shape, then transform it and save into another track!


    Do you understand? I want to pick this and put in other track!
  11. Read the manual. We understand you, chill down and read it.
  12. OK, I didn't know you meant that, thought you meant the kerbs which are on the edge of the corners. For the moment, lets just call it a SAUSAGE.

    First of all, make a backup copy of your track folder !!!!!

    1. Click on the Export Tab and click on the rfactor logo and click on save object. Save the SAUSAGE.GMT in a new folder on your desktop.
    2. Export textures to the same new folder on the desktop.
    3. Right click on the object and then click on material in the little menu. This should list the DDS files (textures) used on the object. Go to your new folder on the desktop and delete all the textures which are not used. You should now have your SAUSAGE.GMT and it's textures left in the new folder.
    4. copy the SAUSAGE.GMT and the textures to the track folder where the MAS files are located.
    5. Close and then open 3dsimed so you start with a blank window.
    6. Click on file and then import the scn file of the track you are adding the SAUSAGE to.
    7. Once loaded, click on the tab called PRIMITIVES and click on ADD OBJECT. Navigate to the track folder where you copied your SAUSAGE.GMT and textures to and import it.
    8. Once your SAUSAGE.GMT is now showing on your model, click on the EXPORT Tab and update SCN.
    9. right click on your SAUSAGE and click on edit SAUSAGE.GMT. You can now move your SAUSAGE around your model using the X,Y,Z buttons and rotation buttons.
    10. Once your SAUSAGE is in the right place, click on TAG, and turn on collision and then update.
    11. Click on the DISPLAY Tab at the top and then on object filter. turn off all the objects except your SAUSAGE.
    12. Click on the EXPORT Tab and click on the rfactor logo and click save object. It will ask you if you want to save the hidden objects, click NO.
    13. Load your track in rfactor to see if you have any errors with you SAUSAGE.
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  13. thank you!! finaly i can do it!!

    Now i want to rotate the object, i know how to edit it but i only dont know how to rotate!
  14. I already know how to do everything, thanks everyone for the help!
    Later i will post photos of my work here to be judge ;)
  15. i add a object in part of the track, and when i try load the track on rfactor appear an error (error mesh loading file nightglow or something like that)
  16. Hello, a texture is most likely missing.

    Using the right mouse button, click on the object in 3dsimed and then click on materials. It should list all the dds files you need to find.