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Other Formula One 2015 1.11

Drivernames, teamnames and talent files

  1. Martin Larsen submitted a new resource:

    Formula One 2015 - Drivernames, teamnames and talent files

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  2. Thanks! I think there is something wrong with the skin of the williams. They are now gold/yellow in stead of white.
  3. I just found out that also the Mercedes skin is yellow
  4. Do you have anyother mods installed? No problem in my game with this, and there should not be with this mod. This mod has nothing to do with the liveries off the cars
  5. hi, i have no other mods installed. I run the ams beta. Could that be the problem?
  6. I think I found somethng In your zipped files there is folder called "Grove Motersports". In the game it's called "Grove Motorsports". Also you have a folder called "Brackely GP" in your zip file. This should be "Brackley GP".
  7. hmm.. damn my typing... Well, thanks for feedback, will be fixed very soon!
  8. No problem! glad i could help. btw, Bottas seems to be very fast. You could make him a little bit slower?
  9. Martin Larsen updated Formula One 2015 with a new update entry:

    Added real rules

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  10. Thanks for the update. All seems fine now. However I dont get the new logo. Also, is it possible that you rename the rar file from "gamedata.rar" to something like "F1 2015 v1.10". That makes it easier to store them on my HD
  11. What you mean by dont get the new logo? Everything works fine for me with it.

    And yeah, will rename the .rar folder for next version, always think to do that but forget when I upload it...
  12. Hi,
    I found out what was wrong with the Official F1 logo: In the rar file, the "series" folder is included in the "gamedata" folder as a sub folder of the "gamedata" folder. It shouldnt be a subfolder, it should be a separate folder on the same level as "gamedata" folder.

    I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions and suggestions. Just trying to help:)
  13. [​IMG]Martin Larsen
    hi martin how to unlock the car file from the aftomobilista game
  14. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

  15. Im sorry to crush your dream but it was to many teams for the 2015 season... But you should try to apply to get a job att a differant team! :p

    But if you and/or other people want them in then I could always add it back as optional in the mod...
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  16. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    Was just kidding...no problem .... at least I'm original content...and not a mod :)
  17. I just wonder, would people here be interested in 2016 mod now with talent files from 2015 performance. Or wait to Australia GP and make talent files from that then update after some more races?
  18. Definitely interested, we can always adjust later, waiting to start racing because of this and skins. Go for it dude.