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gauging interest in 'the not normal club'

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andrew Evans, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. yes

  2. please stop typing

  1. ay oop... let me start by saying this has absolutely nothing to do with serious racing... so stop reading now if that's a turn off... :D

    after rF got its backwards-racing thing on the other month, i figured i'd work on my long standing desire to port a couple of fun formats from my pgr2omgconsoleracer days... (didn't think there was really a place for this kinda thing before then)

    not sure of the exact structure yet, but the test evening would include trying out the following three event types:

    cat & mouse

    peoples are split into/organize themselves into teams of 4 drivers... one person is the mouse (mini) the other three are cats (ccgt) in colour coded skins - eg. red team, green team etc...

    take to the nords... mice are given a head start, ~45 secs, then the cats set off... first mouse to cross the finish is the winner... cats objective is to do everything possible to ensure their mouse wins... eg. taking out opposing teams mouse, cats... pushing their mouse along the straights... defending their mouse... etc... obviously damage is turned off...

    last man standing

    very short races - ~3 laps of something small (magny club etc)... everyone starts out in the same car (mini)... at the end of each race the last person is "eliminated"... this means, for the next race they change to something fast and heavy (ccgt)... eliminated peoples then aim to disrupt the race for the remaining drivers... field reduces until there's only 3 people left in a mini (the rest being in ccgt)... last race decides the finishing positions for that event... again, damage off...

    destruction derby

    similar vein to the stuff that happened in rF... except there's no race or rules to be bothering about... literally a fight to the death, until 1 person remains... am probably gonna knock up some quick/dirty/basic figure 8 track - called Boodschappies Arena :becky: - which can be developed if the format is worth repeating...

    so, those are the basic ideas i've been thinking about... i'd like to try them before i do much else - and they'll probably evolve as/if we test them...

    couple of other points:

    am thinking this would/should support up to 16 participants...

    teamspeak usage is mandatory - the whole idea is its a social experience (much like cold laps)... plus, info is easily and quickly conveyed via ts - and am guessing things will need to be explained...

    cars aren't fixed on those above... but may well be those for the test...

    am gonna stick a poll on here to find out if it's worth setting up (doing any more work on)... bear in mind it's public, so i can see who's voted... voting yes is as good as signing up - so don't do it unless you mean it...

    uuuuh, that's about it... shout up if you've any comments etc... :tits:
  2. sweet jesus... i gefarked the poll.. i have no idea what i'm doing... just leave a message here if this interests you.... :der:
  3. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Oh yeah!!!

    This will be awesome...especially the boodschappies arena.
    Can't believe you still use that word after i said it to Bram once in the chatbox, amazing :laugh2:.
    This should provide some cool RDTV time too.

    Bring it on!!!
  4. I had a huge giggle just reading about the concept, so actually being part of it would be hysterical. :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    This is just the sort of thing that the racing Club needs occasionally to demonstrate what it is all about, and bring back the fun.
    I'd be interested but of course it depends on timing and my usual difficult timezone difference problems.
  5. Sounds interesting... but what we really need is another cold lap event :D
  6. and that, dear sir, i will be poasting at lunchtime.... :nod:
  7. :dance2:
  8. I just bought rFactor because of the promised Banger Race (as long as I have it, no Banger races, only a Kart race with 2 participants, but the karts are fun) :D

    So I definitively would be interested.
  9. hello mates

    always interested in spend some nice time with friends

    and now just a smal question never saw in club races with open wheels for ex f3000 never had chance to run on this or this mod inst god ?

    thank u all and cheers

    lets have some fun mates:skywalker:
  10. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron

    Big yes from me as well :)
  11. i've got an f3000 evening planned in the next coupla weeks :wink:
  12. hi

    hummm nice nice
    thanks mate for the quick answer
  13. I at least participated in one event with our Australien friends, who usually cover a broad range of classes! Hope they are not fed up with the recent low participation, would be a pitty!

    Cat and mouse? Last man standing? Woweee.

    Forza had the best track for 'Last Man Standing'. New York Short. Short track but with walls and straights :evil:

    In cat and mouse on PGR we just had teams of two (one cat and one mouse). It always helped to be colour co-ordinated too. And I think a track with close proximity walls is also essential for Last Man Standing, otherwise if the 'wrecker' missed they took ages to get back on track etc etc. We tried it with damage on and damage off anfd found that 'half-damage' was the most fun.
  15. I remember i used to love playing cat and mouse on pgr 2 with Minis and Enzos:dance2:

    Im sooooo up for this!
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Imo open wheel racing is made for leagues and with the AF3KGPC league by Eric we have everything we could have ever dreamed of :)

    @Topic: fun idea Andrew. And bring on the Boodschappies Arena lol :rotfl:
  17. thanks to bram i managed to add hot polling action... so please vote if you want some!
  18. OMG! PLEASE! :D. I will love you forever and more Andrew is this happens :D. Great idea!
  19. Seems like a lot of fun! I will surely join these fun events, if i have the time.... Great idea!

  20. Haha I like that, especially the cat&mouse thing:)