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Featured GT Sport Update Released

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Paul Jeffrey, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    GT Sport Update 2.jpg
    Polyphony Digital have release a new update to Gran Turismo Sport.

    Bringing the Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive title to build version 1.12, Polyphony Digital yesterday released another new update to Gran Turismo Sport as they look to further refine the latest inclusion to the long standing and hugely popular console racing franchise.

    It appears as if the latest update from Polyphony Digital and Sony has centred around the handling of the cars themselves, something that has attracted plenty of comment and discussion since the title released back in October last year, hopefully finally giving the game that much needed extra polish to move it ahead of rivals Forza, Project CARS 2 and Assetto Corsa in the sim racing console leagues.

    Build 1.12 update notes:

    Main Features

    • Physics Simulation Model - Traction control has been adjusted to improve handling.
    • The following cars' stability has been changed to improve their handling while cornering:
    • Alpine Vision Gran Turismo 2017
    • Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest) '16
    • Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest) '11
    • Audi R18 TDI (Le Mans 2011)
    • Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.1)
    • Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Team Peugeot Total '10
    • Peugeot L750R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo 2017
    • Porsche 919 Hybrid (Porsche Team) '16
    • Toyota TS030 Hybrid '12
    • Toyota TS050 - Hybrid (Toyota Gazoo Racing) '16
    • Audi R8 LMS (Audi Sport Team WRT) '15
    • Citroën GT by Citroën Race Car (Gr.3)
    • Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 '13
    • Honda NSX Gr.3
    • Lamborghini Huracán GT3 '15
    • McLaren 650S GT3 '15
    • Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.4
    • Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport '16
    • Fixed an issue wherein the game became unplayable if the cancel button was pressed before a 'Search' result was displayed on [Discover];
    • Fixed an issue wherein switching to a car with custom livery from [Home ] > [Garage] resulted in the “Loading” screen being continuously displayed;
    • Various other issues have been addressed.

    GT Sport is available for Sony PlayStation 4 now.

    GT Sport Update 3.jpg GT Sport Update.jpg

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    Do you like the new update? What other areas of the sim would you like PD to pay attention? Let us know in the comments section below!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  2. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    Loving the game

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  3. CXAMP


    Gran Turismo Sport offers the best fun online racing experience.
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  4. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    Forever a backmarker Premium

    I've seen my fair share of videos that contradict this.
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  5. ermo


    Are those screenshots un-doctored, in-game renders? If so, that's quite simply stunning!

    Have to admit, what with the PlayStation back catalogue and the hardware specs, that PS4 Pro purchase is looming larger and larger. I just wish I could jailbreak it and mix it up between Linux and Orbis OS (the FreeBSD-based OS developed by Sony for the PS4), because that would allow me to replace my current Linux HTPC with the PS4 Pro and have the various Linux emulators run on it as well...
  6. elloLeo Kinnunen

    elloLeo Kinnunen
    Pin Head Racing Premium

    Little bit confused about the Venice backdrop in the first screenshot. Are we supposed be getting all wet at the prospect of a racing game in a city that has no roads? :cautious:
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  7. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    that's the photomode, there are quite a few locations there, without acual racetracks
  8. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    their photomode adds an additional bit of processing onto this for better aliasing/motion blur, and also entire car gets the full LOD, but the shaders/lighting are pretty much the same thing

    here earlier I posted a true in-game screenshot,
    has to be said that I do play on PS4Pro though
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  9. Colin Knowles

    Colin Knowles

    Does anybody know of any links to GtSports roadmap !? I read last year they had plans for eventually something like 170 ( way to much imho ) free cars in DLC over the months with free tracks too. Obviously Monza arrived in December but was wondering which tracks they may add and if they will improve the VR at all. Have read they are thinking of adding time trial to VR but no human to human racing which is a big shame...

    Still rather more impressed with the game than I thought possible :thumbsup:
  10. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    for me persoanlly, it's the best Gran Turismo to date,

    yes you don't have tons of cars ( many of which are copies of the same base car)
    single player still same/similar dull experience

    but what I love about it - and those are the main reasons why I think it's the best gran turismo up to date

    - I love the concept where you get a base road car, Gr4, and sometimes Gr3 variants of it
    - I love all the small details that makes tracks feel alive ( photographers walking around track, marshalls with flags, LED screens for flags)
    - absolutely stunning visuals

    what I don't like is
    - no dynamic time of day
    - no dynamic weather

    also, I would try to propagate the MP system into SP as well, so that you can actually do a qualify session and start from pole position, rather then always fight through the pack
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  11. FishPapp


    Has the AI had any love or is it still a GT weak point?
  12. Rage9one


    From my experience of years of gran turismo, AI is pretty good in Sport.
  13. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    and "main point" of Sport is MP racing!