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EU GT3 @ Aosta Grand Sport - Sat 23.08.14

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Racing Club' started by Georg Siebert, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    "An evening of Grand Sport"

    Server: #2
    Max servers: 1
    Max number of participants: 16
    Cars: BMW Z4 GT3 - McLaren MP4-12C GT3 - Lotus Evora GTC
    Track: Aosta Grand Sport (v.2.0)
    Track download: click here (v.2.0)
    If you like this track, give durstboiler a shoutout here!

    Booking: 18:00 GMT
    Qualifying: 19:00 GMT
    Race: 19:45 GMT
    Race distance: 30 laps
    Estimated end of event: 20:30 GMT

    Participation requires a license: click here
    Racing Club rules and License info: click here
    Teamspeak password:
    click here
    Teamspeak installation guide: click here

    (revamped - "less fluff, more stuff")

    This event
    • Time of day will be set at 15:00h.
    • Standing Start for the race.
    • This event has a minimal number of 5 participants to take place.
    • Enabled grip dynamics - 98/0/10/20
    In general
    • Server will be up, close to or at 18:00 GMT.
    • Booking starts at 18:00 GMT.
    • Sign up window closes at 17:30 GMT sharp.
    • Sign out before 17:30 GMT, if you don't know for certain you can participate in this event or can't book in time.
    • Passwords are sent via private message before or at 18:00 GMT.
    • Penalties will be enabled during this event.
    • Mechanical damage set to 0%.
    • Tyre wear & degradation set to 100%.
    • Fuel consumption set to 100%.
    • Flash your lights to inform slower cars they are about to be lapped and/or call out on teamspeak.
    • Make a new post for a better overview, if you do need to sign out.
    • It is strongly encouraged to be present in teamspeak.
    • To ensure a level playing field, set the ambient temperature to the default 26°C - example.
    • Check & load up your Race-setup after Qualifying.
    • For custom car liveries click here.
    • For car setups click here.
    • If anything goes wrong with the server, please leave here a message immediately.
    • Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience - this is not a league race. It's not about the results, it is meant to be fun.
    • Priority access: if the number of sign-ups exceeds the max number of participants, premium members are going to be given priority access for this event.
    • If you haven't already: buy Assetto Corsa directly from the RD Store for € 29,99.

    Entry list

    1. Kevin Hagendoorn
    2. Tomi Manninen
    3. Chris Kennedy
    4. Pietro Belloni
    5. Filip Carlén
    6. Jamie Barclay
    7. Fernando Deutsch
    8. Christopher Boutmy
    9. -
    10. -
    11. -
    12. -
    13. -
    14. -
    15. -
    16. -
    UTP: 18
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2014
  2. reserved
  3. In with z4
  4. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén

    Sign me up! Z4 it is!

    Ehh, i don't know much about this (first race here) but i cant see the rules and license info. Is it anything i need to do before i enter the race?

    mod-edit: consolidated
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2014
  5. Last edited: Aug 23, 2014
  6. Kevin Hagendoorn

    Kevin Hagendoorn
    MR. Consistent

    Put me on Mabye ( i'll let you know before Saturday evening)
  7. I'm guessing the 30 laps is a bit of a put off, perhaps we can do something shorter?
  8. You have to read '30 laps' with perspective:
    my racetrim lap time with the McLaren is a 1:24:3xx, that's ~84 seconds

    30 laps *84s
    ---------------- = 42 minutes

    The phrase 'Estimated end of event: 20:30 GMT' is therefore accurate and the race is no longer/shorter than my previous GT3 events.
  9. sign me please
  10. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén

    Now, got my license, so sign me up!
  11. Kevin Hagendoorn

    Kevin Hagendoorn
    MR. Consistent

    i'm up for it if we have enough ppl
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2014
  12. Will decide if the event can go through at 17:00 gmt.
  13. Jamie Barclay

    Jamie Barclay

    sign me up please
  14. Sign me in please, if there are enough people
  15. Sign me in please, this is a very nice track.
  16. It is 17:05 gmt, we have enough people to race.
    • Who signed up, please stay through the whole event, participation is already low
    • I expect from everyone to be on ts - if you don't have a mic on hand, just listening is fine as well
    • Please be nice to Filip, it's his first race here.
    • @Kevin Hagendoorn are you in? Need a definite yes, if so.
    • There are still 25 min left to sign up.
    glhf everybody, pw will be send at 18:00 gmt.
  17. Kevin Hagendoorn

    Kevin Hagendoorn
    MR. Consistent

    Yeah i'm in.
  18. Tomi

    ”Maximum Attack!” Premium

    I want to race too.
  19. mancSLO


    sign me please
  20. Geof

    I never lose. Either I win, or I learn. Premium

    Sign me in please, if i'm not too late, thx.