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Historic GT Legends mod

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Just found this recent release, I wonder how good it is. based on their tracks it should be a cracker.

    rFactor Central // rFactor Cars // Historic GT & Touring Cars 1.01

    Historic GT & Touring car is out :adhd:
    to the nostalgics I have to say that you need the GTL DVD inserted on PC in order to install the mod on rFactor
    fans who have tried were impressed of well made physics, for me is also very nice transformation of the rFactor's menu which becomes a desk with many vintage photos animated ....

    at RFC all the links, even with download via Torrent

    here are some stolen "thumbnails"
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    so GTL fans give a try to rFactor, i need your impressions :D
    cheers :thumb:
  2. This is a bit of a 'buzz' on some of the sites too, it certainly sounds like a g8 combo.
    The graphics certainly are incising.
    The Power & Glory mod has been a successful upgrade (IMHO) with the GTR 2 engine. but I just hope this new rFactor mod doesn't split the available racers and dilute the numbers of any one group/league/association have available.
  3. Yeah great mod , might be nice to try on the sudsleife .
  4. Time to load up GTL DVD :D
  5. Biiiiig download though... they even chopped it up in smaller parts. I am now downloading part 1... so still a long way to go lol! :D

    Anyone tried it yet? Looks promising!
  6. Not yet, hope i have time to try today. Cant wait :D
  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Have downloaded it; there is an update fix also.
    The menu's are very cool. Totally different rFactor look. Have not yet had the change in driving. Some other things came up yesterday.
  8. I see that SimJunkies wont support races with it yet because it may not yet be legal. Apparently it says something in the promotion of trying to get Simbin approval but haven't got it yet.

    Maybe we need to check legalities before we do anything with it at RD.
  9. So far the mod is not legal !! And Racedepartment will remove the links to the mod.
    Read here:

    Due to the use of GTL's 3D models, and the big respect we have for the great work Simbin did creating that game, a valid GTL DVD is going to be required to install the mod in rFactor.

    This DVD check won't install Starforce in your computer. It only checks that you own a valid copy of GTL during the installation process of the mod.

    Why do we do include that DVD check?

    Because we all love GTL, and SimBin deserves the biggest respect for such amazing simracing software. We want to thank them for its creation, which inspired us and allow all the community get a closer view of these amazing cars.

    Please note that SimBin hasn't give us a 'green light' to do this project, despite we're trying to contact them through their official emails. We haven't got an answer yet, but anyway, and as we wrote before, we're including some features to assure as much as we can that their work is respected.
  10. very sad for this :o
    i hope they will find a compromise
    i think that mandatory to have the GTL DVD to install the rF mod is enought to save the DVD right, sincerly the SIMBIN position is too strong
    i also hunderstand the RaceDept position ad agree with you to avoid the use of it
  11. It would be a shame if this didn't get 'verified' if anything i think it would promote sales of old copies of GTL. When combined with the VLM retro circuits it makes for a truly inspiring racing experience. Lets hope they can get the loose ends tied up soon
  12. If it is so illegal or what ever then why is it still on RFC???

    I personally think it is a fantastic mod, better that any other game out there so far imo (that includes all Simbin titles, GTR2 RACE 07, and probably GTR EVO when it comes out. Everything is perfect and again imo is better, waaaay better than GTL ever was. So what if they used/stole some models of cars, they have done a fantstic job with them, better than the original game creators could do with it, they should not be frowned upon, they should be awarded a god damn medal ;):adhd: :alla: :adhd:

    As you can see I love this mod/game and will not stop playing it till the cows come home :)
  13. We understand your reactions on the mod, but .... we also protect the work of the owner of the rights.Please accept our position in this Thx :thumb:
  14. I respect and accept your position totally.

    Its just a shame this work of art cannot be an addition to the goings on here at RD :(
  15. Well hopefully it may be in the future. If they seek and receive permission from Simbin, then we can use it here.
    If the developers of the mod do the right thing respectfully, it might be ok. That is what the GTR2 modders did with Power and Glory mod (GTL mod) and they were given permission.

    Lets wait and see what happens.
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Personally i think it is a good step that the modders include the GTL key.
  17. yes the GTL key is a good step I think too.

    If you read the stuff at the beginning of the mod page on RFC then you can see that they have sent emails but have had no reply which shows they have gone to all lengths to try and protectt he original work.

    Just annoying they wont email back so we can all have fun with this.

    I was racing with Eck earlier tonight and what a blast that was :):)

    I was leading the race with Eck in 2nd (an RD domination!! ;)) and I went and blew my engine up 2 laps before the end :( I have started to use the H shifter with this mod as it feels much more fun to do so. I down changed from 3rd to 1st by accident, messaed the gears up completly :( lol haha

    Anyway hope to see some headway with this permissions crap soon so we can all have this fun :)

    Or you could just rename the RD server to something else ;) lol hehehehe
  18. probably for this the mod is available at RFCentral where normally are available only legal mods
    i hope SIMBIN reply asap giving the green light to the races, until now their position is not funny (imho)
  19. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    It rolls on two sides....

    Yes the GTL needed disc is a good step forwards respecting the works of the original developer.

    But...... why are they investing that much time in making probably the best ever mod till now, and forgot to ask permission beforehand.
    That I don't understand.

    Lets hope SimBin respects the mod and give some green-alike lights :)
  20. I seem they have done all the best to respect the SIMBIN rights unfortunately without asking their permission or worse with permission denied :(
    probably the problem is between high-level managers who manage the two groups, simply they do not have friendly relations with each other otherwise this simple problem would be resolved from the beginning
    so it seems a thing done in italian way, first build the house of abuse 'cause this crime will be cancelled with a fine and everything is forgiven, but is not the right way of thinking!
    we are all waiting, meanwhile subscribe the Megane race appointment (SPAM, sorry :D)
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