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Misc HighLOD HighTextures MultiLivery 1.2

Enables highLOD and hightextures for player & AI and the use of driver specific livery

  1. ParkYongLee submitted a new resource:

    HighLOD HighTextures MultiLivery - Enables highLOD and hightextures for player & AI and the use of driver specific livery

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    Hint for better mirror view:
    Go to Documents\MyGames\FormulaOne2014\hardwaresettings
    open hardware_settings_config.xml
    search the line with mirrors enabled
    and edit it to your liking. For example
      <mirrors enabled="true" forceBilinear="true" width="1280" height="412" car_maxlod="5" car_culldist="300.0" />
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  2. Absolute stunning!
  3. Very nice work, tried the high textures with my 1GB VRAM ATI Radeon HD5870 (and E6600 2.4GHz Dual Core processor) and apart from an occational lag spike, these HighLOD High Textures seem to work fine :)
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  4. I'm sorry I don't understand how to install it. This guide is not very clear for those who are not English. I need HQ for all the cars because in the replay a lot of cars are in low quality
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  5. There are two folders, you have to choose which one you pick, then replace the content from one of the folders with your games'.

    The hightextures stuff (which is the "2" folder) comes more in handy with custom liveries (cars, helmets, gloves) higher than Codermasters' default resolution.

    For example:
    Codemasters default texture resolution for player & A.I.: 2048
    Remember: Player = _high | A.I. = _low [game's default]
    So if you have a mod that has _high = 4096 and _low = 2048, with the folder for highLODs AND hightextures you will have 4096 for both as the game won't load _low at all.

    Same goes with the first folder: highLODs only (without hightextures). The game loads only _high files for tyres and chassis.

    Hope I could make that more clear to you. The other explanation picture is for multi livery, which was very handy in F1 2012 and only twice used in F1 2013 and for DLC.
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  6. I Dont understand the installation please make a clear installation path, what about the folders in the Picture dont understand what i have to do there, i Only have to copy the 2 things from the Folder in my F1 2014 Folder and everything works from alone ?

    In my texture high folder my data have the name fe2_tex_high_00.pssg
    not like yours fe2_gen_high_00.pssg
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  7. Mmmm, now is more clear. But i have two file into the folder "2 - HighLOD HighTextures MultiLivery". First is "raceload.jpk" and then the folder "cars". Into folder "cars" there is only one file. This file:
    Where i have to put it?

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  8. the textures of the all cars in the past year 2013 had more than 400 mb i dont think is possible to make this textures with only 600 kb and the file is carlodsettings. to make all the liveries textures HD must modify each file of livery 00,01,main and will be a very big size not 600 kb
  9. I don't understand your trouble. We have two folders, one you choose from. Inside each folder is the real structure like the game has so you just have to copy & paste the whole content and not browsing to each file ...

    @FLash52 you clearly didn't read what I wrote this morning.
    This mod does not include hightextures itself, this mod makes the game load _high textures for all, instead of _low textures. Of course with the game coming out of the box there will be no difference in textures, because Codemasters' standard is 2048 everywhere.
    Read the example I wrote, then you'll may be able to understand.
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  10. ok i copy and paste carlodsettings to folder overwrite the tires are higher resolution,but best thing i asked is who or when someone make liveries resolution HD or DHD for all cars or some cars?the cars are 2048 and i see the pixels if i look very approach on them so a little ugly
  11. The job to make HD textures is up to our creative modders, not up to me, I'm afraid. I once created a skin last year ... took me 40 hours, the first and last one on my side ;)
  12. The mod is nice but the safety car is gone now...
  13. DIdn't notice that (well, I rarely look at the SC). That's odd, wasn't like that with the same modification last year. Let me see if I can I find the reason why, I'm surprised but you're right, you only see the shadow.
  14. Ah, I see why. Codemasters put a highLOD.pssg in the game but that's empty, so it's only using lowLOD.pssg (which will not be loaded now) :D
    So I have to include a correct highLOD.pssg, for the time being you can just rename

    F1 2014\cars\sc2\sc2_lowLOD.pssg to sc2_highLOD.pssg

    EDIT I added a small hint how to increase the mirror view in the first discussion post
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2014
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  15. It's great! BUT, the SC has green tyres, also visible in the mirrors when driving alongside. Any clue?
  16. I noticed, but that also appears without my mod and without the edits in the hardwaresettings.xml. Just tried it and used all default files, still had this issue.
    Can you confirm that?
  17. Yeah, without the mod there are also sort of green tyres, or "something" green inside the tyres. But I thought when I use your mod the green effect is stronger, especially in my mirror when I drive ahead of the SC. Or is this the special F1 paint which they use for aerodynamic tests? ;-)
  18. Perhaps it has to do with the little green cubes. You can see this issue in the mirrors when starting a race. Within seconds these little green cubes are gone. Very weird!
  19. vbabiy

    Premium Member

    I am having the game crash every time I try to load the Brazilian time attach, not sure how I can help debug.