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Porsche Posse (LIVE)

Career Formula 1 Championship v1.2

Full F1 career with 2016 drivers.

  1. Marios Krinas submitted a new resource:

    Formula 1 Championship - Full F1 career with 2016 drivers and teams

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  2. Thx for your effort good job!!!
    You need to fix the Williams skins, because at 10 out of 11 series, are in the Ferrari's default skin.
    I fixed mine inside the opponents.ini, but you should fix it for others that don't know how. :thumbsup:
  3. Fixed it. I am just uploading the update. Thank you for noticing it....(added 3 more tracks)
  4. Hi. I am uploading now an update with 3 more tracks added (Automotodrom Grobnik) (Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve) (Donington Park). Unfortunately i couldnt add monaco track because the AI of the track is not ready. And i didnt find one with good AI. If you do just tell me and i will add it. Any track you want as long as it has good working AI.
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  5. If I were you I wouldn't add any illegal rips/conversions, like any modern Monaco, to this pack. Otherwise you will danger it to be removed. Also I hope you have asked permissions from track authors to add them to your mod. Some modders don't like their products to be shared in anywhere else than in their own threads.

    Just a friendly heads up.
  6. can i change the race laps to ~12 Laps ?
  7. Hi. I actually didnt add any tracks to my mod. Its just the code for them. To use them you have to download the tracks yourself from the moders threads. I even add links for that didnt you see? Thanks anyway.
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  8. Hi. Yes you can. Its a bit of work but its easy. Go to the root folder of your assetto corsa files. There go to content/career/series200_a or whatever series you want to change. Inside eatch series folder there are event files. In them there is a file caled event.ini. This is the one you want to change for every event folder. Open it and change RACE_LAPS= under [RACE] and LAPS= under [session_2] to whatever value you want.
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  9. sorry because when discharge win rar , it always fails to insufficient memory? The hard disk memory space there is sufficiency
  10. Ah ok, sorry. I haven't downloaded your mod because I already have all the skins from the pack and I don't play career.

    But cool mod nonetheless.
  11. Hello, very nice compliments this mod!;)
    I wanted to ask how you manage the pit stop? I did the first race at Monza with Renalut 7 and I was .... I went to the pits to refuel, and I lost all positions, with the aggravating circumstance that have been voiced. The CPU stops his car in the pits, right?

    Thank you
  12. Hi. I dont know why you get the insufficient memory mesage. Are you sure you have enough space in your hard drive? File uziped its about 2gb.
  13. Hi. I have fuel usage off when i play the career. Its more real i guess cause in f1 now they dont stop for refueling at races anymore. But even with or without fuel i do pit and yes its normal. Sometimes my pit stops take forever if i try to fix any damage to the car. It takes very long. There is a very usefull app that helps with pit stops. Its called pitconfig. It helps a lot. Also yes CPU does stops normaly for pits. For fuel if you have it on and for tyres.
  14. I tried to install full memory tells me and like me to others, I have to sisposizione 821 gb hard disk
  15. Hi, yes i have 120gb, another friend have item problem
  16. Hi. I dont know why you get that problem. What program are you using for zip files? I use 7-zip. If you dont use that maybe try with this. And please tell me if that helps...