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Have you ever raced with RD?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Nick Brooke, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Yes

    87 vote(s)
  2. No, im worried about hitting other drivers

    11 vote(s)
  3. No, i am still new to game and need to learn first

    16 vote(s)
  4. Yes or No, there is no events i like happening

    9 vote(s)
  5. Yes, but i now play other games instead

    11 vote(s)
  6. I would if there was a newbie event to help me

    21 vote(s)
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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking at what we can do to get the Club events back on track so to speak and one thing is clear there is still plenty of interest in Race Series. What we do see however is smaller numbers in the Club events than in the past. A few people move on and new ones come so in order to see why numbers have decreased a little i have produced this poll to see whats happening.

    please take time to post in it.

  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Im fed up with touring cars, and love rwd and would be interested in some sort of raceing ( i drive with no assists ) . I think my biggest problem is i also play other games, skb2011, mx vs atv reflex, kart, gt legends , gtr2, etc. Its all about how i feel on the day, Im not hooked on one game so it casual gameing. But i know what im like, suddenly i get hooked. so im in for a new experiance.....

    I class my self a newbie when it comes to online racing
  3. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Good idea Nick! I just want to say a few things to the "wanna be's and the "might do it if's". I've been racing with RD for just over two years, trying to enter three or so races every week. I was slow when I joined an I still run at the back of the pack, newly licenced members quickly end up ahead of me. It's still enjoyable, there are usually events to stimulate me and plenty of friends on TS and on track.

    I've also been a fan of the public servers, besides being fun they constantly show me what the true value of racing in a club is about. Is there any need to explain what could be better about the public servers? Well, I find that's it's been done at RD. If you're in the lead on a PS you've probably had a good race, maybe even as far back as third. At RD you may be no faster but no matter what position you're trying to hold onto you don't feel second rate, muscled or cheated and you always have the opportunity to learn. I can't say I've gotten faster but I do know that I'm a much better racer for my time ontrack at RD.

    I guess I should say to enter the poll and tell Nick what kind of events you'ld like to see but I'd also say to get your feet wet, maybe get a little out of your comfort zone and have some fun with us too.
  4. Ive been playing a fair bit of rfactor recently, but im sure once the RDTCC starts there will be much more interest in these events. the more leagues running the race series around, the more interest there will be in my opinion. it will pick up again, just a bit of a lull at the moment
  5. Very nice post mate. Yeah i really want to get some more blood in the Race Series and i have the feeling there are some out there who have not raced with us for fear of causing a crash or being totaly out driven. Well i am new to Race Series myself as i have only had it a couple of months but after my second race i was hooked.

    Sometimes we need to push ourselves a little. This is why im asking why people are not racing because if there are newer people that feel like they dont want to race with the pros i will set something up to bring them through
  6. I mostly raced offline, have done 3 online races and have experience in Dirt 2 and Grid, besides the Race Series.
    My "worry", so to say, is that I will be totally outclassed in every race as had been the case so far.
    I would feel more comfortable with events that are specifically targeted to either newbies or less-then-successful drivers.
    I often read about iRacing and their classification system and how it gets drivers of similar level together by advancing them through licences according to their success(?) and incident-free driving.
    If something even just remotely similar could be established here at RD and some events based on it, I would be a great help at least in my case.
    Maybe together with the soonish to reappear ranking system one cold "soft-limit" events to drivers with a certain number of wins/points-per-race etc.

  7. Jempy


    I'm very new in Racing Clubs ( maybe 4 in Race Series and 2 with GTR2 when still active ) and was hesitating at the beginning for participating with other good drivers.
    Fear of being too slow or creating problems and ruining other drivers' race and maybe with too little experience of this game.

    After reading some encouraging posts here at RD, I finally took my decision because it's more fun to race with other real drivers than anonymous AI !
    Finally the best was to begin Mini's Racing Clubs, not too difficult to drive at the start, not too quick, ...
    Even though I'm still a backmarker ( and maybe will remain so ! ), it's real fun.

    In conclusion, if you're new to public race at RD, don't be afraid ... you're always welcome, members are always ready to help ... just be respectful of the rules and I'm sure, with time and experience, you ( and I :tongue:, hoping so ) will become better and faster.
  8. Did a lot of races in the past in the Race Series here at RD, enjoyed every bit of it.

    My personal schedule made it difficult to stick to the events here, simply because I need a little bit of prep for a race, when I then missed the slot that was my chance for the week.

