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G25/27 & DFGT Wheel mods

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. This is the place for all your Logitech G25/27 and DFGT wheel mods, questions and a place to show us your wheel!:D
  2. Okay, to start this thread off, here are a couple of pics of my current wheel mod on my G25. Based on some 3mm perspex and using a Leo Bodnar SLI-M shift light to control the buttons/rotarys. The bottom pic is of my next 'Wheel' project, more of an F1 style with LCD displays built in, but still based on the original G25 wheel!


    and the next project planned below
  3. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Hi Brian,

    That looks really good. Only thing I'd say is that I'd change the stock G25 wheel for an aftermarket one. I've done it on mine, and it really improves the whole feel of of the setup.

    Other than that - cracking.
  4. Cheers Alex! All these are prototypes really, so I'm gonna stick with the stock wheel at the minute to save pennys lol, but yes the final version will have a decent wheel! Ive seen your post too, very good mate!:wink:
  5. Impressive work Brian... like the button box.. it is disappointing I will never have something like that :(
  6. Ondrej, its not as difficult or expensive as you might first think! Look out for my 'Button Box' Tutorial coming soon!:D
  7. I'd love to set something like that up Brian. No idea where to start though.
  8. Hi Tim:D

    Well, as I have said above, its not as hard as it looks lol and I will be doing some tutorials too! This is the first day for this Forum (And mine as a MOD lol) but I want to create a space where people like you can be inspired and learn........ultimatly to make your own Sim Hardware:D

    Keep any eye on this space, I hope much more will follow with time and feel free to ask questions!
  9. Thanks, I'll need all the help I can get! I've found where to buy everything I need, just gotta pull my finger out n buy it.
  10. No problem Tim, just ask what you need to know and I will do my best to help:) Maybe you can keep some notes on your progress and take a few pics for the forum too!
  11. Thanks to help from Brian I have completed my design planning;

    Only trouble is that I keep forgetting that the buttons dont actually do what they say of course as its card. Keep pressing them by accident if I actually want to change Bias for example, hard to explain :S.
  12. Hey Dan, looking good mate! I think we should probably move this to the wheel thread...lol not really a button box now lol! OH, this is up to you and your tastes/dislikes, but rather than use two buttons for Brake Bias, why not use ONE rotary encoder! Remember it will activate 2 button mapps, i.e. turn knob left for front, turn right for back! Cheaper than a knitter switch and gives you an extra button spare too. Plus much nicer and easier to use too IMO.
  13. Hmm maybe but can you have the rotary to snap back to top after and can it be made 'firmer' the videos I have seen the switches look like a fly could turn them :p I like something that you know you have turned it if that makes sense :)
  14. Actually, they are lovely (the ones i recommend from leo) they have 16 clicks per 360Degs and feel GREAT, trust me, these are the ones, top notch, I LOVE the feel of em, really good!
  15. can they be set to snap back to the top (can you even buy them? :p) or do they have to go 360?

    Just had an idea, have the Left rotary for Bias and Right rotary for Menu's :D

    Going to order perspex and viynil now, 2mm perspex should be ok, yea. Few A4 sheets of that.
  16. Just asking, how have you routed the wire past the wheel to avoid tangles? Through? If so, where is the cable entering?
  17. I plan to have the wire running from the back of the panel, right down the top center of my wheel housing and then tie-wrap it to my wheel USB cable until it get to PC.
  18. Dan you will like the rotarys, 2mm perspex should be okay, I use 3mm myself, but my design is bigger and so needs to be more rigid! You can run the usb cable for the SLI_M thought the wheel! Much tidier, I will show you how later in a tut! (you guys are racing off doing all sorts, I cant keep up lol, good stuff!)

    DAN Buy the 3M carbon film, others are a bit cheaper, but pants in comparison, trust me, I have used most types!
  19. Lol oops just noticed that is only 5cm :p good job I didnt order it yet :redface: