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Gl4dia70rZ RealHeadMotion + T-Cam

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rini Braat, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Can you make the Cam like Vettel in Brazil FP sessions mate please
  2. Great job thanks ! :)
  3. thanks great cam !! .. all your mods are brilliant!
  4. :) merci merci merci beaucoup !!! tu es vraiment le meilleur pour la création de mods sur F1 2010 et 2011 merci encore et bravo pour ton travail :)

  5. Do You Mean The Helmet Cam? From Vettel in Brazil 2011
  6. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    Really nice work !
  7. Brilliant, thank you! Some great work. What other plans do you have?
  8. Yes mate i really looking forward for that kind of Cam mod
    Can you make it???
  9. can you release a version of this with a more zoomed in FOV please ?
  10. Great.Antenna even better
  11. actually dont worry about the zoomed in FOV, i find this mod a little weird... its too sensitive to small wheel movements and looks like the players sitting position is moving within the car rather than the driver moving his head.

    shame cause the t-cams look great.
  12. fitti


    Hay,good work bud lef site is big as right.Ju si see on pictures.help mi please.Thank you. Sorry i cant may english.:oops:
  13. Yeah i can make it i wil start on it today
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  14. Yeah its the first ver i wil update it in the next ver
  15. I wil ad a T-Cam That looks Like the real F1 T-cams
  16. Just wondering Rini are you going to make it with camera shake as well, that would be cool if its possible as it would give more sense of speed, on that more sense of speed are you able to replicate the mod that was done for 2010, I have tried but to no avail. Thanks
  17. Hey rini can you please upload the original effects files for each track as I loaded your true light mod and did not make a backup please can you upload the orginals, your feedback would be appreciated thanks.
  18. Thank you so much mate i was really looking forward for that kind of mod
  19. I wil give you a link later today