    That made me trying iRacing, where I can usually race when I have spare time (not 100% true, but that does not belong here), that where I am currently.
    But I do miss the Club atmosphere, there is no connection between the people I usually race with, that really a pitty I enjoyed that the most.

    And in the meantim, I simply like iRacing more than the Race Series.
  9. I haven't raced online yet, though I try to watch as many vids of online races as I can
    cause they're often more exciting than real racing.
    Next to fear of being totally outclassed, I wouldn't even have the slightest idea of entering online races
    I don't try it cause I think I will do something wrong and then my pc won't work
    maybe when my brother has some time, I'll let him try,
    he's good with computers...

    But I admit, I'm a bit jealous when I see another thrilling online race
    lots of respect to everyone participating :pray:
    ATCC en WTM are very good series
  10. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron

    I think it is going to take a while for all the errors of the past to filter out of the system and the new(old) approach of club racing to be accepted again. One thing I have noticed here is that changes are made without polling the members to find out what we really want. Things were put on a plate and the next day you open your eyes everything has changed. Human nature/reaction is to reject or react negatively to sudden changes and that is exactly what happended to club racing and that takes me back to my very first sentence.

    If we can reach out to people with no or little experience and make them feel comfortable we are going to kill 2 birds with one stone. So even if we have a huge member rotation there will always be people up for racing in all the classes.

    The Mini series in my opinion is the best for newcomers as well as old hands and apart from that it is great fun and it should be actively marketed like that. Not everyone is going to love the endurance style racing (80minutes) but nothing stops RD from having another session somewhere during the week that focusses on development. Even a mini league over several weeks would be great fun...Never in a million years can everybody be pleased about classes, tracks, times, laps, etc etc but that is just how it is.

    Can't we have a monthly club hotlapping competitions against other sites or even internally? Just think how many good setups will come out of that.

    I am always up for helping people so count me in if help is needed because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone you helped or helping doing better in their racing (what comes around goes around)

    ...Do less but do it as well as you possibly could...
  11. I have seen loads of posts on RD from people with comments like - 'worried about causing an accident' - 'not fast enough yet' - 'practicing offline until I'm good enough' - 'wouldn't want to be in the way' - the list goes on and on and on. . .

    I think the Racing Club can seem daunting to someone new to RD and they get the impression that everyone here is really fast and dare I say it 'up themselves' and that we will look down our noses at people not as fast. . .

    That simply is not the case - I am NOT fast, often in club events (especially recently) I get lapped numerous times - at an event last week (rFactor DRM Mod at Zolder) there were around 18 starters - due to the cars being very easy to break only 9 finished - I finished 9th and had been lapped by the leaders 3 or 4 times! I mean even the driver in 8th had almost lapped me!!!! I was in teamspeak at the same time, I made a number of mistakes, I did spin quite a few times and was driving like a total noob. (Shhh don't everyone, but I am).

    And what did I get for this terrible display of how not to drive? What horrible comments on teamspeak, by PM and in the forum were made about me?????

    NOT ONE, NICHT, NADA, ZERO, Not a single bad comment, no disrespect from other drivers at all.

    The only thing the 'fast' drivers at RD want is that you show respect in Teamspeak and on Track - that doesn't mean sucking up to them in teamspeak (which you don't have to join,btw - but it really ads to the events, even if you stay quiet and just listen) it mainly means not swearing at them or anyone else. As for on track all they, all everyone at RD wants you to do is USE YOUR HEAD - if the leaders are about to lap you give them space and don't make any sudden moves, if its turn 1 of the race (or any turn for that matter) don't make a crazy diving move thats likely to see you and others smashed to bits in the barrier - THATS IT, period.

    Forget all the long winded rules you have to agree to when you apply for a licence, (well don't forget it) but if your careful and respectful of other drivers track space - Then youv'e cracked it. Thats ALL RD really wants from you in the racing club.

    You know how when you installed your game you had to agree to a massive long EULA (End User Licence Agreement) ? Well you probably just clicked 'I agree' and didn't even read it - well thats a very similar principle to what you have here - the EULA says all sorts about not copying the software, reverse engineering it, using it for commercial purposes, etc, etc, etc. etc blah, blah, blah, - If I was to do the same with the ELUA as I did with RD's licening rules, my advice would be Install the game and play it like everyone else does, period... See it might look intimidating and long winded and a bit scary to the uninitiated, but most of its there to be used against idiots who want to abuse or twist it to their advantage, to the average person who just wants to play it really is as simple as :-

    RD Rule Book - Drive with respect, courtesy and consideration for others.

