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General Thread for Multiplayer Success/Fail/Report comments and achievements

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Óscar Melero, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. I've never seen here a thread for feeling happiness or sadness about our achievements or victories on R3E Multiplayer. Also, any thread about reporting drivers neither...

    How was your race? You made they bit the dust a little bit, or they were faster than you? Their times? Your times? Anyone wrecked you so much that you had to rage-quit?

    I thought it can be nice to comment our experiences out there in this thread.
  2. A few people I question in a race and don't like being around...not sure why they seem to cause accidents. Internet lag, idiots, mistake?

    I have done some dumb stuff, as I am learning, but I try and drive smart.

    Tough to tell.
  3. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    nice thread idea; as for wreckers cheats etc , please dont name anyone ....
    this thread will die fast at that point

    Most races i have are great , yep i get wrecked (sometimes) do i have fun yes , and i tend to try and find certain people to race with against as this puts me under pressure

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  4. Agree.

    I guess if anyone is going to name someone they would need massive evidence to prove them as a complete wrecker.
  5. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    nope , i dont really care even if they have a signed statement from my mum ...

    there are some people who wreck , some who retaliate some who do niether ....

    bit like human nature really

    Its just for me , its public server racing , skills vary and there are no strict promises or rules agreed too at the beginning , some people are quick but cant race , some people dont use mirrors , hardware failures;talent failures, red mist etc etc ..; it happens , no one dies , you dont lose points or the championship etc ...

    But seriously , i have a great online experience and although i try to be fair i am quite aggressive sometimes , and thats ok with guys who can race , its not always easy for not so experienced people and they may see what is a hard but fair move as an attack and then its a guess to how they react

    so no naming and shaming please

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  6. I'm okay with the no naming thing. This thread is for commenting experiences and achievements.

    True example: I raced like 2 hours ago 16 other guys with Prototype Series @ Raceroom Raceway and I was wrecked by everyone. Lag, human error, whatever. The thing is I recommend you to not rage-quit NEVER, because not being so fast and well-trained I managed to reach 2nd position :)
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  7. 247


    Nice topic...got rammed lot of times at the start but I don't blame no one for this since I'm not a fast driver and I make mistakes too...happened sometimes I wrecked people myself due to my mistakes but I'm always fair...i never pass someone I've just wrecked...a simple rule that everyone should follow in online racing... :)
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
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  8. Here we go...

    Dear Racedepartment diary,

    today I was in P1 @Portimao in a Saleen... till the game crashed. xoxo

    Hope the devs see this.
  9. I rammed someone on the start the other day at Nosring....I didn't think it was possible for me to ever start faster than someone else....They must have missed the light or something, bc they were SLOW. still I guess my fault, but ram him or ram the person next to me as I dodge him?
  10. Some times it's just IMPOSSIBLE to not ram someone at start, even if you race as the cleanest driver in the world.
  11. Had two great one on one races at zandvoort and red bull ring with some closely matched drivers. Loved it :-D
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  12. 247


    Probably not the ones you just mentioned but I remember we had some side by side fights with the dtm 92 pack...lovely races... :) very clean driver for what I recall... :)
  13. Thanks buddy :thumbsup: im not the fastest but i do my best to be clean probably to clean lol
  14. Man i love this game!! just had a night full of WTCC got on my fave car track combo (got disconnected near the end). Had some brilliant door to door action!. And remember always fight till the last breath i climbed 2 spots on the last lap it was awesome!!
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  15. 247


    yep i remember you're near my level (i'm quite slow but no offence here :) ) you will surely encounter my opel omega again on the track :)
  16. Had a espectacular race which I won @ Raceroom Raceway. But I must tell something ( @Sonat Ozturk ).

    When I reached the finish line I did it at the same freaking time as the timer of the race went 0:00. I got a final lap so I thoguht I did reach the finish line at 0:01 or something. Then I finish the last lap in 1st and this appears on the left side of the screen (didn't capture, don't blame my paint):


    This is not the final ranking that appears on the screen, the final ranking with the "continue" down the screen was right, I won. But that rank at the side when it tells you that countdown "59 seconds to finish race" was so wrong that thought: the 2nd guy won, the third guy was indeed 3rd and I didn't exist.

    Please note this down to fix, anyway good race and one of my bests.
  17. @247 that was a fun race at monza, i hit the wall everytime on that corner!! i definatly noticed your civic was much faster in a straight line :thumbsup: good times
  18. After more and more pros are competing in the leaderboards it was a great event and pleasure that Timo Glock joined the DTM MP yesterday evening until midnight. Although it seemed to make some people more nervous than usual (had not any clean race) and the behaviour of some was a bit embarrassing it made a lot of fun and was interesting to watch him driving e.g. which lines he chose. I was positively surprised that he was so competitve in the virtual world and had very fast laptimes. Hope we can meet more often such fair and real pros like him in raceroom.
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  19. Yes, I agree with you. Some people had done things they normally didn't do. If you drive often you know many persons and their behaviour.
    Btw.: Maybe today evening Timo Glock join MP again. Look at his FB page under his yesterday resume comments. ;-)
  20. 247


    The love between your car and that corner is endless :p anyway yep the civic is quite fast if you know how to drive it...me I just know how to finish a lap (and even quite slowly) but I don't care...we need to catch up again for a race...would love to trace with German national but rooms for those cars are always empty (if they exist anymore)

    Btw give me your steam username...I'll add you so we could set up other races :)