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G25 settings?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by hagen72, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. What are the recommended G25 settings in the logitech profiler for netKar?

    Overall strength
    Centering spring
  2. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    I dont know about recommended settings, I think most G25 owners run around 400* of rotation, as far as wheel, damper N spring strength I think its what feels best to your driving style.

    Settings for my G25:
    445* Rotation, I matched the G25's wheel turn to the games, and this setting was the closest to reflect in game steering response, for me anyway.
    Overall strength @ 110%
    Dampers @ 35%
    Spring @ 25%
    Centre Spring @ 20%
    As I said I think it's really up to what feels best for you, hope it helps.

  3. My G25 setup:

    Them just adjust the steer ratio in the setup.
  4. Thanks!
  5. hi,

    when you use centering spring you loose information off your grip level. So set srping level to 0!
  6. A lot of not so very good FFB setups in this thread, beware!

    Recommended for NKP (by Kunos)

    is this:

    Logitech Profiler:

    900 degrees of rotation. If you calibrate your wheel with 900 degrees in NKP, it will set the correct rotation per car for you.
    FFB Strength: 100 %
    Spring effect: 0 %
    Damping effect: 0%

    Centerspring: unchecked/checked with 0 % (very important!)

    in game:

    Friction/Damping at 0 %
    FF Gain: this adjusts the force through the wheel. Use the greybar on the left below screen of the screen. Kunos suggests you set the FF Gain so that the grey bar only touches the highest point in extreme situations. If you do it like that, you won't have any clipping and you can experience all the effects...

    I set it just a little bit harder than that usually, otherwise it's too soft.
  7. I just post my preferences, I tested several times with Center spring at 0% and I don't like the feeling of the wheel like that. It changes from hard to very loose very suddenly.
  8. If that's the case, I would perhaps try to put center spring at 0 %, and use some 'FF Friction' from the view menu to compensate for that loose feeling.

    If you use 150 % centerspring, you will mask many of the FFB effects that make netKar Pro's FFB so good.

    But now that you have been driving with that setup for such a long time, it will be hard to get used to something else :).
  9. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    The reason I use 20% CentreSpring is to give the steering some LIFE, with 0% I find the wheel is DEAD, so a small percentage gives the wheel some life again, and I still have good feel in the FFB, which works for me. And no 2 drivers have the same driving style, so each to there own.

    @Requiem84, just because you dont agree with other peoples settings and there not what's recommended doesnt mean there "not so very good FFB setups" you may run those settings and like them, but not everyone is you. No offence intended.
  10. It feel's good to me.

    Maybe true, as I said, I tested it before and just can't get used to it!

    When I will be at home, I still will try it.
  11. Andrew, I'm sorry if I came across a little bit arrogant or unfriendly. By no means do I have all the answers in the universe, but I do know after 5 years of playing netKar Pro how to set it up most realisticly. These settings are not a product of random testing, they come straight from the Casillo himself. On numerous occasions has he stated that those settings come closest to the real thing.

    One of the issues that might be at hand here is that many people (including myself) come from a Simbin title background. The Simbin games all have very canny FFB, where you can even feel the revs of your engine in your steering wheel. NKP's feedback is calculated directly from the front wheels, and might feel not so rich compared to beforementioned sims. The thing is, it all is there, but far more subtle. If you use a lot of centre-spring, you will not feel understeer very well for instance. The force of the spring will mask the lessened feedback of the wheel.

    I understand there is a certain personal preference here, but when someone asks for recommende G25 settings, I think it is best to at least start off with the right baseline.

    Sidenote two: there is a ini file in the NKP folder where you can enable 'hardmode' FFB. According to Stefano this might be usefull for the FFB effects at lower speed (more resistance). Especially for the Formula Fords. You could also give that a try.
  12. I thought this setting was obsolete (wo. function), but I was wrong. As a fan of strong FFB I adore this ini (/cfg/nkpro.ini in the installation folder of nkpro) tweak.:cool: So much more fun in the vintage know.

    THX man.:good:
  13. Thank you! I was looking around the NKP site but I didn't found something.

    As 1.3 is my first encounter with netKar (great game!!) I'll use these 'reommended' settings (actually these are the settings that I use for the Simbin Race games)!
  14. Sorry I know I haven't played enough netkar, What grey bar are you talking about?