    EULA - Install and Enjoy using like 95% of the population does and unless your in the other 5% just click 'I agree'.

    Simples! So anyone whos not signed up yet have a go, I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone in the Racing Club is and as just how SLOW some of us actually are, as the Racing Club is not all about FAST its about RACING, wether thats for a podium finish, a mid field finish or even for last place really doesn't matter - Last week in the Race Series Event at SPA in the Porsche 997 Mods (non game track and cars, free mods - see download section) Dan Higgins slowed down for me and we both slowed and raced with someone further back. - I can't say it happens in every race but people have done it for me and I have done it for others and it does happen often that rather than do lap after lap with a car 10 seconds in front and one 10 seconds behind people will oftentimes slow down and just race with you if your slower - thats more what the RD Racing Club is about than been uber competitive and beating everyone else.. . . I strongly recommend you try it!
  12. Ok now this is why i posted this poll, As i know before things were changed and some may not have liked it. I am asking because i have been given the chance to try to get a few races together. My assumption on coming to Rd was that everyone was an alien and so fast i would never keep up.


    There is indeed a place for everyone here and we do indeed need to bring in new people and not make it seem like its all so hard cause it is not. I have in mind a Starters Club which will be there for newer players who need a little bit of a confidence boost to realise it matters not if your fast or slow good fun can be had with people who share a common interest.

    If this happens then RD would need a couple of members who know the ropes to help out and bring people on much like the Friendly Race series. At the moment im taking a poll to see where the need is and try to come up with something that will fit. I am interested in a one car series that is for newer players to find their feet and older player to assist in getting setups done and lap times down.

    I am always open to suggestions and so please keep your comments coming REMEMBER this is your forum, your community and without you all we would not exsist. Therefore your comments are needed and your participation wanted.

    I came from WOW where i was a guild leader and also a member of one of the best guilds in wow. I really want to do what i did for my guild there and get more interest by listening to the members. You may if you like PM me with ideas but its better all see them here in this thread.

    Lets work together to make the Race Club what it should still be, we are not short on racers thats for sure so lets get some info from you and make the right choices.
  13. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    you cant go wrong with the radicals ( they love the hill climb) ....We could always start at the begining, THE MINI( i think ive had the most fun in them)
  14. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    While I was out I thought about this.
    Anyone that has a fear of driving online that hasn't been to a public server yet should, just to get an online race in. Go thru practice and Quali and have people pass you, pass them, heve them run you off, watch them run off, fly by them, whatever.

    Get an RD licence. There's no problem if you never, ever use it again after trying a race in the club.
    Did you know that as a licenced member you can go on the server anytime it's open for practice and just drive around?
    I'd be happy to spend a few laps with anyone that wanted company at a track for their first run. I should be easy to get in touch with.
    Sign up for a race and get there for the official practice.
    See how it goes in practice.
    See how it goes in quali.
    ....amaze yourself!

    BTW Dave and I see a lot of each other at the tracks.
  15. I voted on "Yes or No, there is no events i like happening" I am not looking for a particulair car or track but for mods because I am getting a bit tired of the standard cars that race series had to offer.
  16. I voted yes, I have raced and will race again.

    To those unsure about joining don't be; you will learn a lot from people on here.

    After only a few races with the FCR and ORR guys I was able to understand set ups better, how to set my wheel up and just learn from others by watching the replays back, noting when they brake, the lines they take and generally just not being as gung ho.

    I have been side tracked by other games but im starting to get back into it again, so I hope im around for more in the future!
  17. I've raced a couple of times, but have been busy with other things since then unfortunately.
  18. We according to the poll we have a few that are newer to the game and feel uncertain, we need to bring these people in a bit so i am thinking of a mini series over a few weeks on one of the touring car nights to get theose people involved. Looking at favorite cares WTCC 07 seems to be popular and having driven them myself at the start of having this game i think it would be a good place to start for newer people.

    I dont know what the more experienced drivers think about this but if we get good tracks too it could be a way to go just for a few weeks. Then we can put something bigger in. I would like to run the BTCC mod soon would you all be interested in this?
  19. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    BTCC, why not use the stock car/track content for this? I'd be happy to join with you Nick as one of the experienced drivers in the group. May I also suggest that the use of TeamSpeak be mentioned, it should be a great aid for these races.
  20. Dennis, thank you for your post and i agree Team Speak is a great tool. Some people of course would find it strange using but they could listen and not talk if that is how they felt.

    Good suggestion however.