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Hamilton's Potential Points Lost This Season

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by James Bannister, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Cheers mate, didn't even realise I was in the wrong part! Thanks!
  2. very interesting read, it would be interesting though to see what the points table would look like if the estimations were done for Vettell and Alonso as well, as both of them have also lost points due to technical issues or crashes.
  3. not nearly as many. the championship should be between hamilton and alonso. vettel is the luckiest person on earth who still couldn't have won the wdc in a rule bending car without all the supernatural luck.
  4. He did take that into account. Basically the end result would be Hamilton would be within striking distance of the two guys, possibly leading by a couple of points.

    He´s been driving as well as Alonso but had about 10 times more problems from his team.
  5. Yeah there have been various problems, Vettel and Alonso have had nowhere near as much bad luck as Hamilton...but I have found McLaren reliability wise has never been exceptional.

    Feel like a guardian angel is looking over Vettel, Abu Dhabi just seemed to play perfectly into his hands with the timing of safety cars, but I can't take credit away from his drive there, very impressive nonetheless.
  6. Mclaren has only really had good reliability from 2007-2011 so I thought they were past the horrible reliability
  7. oops i guess i should've read it properly rather than just skim reading it :redface:
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  8. So, I did some math and, according to the site James posted, the WDC would be quite different: Hamilton would be 1st, with 281 points, Vettel would be 2nd, with 245, and Alonso would be 3rd, and out of the games (as for now, after the UAE GP), exactly 50 points afar, with 231. For the whole WDC situation, this is my spreadsheet (errors might follow): https://dl.dropbox.com/u/59394841/2012.xls Edited races are in bold, and Hamilton is highlighted in red.
  9. Obviously, that doesn't include the "bad luck" that Vettel and Alonso had.
  10. Yep, should have said that. Should we take Spa and Suzuka into account for Alonso (and considering Massa's results in those races), he could have scored 12 points in Spa and 18 in Japan (moving Hamilton form 5th to 6th, thus a -2 for Lewis). As for Vettel, considering Valencia (let's keep us safe and say he lost a second place that day, implying a -3 for HAM) and Monza (he was sixth when he had to pull over), he could have scored 26 points if not for bad luck. Therefore, the highly hypothetical WDC could be: HAM 276, VET 271, ALO 261.
    Man, these things are exausting.
  11. AUS - Bad strategy for Hamilton.
    MAL - Bad strategy for both i think but definitely for Hamilton, pit stop problems for Hamilton.
    CHI - Pit stop problem for Button.
    BAH - Pit stop problem for Hamilton, Exhaust/Differential for Button.
    ESP - Underfuelled Hamilton.
    MON - Bad strategy for Hamilton. Fuel problem for Button.
    CAN - Brilliant.
    VAL - Just a really bad day i guess and probably a bit of everything here.
    GBR - Bad strategy for Hamilton, should have kept him out longer.
    GER - Pit stops now start to become world class with Button´s record pit stop.
    HUN - Brilliant
    BEL - Brilliant
    ITA - Brilliant
    SIN - Gearbox problem for Hamilton.
    JAP - Suspension problem for Hamilton. Gearbox issue for Button but solved itself in the race.
    KOR - Suspension problem for Hamilton.
    IND - Downshift problem causing them to change the steering wheel in pits.
    ABU - Fuel problem for Hamilton.
    USA - Power loss for Button.
  12. Jenson also suffered from gearbox issues at Japan, car would randomly drop to neutral while downshifting IIRC.
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  13. I wonder how the championship goes if seated Vettel at the wheel of the Mclaren.
  14. Well for the first time in years nobody can blame Hamilton for the missed opportunity to win the tittle. He didn't do any single stupidity like last two years. He showed himself a mature driver this season but the luck wasn't with him. Too bad he has only two chances to win a race cause I don't think Mercedes will give him a race winning car next year...
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  15. I'm undecided on this Mercedes move, part of me says, worst decision ever and he's going to completely miss out.

    Another part of me says, well they've hired a lot of people, they seem to have gave up on this years car so early, could it mean they've worked on next years car for ages, does Brawn have a trick up his sleeve. Interested to see it at least.
  16. Considering next year will be the last one for these type of cars I don't think they've invested that much resources to prepare it. I bet they work hard for 2014.
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  17. From what i´ve heard from Hamilton himself, he´s banking on next years car being a dog and fighting to make Q3 etc.
    Sounds like he knows next year probably will be horrendous in terms of performance.

    Will be interesting to see the tire life.

    Mercedes car = not good with tires
    Hamilton = known for using more of the tire then most
  18. Well then it would be good for him to learn how to deal with tires. especially the Rear tires.