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HistoriX Mod

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Anders Madsen, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. I just recieved my copy of GTL, and was eager to try it out. I thought the cars felt a bit dodgy, i know its an old game and all.

    Then i stumbled over the HistoriX mod, and was sold right away.

    Would it be possible to try and run a event or 2 in the future?
  2. HitoriX really steps on the toes of GTL and I don't want that at all.

    The only way that we will run HistoriX is if a track that is ideal for them is not available for GTL and is for rFactor. We are likely to run the mod when the Targa Flrio track is released.
  3. How does it step on GTL's toes? :smile:

    You need to have GTL to play History X, cars handle and looks better (at least for me)
  4. Because they are so similar. It would be GTL saturation.
  5. The Targa will be converted to Simbin games as well as to rFactor.
  6. Yes - but not straight away.
  7. So true... HistorX is in a different class when it comes to physics and realfeel makes it feel so much better than GTL. I'll never understand why people stick with GTL when HistorX is virtually GTL 2

    Oh well, I'll be here when a HistorX league is set up... and i can think of at least 8 people from our team/friends who will be right there as well :)
  8. This is really up to Stuart as he is in charge of GTL - although an rFactor mod, it is not my place to run it.
  9. Yeah hes doing a huge job with GTL, i just wonder why History X havent been tried yet, most of the GTL guys have been in the Cat races so having RF shouldnt be an issue.

    and we race the same tracks in the Cats as the GTL league (or so im been told)

    It would be kinda cool, the capri is pure fun :thumbup:
  10. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    There are several reasons why we don't (currently) run Historix

    1. Not everyone in the GTL community has rFactor, and saying to them that they need to buy another game to get their Historic Racing fix is not really on.
    2. Some people in the GTL community do have rFactor, but don't like it, don't like the plugins, the mods, the general fannying about that's needed (people who like rFactor will stand for this and we - I count myself in this - don't see it as a big deal). The self contained nature of GTL is simpler, and therefore more attractive to them.
    3. A lot of people in the GTL Community (and I am one) prefer the GTL handling and FFB for these cars. I don't agree that Historix is better or way ahead, I don't agree that the cars feel "dodgy". If anything, the Historix cars have that slightly more homogenous feel between models (it's marginal to be fair), which, ironically is what I didn't like about the Race series, and caused me to give rF a try. Historix isn't anywhere near as bad qas Race, though. It's more like GTL is just that tiny bit better. It's all about opinions, and the health of the GTL Club & Leagues will tell you that there is a healthy core of GTLers, happy as we are.
    4. Possibly the most important one, we've tried the Hisotrix mod before, specifically I've tried Historix before, and it has, to be honest, died on it's arse. Totally dead sign ups, no interest, nothing.

    But - if people really want me to have a go at the Historix again, I don't mind giving it another go.

    It should be noted though that it won't be at the expense of a GTL event, but an rF event. The one that springs to mind that doesn't
    a) affect Ryan's or Ivo's schedule, or
    b) clash with the GTL schedule,
    is the alternate Fridays between the Caterham Season Series events, effectively replacing the "Club" events.

    So there could be 2 ongoing (potentially points scoring) series, alternating on a Friday run by me.

    I'll keep an eye in here for how the discussion goes.
  11. I think Stuart was considering using HistoriX when the GTL lobby was down. However not enough people owned rFactor to justify a switch to Historix IIRC.

    I've tried it out and I think its a really good mod even the menu is decent. I guess the graphics are better too, but I don't care much about that. Its all down to the handling for me and in that respect I prefer GTL
  12. well my whole point was never to make it GTL OR RF, i just tried GTL and didnt like it at all, i do like these type of cars VERY much. ive been looking foreward to recieving my GTl but i was very dissaponted when i finally sat down and tried it. I dont know what i expected.

    So i thought maybe there would be room for a race or two, just to see if anyone at all would be interested at all. I would love to drive GTL races, but i dont like handling i dont connect with, cant explain it better with my level of Danglish :tongue:

    this wasnt meant as sabotage for GTL in anyway at all :smile:
  13. Hehe, I understand Anders. People have different taste when it comes to sims and I realize that GTL is not to everyones taste.

    If you want make a last :)wink:) attempt at GTL I can highly recommend the FFB settings that Warren posted here: http://www.racedepartment.com/gt-legends/4295-g25-profile-for-gtl.html

    It really sharpens up the steering and this is what makes GTL very similar to the real cars I've driven.
  14. Yeah that FF is a must have. :smile:
  15. i will give a proper try this weekend with the ff settings and all :eek:
  16. I could say: "i just tried HistoriX and didnt like it at all, i do like these type of cars VERY much. ive been looking foreward to downloading my Historix but i was very dissaponted when i finally sat down and tried it. I dont know what i expected"

    I hope you see my point :tongue:
  17. I grabbed a file over at No Grip called "Feels Real To Me for G25 GTL" and havent looked back since.
  18. no i dont see your point.... Really.

    Thanks Gary will try that as well :tongue:
  19. lmao. :biggrin:

    I seem to be missing the point as well.

    I reinstalled GTL and tried those force feedback settings. Big no no. HistorX still feels so much better in every way. GTL uninstalled again.

    Me thinks the GTL'ers haven't set up HistorX properly.:tongue:
  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I must admit that i have reinstalled GTL today as i was looking forward to these cool events of Stu, but after all the troubles to get it (not) working with lobby issues and Windows 7 issues i have uninstalled it also. Not planning to install it again without a simply solution. I don't understand why SimBin or whoever owns the rights of that game can spend a little time to fix it properly.

    Must admit i have never given HistoriX a good go either, so I can't judge if its better or not, but i do agree with Ryan that it will be Stu's call to run it in rFactor or not. The GTL guys @ RD are a great group of cool classic dudes that don't need to torn apart. Same spirit as with the ARCA Series, pure enjoyment and then racing.