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Honest opinion regarding TT

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys.

    Was just wondering what your honest opinion of TT is, ive just been looking through some setups and noticed that alot off people have made setups for TT and are running very quick times (as one would expect)

    I can not see why anyone would like to do TT in my honest opinion. I used to do a few with this forum but confess i feel that its almost a joke on this game. Its a shame as this game has huge qualities but in TT mode the game feels like a arcade game you would find down a seafront arcade. The amount of grip is rediculous and really doesnt give you a proper feeling of how an F1 car would drive. Done Monaco in TT for 5 mins the other week and it was a joke, the speed i could do through some corners was crazy. I was constantly hitting the barriers on the apexes as the turn in was so powerfull without any form of understeer.

    I prefer the car to feel like a tank on heavy fuel loads and move about a bit as it does with worn tyres. This is when it gives off a more realistic experiance.

    I do hope that TT is altered for 2011 in a way that makes you feel like you are actually driving a car limited by traction. I think the cars speed should be typical of say a full sim quali 3 low fuel load situation. Does anyone know if this is something that codemasters are looking into with the new game? I hope so as with it recitified i could actually use TT for a bit of practice prior to events without getting the sense that i can brake at the 100m board everywhere.
  2. I just use the TT mode to provide a level playing field for testing setups. Yes, it isnt accurate to real life, but its consistantly wrong, which means you can test the difference between setup tweaks without factors such as fuel, tyres or track conditions affecting the results.
  3. You cant possiblly use a setup that you create in TT in a proper GP though surely? Everthing in TT consists of having the setup maxed out to create the quickest straight line speed avaliable.
  4. The only time i did a TT is during the first few day to try out the different car. In total, i spend less than 20 mins in my current 392hrs spend on F1 2010.

    I do agree with your comment on T/T. Seriously, in T/T mode, you dont even really need any setup since the car is glued to the tracks. :)

    I didn't even play any grand prix mode as i find that the Career mode is the best experience i can get out of this game.

    In expert mode, i have to deal with the fuel load problem and eventually have to deal with the tyre wear. All these add to the experience. And with the great mod that RDDev did in 2011 total conversion. It add in even more spices. Now i really need to plan my setup, the way i push the car, the pit stop strategy & etc... And there are time where i just race on worn tyre thinking i can hold the position and i'm wrong. It cost me dearly.

    But given the fact that CM is making the game appeal to all level of people and gamers, therefore i wont blame that its there. At least it let me try out all the cars, admire its cockpit and external view. I wouldn't be able to do that in the career mode. LOL

    In fact, TT mode being there is good as every level of people can access to this game and find it fun and in return, generate more income and as the company get more resources, we can expect to see 2012, 2013, 2014 and so on. :)

    I never even bother to try T/T online to post my timing as its pointless to me and i dont need to prove i'm the fastest. I just want to have the best experience i can get from this game and till now, i'm still enjoying it.

    F1 is all about balance. Pushing the limit, tyre wear to take into account, fuel load affecting the handling/braking, pit stop planning & etc...

    Thanks to the modder here that did the 2011 total conversion. It really bring the game to a new level where those tyre management adds in more fun. Probably without those, i would have stop playing this game. Because no matter 20% distance, 50% or even 100%, all we need is just 1 pitstop for the tyre. LOL

    Please do not remove the T/T as we need those to attract more people to play the F1 2011. Losing sales is not good and i'm worried we won't have F1 2012.

    Just give us simmer an option to best experience the F1 as true as it can get and i'll be a very happy man.

    Chris, just leave the T/T alone like i did and ignore it. Just try to find the best you can get from the game that suits you best. We dont need to condemn for the fans that love F1 but prefer arcade style.

    Its a win/win situation for both the consumer, company and the fans. :D
  5. T/T not only have no fuel load, it also disable the tyre sim which means no tyre wear. Also your car has all the upgrades which in return is never possible for it to happen in career mode. As you dont have that Unique upgrade which add 20% downforce for all track. :)
  6. Chris, those setup that a lot of people did in the setup forum is a good place to start to get the base of the setting. Which i did. Some of those setup is really good, just need some tweaking to suits the career mode. Some setup is extremely heavy on tyre wear which some is very harsh on the gear which wear down the engine faster than normal. But using those setup like Bram, Viktor and Andrew Botz is a good place to start with. :)
  7. I use TT to get a general idea of the track and relative braking points and such. I don't care to be that high up, if I can be in the top 1/4 of the leader boards then it tells me I know the track well enough to move on.
  8. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Agree with posts above re TT.
    I use it for a quick familiarisation of a track and to compare my absolute speed there with everyone else in the world.
    It does let you just focus on the track because every thing to do with the car is perfect. So you just learn the track.
    Then to focus on the car I use GP mode to practice in a more real environment and get more of a sim setup (no assists, all sims on).
    We think the Red Bull is closest to the On Line Multiplyer car.
  9. Yeh some fair points. Im not asking for TT to be removed as i find it a good idea and a resource to learn circuits as e_prkr mentioned. I just think the traction avaliable needs to be slashed by 25% or something. I have made the mistake in the past of doing TT and then going to a online GP and being all over the place due to the differences. Its not just marginally different but massive like the difference bewteen a F1 car and a Formula Renault.
  10. Why am i ranting lol but....

    Thats another thing. Sims off is another fail. With sims off it should feel like a car is on fresh tyres with very low fuels load but it doesnt (still to much grip). Feels nothing like a Low fuel new tyre spec car when sims are set to on.
  11. Nah Chris I didnt say I used TT to create GP setups. I use it to compare. Yes its stupid grip and everything is maxed out and it always is, which is exactly why it provides lab conditions to 'compare' setups - not create them. Different setups do still affect the car performance in TT.
  12. I don't mind it, it is what it is, but it would be nice to turn all the sims on so you can judge fuel loads and tyre wear if you want. Perhaps count having sims off now as they are as using assists on the leaderboard.
  13. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Well while everyones agreeing that TT is no good for actual gp/online racing I would like to point out that I use TT Wet to create all of my setups as grip level is actually less than a normal race.

    I dont alter them 1 bit for a race.
  14. That's because, you my friend are a freak. And I mean that in the best possible way. To drive a 1/1 in the wet and not ride the merry-go-round is impressive.
  15. Ive driven 1/1 in the wet and it can work a treat (on TT)

    The grip is huge, its only the throttle pick up that you have to be carefull of as the rear is a bit more skitish under accelaration.
  16. Throttle control and short shifting. I have done it, but really I am too lazy to get really good at it. Its like bowling for me, I like doing it but I have other things I would rather spend my time doing than really getting good at it.
  17. I must be a freak because I actually like TT, for no other reason than I like to see how fast I can make it around the track relative to other players. I generally fit around the 200-300 mark after a bit of practice. If it were removed, I would feel a bit disappointed.

    I sometimes play TT on the XBox when around some of my other friends with a few beers, as you can't have a race with your friends with only 1 XBox, so TT is good for that. It normally ends in my favour, I then rub it in that they must be getting slow in the brain :D

    I also like to use it to compare different setup's.

    I must agree with e_prkr, andrew is definitely a freak ;) I think he must use the same system the Lancia Delta HF Integrale rally team used back in the late 80's, their in car fire extinguisher was mysteriously becoming empty after each race and had to be replace, it later came to light that they were putting nitrous oxide in the extinguisher for that little extra performance.
  18. I dont want it removed either:damnit: Just modified to be a little more genuine.

    Sorry about the 'damn it'. Just wanted an excuse to use it.
  19. I wouldn't mind it being more genuine at all. Perhaps 2 classes, assists on and off. Most of the times around my 200-300 mark have assists on, I doubt they would be as quick as my times if they didn't use any.

    Any idea what the A and S mean in the leaderboard, I'm assuming that A means Assists.
  20. Ja that is correct i think regarding the A,

    S means that the person has used their own setup perhaps. Defo something to do with setup.