    Actually in GTR2 or rFactor you can set all the forcefeedback to come from your front wheel. You just need to set it in your controller.ini file, but I'm sure a lot of people don't modify this. I actually use 100% FF from the front wheel whether it's the right thing to do or not in ISI engine games.

    Thanks for the great explanation, I was never really sure what a good FF setting was but I always heard using the centering spring was bad practice in most sims I've played.

    The setting I'm currently using is:
    Degrees of rotation: 270

    FFB Strength: 75%
    Spring Effect: 50%
    Damper Effect: 50%

    Centre spring: 0% unchecked
    Can you explain what the spring effect and damper effect will do in netkar in terms of FF?

    Thanks! :)
  15. Apart from the overall FFB strength, the other settings in the Logitech profiler/Windows control center are only there for games without any FFB. These simplistic effects are created by Logitech driver, only based on the turning/rotation speed of the wheel. In any proper FFB enabled game like netKar, these settings interfere (badly) with the FFB created by the game and should be disabled. This is the technical advice, but your personal preferences might lead you to other results.
  16. Tobias already gave a good explanation above me. I'm not quite sure about the different effects of the Logitech profiler.

    -FFB Strength is the general strength of any of the FFB effects, like riding a curb, feeling oversteer etc.
    -Spring effect I presume has to do with the general resistance your wheel will give you when turning the wheel.
    -Damper effect from logitech site: Damper forces slow down the movement of the gaming device in a particular direction. Examples of damper forces would be items such as water or mud.

    Basically what Tobias says is correct. Those settings are usefull for games with no/bad FFB effects. netKar, iRacing, LFS etc all have pretty good FFB, and if you use these logitech settings, they might interfere. Turn them of for netKar :).

    For netKar Pro, I strongly recommend you to try 900 degrees as well. Don't forget to recalibriate the wheel in netKar after you have changed it. netKar will then give you the right steering lock per car individually. I use 900 degrees for every car in NKP. With the Abarth I get full 900 degrees of rotatation. With the Formula cars maybe 400 degrees. It's perfect :).

    The grey bar I am talking about is visible on the lower left side. You have three bars. Green, red and grey I think. Green and red show you your inputs on braking pedal/accelerating pedal. The grey bar shows you the Force Feedback Effects. If you set your Force Feedback to strong, this grey bar will reach the maximum already when you take a simple turn. When that's the case, all of the FFB is already in 'use' and netKar does send other FFB signals to your wheel, but you won't be able to feel them anymore, as all of the FFB strength is already in used... I hope you get my explanation ;).

    You can tweak this by going into the garage in netKar Pro itself. Go to the 'view' tab and experiment with the 'FF Gain' parameter.

    Personally, I set my FFB up to have a little bit of clipping, otherwise it feels way too soft. For the best experience it is vital that you don't have an enormous amount of clipping though.
  17. Thanks for the detailed explanation guys! :)

    As for 900 degrees of steering, I'll probaly just stick with 270 degrees. I really don't intend to drive the Abarth and will stick with driving formula cars which I prefer just 270 degrees of steering. :)
  18. If you want realistic steering, then you should set driver software to max. allowed angle (900º in case of G25), and then set up each sim according to that. There's absolutely no need to fiddle with driver steering angle in sims with proper FFB setup (like nKpro, LFS, ...). If the car has 270º of steering in real life, the sim will only allow you to turn up to 270º.

    However, if you want an unrealistically small steering angle, then yes, you have to resort to reducing the angle through the drivers.
  19. Yep.. It's personal preference of course, but I agree with Stenyak. The sim will adjust the steering angle for every car for you. If you like smaller steering inputs, you can change it in the setup menu, steering angle.
  20. for me
    Same as Sergio's profiler settings, except no center spring. I believe it will be very hard to drive other cars than KS2 that has almost constant grip because you lose grip loss information. Maybe this is why you say you dont like some cars, Sergio?

    I change rotation degree from car to car in both profiler and in game:
    Abarth + Shelby: 900 degrees
    F2000 + FTarget + KS2 + Formula 1600/1800: 400 degrees
    Osella: 540 degrees