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FSR Silly Season 2015

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Nick Rowland, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. With the seriousness of the league itself, why not switch emphasis and lighten the mood with drivers and teams for 2015? I am posting this because we never really have or see silly season. It is always good fun in Formula 1 so why not here in FSR also?

    So, I hear @Ondrej Kuncman is driving in his first full season for years in 2015?...

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  2. I hear Ron Squire could get a world championship drive with Precision Motorsports :D
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  3. I hear Mundy's door to door mission was rejected today 18 times. Out of 18 times.

    I went for my mission
    I started talking
    got no permission
    I started walking
    away on with my bloody head
    atheists had no respect

    I also hear the ultimate presidential battle will be between him and squire. The winter is coming and it will not be survivable for FSR.
  4. I`m cumming? didnt know that :D
  5. the winter is coming with his (its) white snowy flakes yes. Don't be inappropriate.
  6. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Now thats funny.
  7. In the midst of darkness and issues, there is only one true savior: Born2Win . The multicultural neo-marxist team has after long negotiations decided for a surprise comeback following four years of hiatus, this time in no less than FSR WC. With slogans such as the award-winning "2FAST4U", B2W is looking to revolutionize the concept of marketing in FSR and provide both on and off-track excitement for fans. The line-up will feature dynamic young talents, including rising stars of Celloman, Kimster, Dodo, Machiel and Deniz.

    Look forward towards more politically incorrect articles, videos etc, and foremost: more awesomeness!
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  8. I will go even further to suggest B2W FSR TAKEOVER.

    I hear the programme is following:
    1) ban everyone who cannot be respected (starting with wit,mundy,squire)
    2) ban word fruitcake. That will demand banning all fruitcakes from FSR so the word fruitcake will no longer be needed.
    3) Establish highly politically incorrect community with complete and total freedom.
    4) Bring back former WC director as a FSR clown
    5) All license money and other FSR income will go directly to Born2Win for their hard work on points 1 - 4.
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  9. - Jack Keithley Moving to TPS.
    - Jonny Simon moving to FTS.
    - Carlos Martín moving to Twister Ace (See he joined Twister in SRZ).
    - OSR getting a WC team with Brewer and Brzezinski.
    - De Wit back to Crown 7 NetRex.
    - Jiri Toman moving to Official PM Team.
    - Patel won't be racing next year.
    - Ghovand Keanie will create a fake account, again.
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  10. to deny your rumors:
    - TPS is dead nobody would possibly move to such pointless corruption led by brits
    - Nobody would move to FTS, that former team is basically dead for years now
    - If Twister hires C.Martin they deserve all the failures coming with it

    - De Wit will not move anywhere as he will be banned finally

    - Agree with the Patel point, he must work on expanding his love with his spiritual father made up by some medieval psychopath
    - Keanie, the follower of the same insanity might indeed make another fake account.
  11. @Ondrej Kuncman So whats your bet for Simon/Keithley/Martin?

    Maybe Martin is kicked for awful results, I wouldn't discard it.
  12. Unlikely, its netrex we are speaking about. Anything there defies any logic. Regarding other 2 no idea. Safest bet is that there is no FSR and that is totally serious.
  13. And silly season continues with less than silly Honestly Said season review:
    <mod edit: removed, stop spamming>
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  14. Pure magic
  15. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    Hmm that's an interesting rumor ;)
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  16. I would like it :) But there we have the problem, that all WC spots are blocked by only a few teams with many sister teams ^^
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  17. Only PM, Twister and Ghostpeed have sister teams. I think without the sister teams would have 7-8 teams max. There are not many the people who are ready to invest in FSR and especially WC.
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  18. and crucially and intentionally left out - Netrex and their 3 sisters teams. We may leave FTS out but it is still 2 teams just like the others.
  19. I know at least two guys who would buy a WC license if something would be avaiable
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  20. You can't come here end of March and to want to buy something or middle of April. I've bought the license January. 6 or 7 are the spots which FSR gives per season, wouldn't be difficult to buy one if you wish.