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Game Stock Car 2012 v1.20 Update Released (Includes Cascavel)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    The v1.20 update package (for those who already have Game Stock Car 2012 v1.10 installed):


    Full GSC2012 v1.20 Installer:


    For DVD owners (should be relevant for brazilians only):

    V1.10 to V1.20 Update package:


    Full DVD V1.20 Installer:


    INSTALLATION: Just point this installer to your GSC2012 install folder, overwriting files if prompted.

    Main changelog from version 1.1:

    Refuelling option added for the Stock V8, Camaro SS, Mini and Formula 3;
    Adjusted grip levels on run-offs, grass and gravel to minimise corner cutting opportunities;
    Adjusted trackside cameras to correct texture flickering on long distance shots;

    [Mini Challenge]
    Several minor physics adjustments;

    [Formula Reiza]
    Corrected Scuderia Maranello bug;

    Added Autódromo de Cascavel;
    Adjusted Velopark to mimise corner-cutting opportunities;
    Adjusted Santa Cruz do Sul to minimise corner-cutting opportunities.

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  2. :):):)
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  3. PieterN


    Thanks !:)
  4. Hummm,,, great job Reiza.
    And the Black Rims 4 StockV8??? :thumbsup:
  5. First Schleife 2.0 and now this! It's like early Christmas. Thanks/Kiitos!
  6. Cascavel is very nice, thanks
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  7. I have Mini Challange but no cars?
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Do you mean that you can select the Mini Challenge but the cars don't appear in the game?

    Have you previously updated to version 1.1?
  9. Cascavel is an amazing track. Smooth, rolling, flowing and fast - my favourite kind of circuit!
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  10. Just got in from a night shift to see this, already updated. How easy is that then, no messing around looking here there and everywhere doing this to that then that to this :thumbsup: !!! RF2 take note please :rolleyes:, Grand Prix later today and Nights again so will prob get to try it out Tuesday / Wednesday properly, but will deffo have a bash before work later ;)
  11. Wow now that was an easy update, wish all my updates were this smooth. The newbs appreciate that Reiza, thanks :laugh:!
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  12. After the update, it asked again for the serial and after I put it, says that I run out of activations. Just send a mail to Reiza, hope they can fix this quickly.
  13. Great sim, thanks for the update!
  14. With differences in some cars physics, I would expect the server to check the version that we are using, but yesterday I updated the server with the 1.2 version and still could join with the 1.1 version.
  15. John Addison

    John Addison

    For me the server I tried did give me the mm after the 1.2 update. But more importantly really messed up my F1 Thrustmaster FFB. I had it tweeked great before the update and know its re calibrating in the middle of a run and all the feel is gone. May have to remove the update.
  16. what cars? I think only mini has been the phisyc updated
  17. Maybe it's because we were using F.Reiza, where I think no changes were made.
  18. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro

    this is starting to p... me off, cant activate the game, asked support for a reactivation and got 3 of them, tried it once, and after wating for about 10 min it said that all activations associated with this serial number have been used :poop:
  19. Everything working nicely after the update here (BR DVD Version).

    Cascavel looks beautiful, insanely fast and challenging, great job guys!
  20. Cascavel is wicked!