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[GTL-MotecAdd][Dualview version] Real time telemetry for GT Legends

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Alekhine, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Does this mean the English release isn't available yet?
  2. Sure it is. I'm using this app since a few weeks now. Works flawless. (thx Alekhine)
  3. Hello,

    GTL-MotecAdd (for simbin GT Legends) : no :/ this software is only in french.

    Sorry for that, but when I began to create MotecAdd I have never thought that it was going be downloaded all over the world o_O
    I had some friends (French) who want to test my software, we were 20 drivers approx, I did not see farther.

    For GTR2 and rFactor-MotecAdd they asked me at once to translate the interface, then I created the file "language.ini", but it is an important transformation of the software, I did not make it for GTL-Motec because I think that this game is little used.

    I know that it's an error not to have foreseen the multi-language from the beginning, I understood this error when I saw the downloading count...

    Regrettably I have no time to work on the old versions. It's for that GTL-Motec is not linked has the license pack (100% free).

  4. LOL, didn't even notice it's in French! One of the benefits of growing up in a small country with that many languages :D
  5. Ok, it's in French, but those few words I think you'll understand. Actually all words in English are derived/related* from the words used. Not sure about 'Phares' (Lights), but for the rest it's clear. Just give it a go and if you have any questions: shoot.

    * Don't want to start any linguistic fights over here :)
  6. lol yes "Phares" = "Lights"

    "Huile" = Oil
    "Eau" = Water
    "Piste" = Track
    "% Usé" = % Wear (tyres)


  7. If there is a language.ini, then it shouldnt be too hard to convert. Ill go download it and see how it runs (as soon as dell send my new monitor, as the old one went POP! yesterday.)


    I've built a patch in english...

    * Download Link *

    nb: this patch is now include in French RAR file.
  9. Thankyou :)
  10. I get a message says Error GTL.exe not found in windows process!

    I installed this to my c:\GTL and it cant find the game, exe, anyone have any ideals
    about this?
  11. Hello :)

    MotecAdd never read/search in hard drive, only in windows-process list, and in RAM.

    I think that you see this error message because:

    1) You type CTRL+F1 before launching the game (bad, you have to load a track before CTRL+F1).

    2) admin rights missing, you have to launch MotecAdd "as administrator" (ie MotecAdd shortcut option in vista and W7, check "run as administrator").

    3) You have renamed GTL.exe ? (example GTL.EXE (upper case) or my_GTL.exe etc... ??). MotecAdd search exactly "GTL.exe" in Windows process list.

  12. I like this, means I can see useful info without having XD cluttering it up.
    And it has the feature I've always wanted, individual sector times and the best potential lap :)
  13. pffffffff :/

    Sorry I forgot to translate the tooltips when you put the mouse cursor over a label :sinister: :th_woot:
    I would make it as soon as I have time.
  14. If you send me the files (you can PM/Mail me) I should be able to translate them for you (today).
  15. Hello :)

    I appreciate your proposition, but it's not the same system which for the others MotecAdd, there is no file "language", tooltips is directly written in the components of the code.


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  16. hi...
    gettin a virus warning when install gtlMotecAdd.
    Any suggestions why?