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Other Formula One 2002 Season 1.12

Includes team and drivernames and talent files

  1. Martin Larsen submitted a new resource:

    Formula One 2002 Season - Includes team and drivernames and talent files

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  2. I added it and it didnt change the driver names :(
  3. Thanks! Is it possible to spread the grid a little bit more? Now the cars a laps within about 2 secs (fastest car is two seconds faster than slowest car). In real life the gap was sometimes more then 4 seconds (at suzuka it was pole for Michael with 1:31:317, the slowest was Yong with 1:36:267). So what you did with Alan Mcnish in the previous version (he was 4,5 sec of pace) wasnt that bad :)

    Anyway, great work! Can you also do this for the other F1 cars (2015)?
  4. http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/formula-one-2015.118464/ There is 2015 allready done

    And I will look att the gaps and see if can get some more differance.
  5. So you downloaded and then add the GameData file to where you installed the game? If you did that then it should work
  6. Thanks! The bigger gaps are great!
  7. Martin Larsen updated Formula One 2002 Season with a new update entry:

    Added real rules and more

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  8. Hi,
    Thanks again! Great work. I just spotted a small mistake: I think you switched the Jaguar drivers. Delarosa has Irvines helmet and Irvine has Pedros helmet.
  9. Yeah, just me and reiza who did the opposite... I gave de la Rosa number 17 as he had irl that season and Irvine 16, but the game did the opposite so I have not edited the helmet files yet. But you can do it you're self now if you want since Im not sure when I have time to update.

    It's just to change name on MKRacingXXHelmet files. So change MKRacing16Helmet to MKRacing17Helmet. And the oppisite ofc with the MKRacing17Helmet file
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  10. Melv


    Excellent work, thanks a lot @Martin Larsen. Will you be doing one for the 2003 season as well. That would be fantastic. It was an awesome season.
  11. when I installed this mod all my car skins turned plain orange, anyone any idea what I am doing wrong? are u supposed to delete the original teams and talents before installing? any help would be greatly appreciated as game would be perfect if I could get it running!