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Force Feedback not working properly

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by trobwal, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Hey guys.

    First off i'm new here and pretty new to the sim racing in general. been enjoying racegames for many years and wanted to up my game so i bought myself a brand new G27 Racing wheel (didn't want to spend tons of cash but wanted something good to start with) and downloaded R3E..... been enjoying the game for over a month now and love it in general.

    The only real issue i have now is the force feedback isn't working properly. i can feel the spring and it give's me some real racing feeling, but i don't feel any rumble or feeling my car going into spin or what not. i have this feeling in other game's like Dirt3 where the rumble of the road is nearly perfect after tweaking some settings.

    I have looked everywhere and changed every setting ingame and on profiler to see if it changes things but unfortunatly it doesn't.

    The main reason i went into simracing is because i wanted to become better at something i love without going all at it IRL. the arcade race game's don't deliver me the thrill of me being able to take a corner perfect and hitting the apex everytime over. btw i play on real in R3E so u can see my devotion to becoming a better sim racer.

    Could anyone please help me figure this out. and please don't tell me there's a ton of info on the web. I even tried the setting from the topic here with the nice screenshots of the settings in the profiler and ingame but that didn't do the trick for me. even tried contacting the support but up until now i received no feedback from them.

    really hope someone can help me out here.

    I'm playing this on win 8.1 with an 8 core amd and an R290x 4 GB GPU.

    Cheers Jonas
  2. Hello Jonas,

    at first you can check your wheelsettings. Springs, Dampers should be off.
    (On my fanatec wheel the setting "spring on" results in loss of any information about grip level.)

    Also i would recommend to check this official sector 3 "FFB Guide":

  3. It will take a bit to get the feel you like on it.

    imo one f the best things you can do is turn all the settings to 0 and try them one at a time so you know what things feel like.
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  4. Tnx for the replys. I know this takes some tweaking but when i put everything on zero it feels just the same as when i put them on full. Settings ingame that is. I get the feeling that the settings ingame don't affect my wheel at all.

    Spring and dampers are off in the profiler game specifik settings. When i turn of the centerspring in global device settings i lose the tensiin of the wheel itself and i end up with just the weel rotating in thin air. Thats way to loose.

    I'm pretty sure my wheel isn't broken cuz the FFB works fine in other games. Maybe is the FFB on this game not what i expected as been playing other games. But really feels like i get nothing trough.
  5. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    I only use global settings and no game specific profile. Also I don't let it start with windows.
  6. I have a G27 and the FFB feels great. In your profiler, did you check "allow game to adjust settings"?

    Steve Profiler.PNG
  7. This would have been my question too. But if you stick to the FFB guide of sector3 you should have the correct base and have a good starting point. There are a lot of more threads with this topic that you can check. I can understand what you mean with the lack of feeling the tarmac and I am missing this sometimes too. But it also depends which car and track you are using and which steering profile. The tracks and cars don't have all the same physics and they will be updated over the time. I could also feel a huge difference between different G27s since I have two of them. I am still playing with the ffb settings from time to time and use three different profiles atm. It also can make a slight difference in the wheel rotation if you just use the global logitech profiler or combine it with the specific game setting although I have set 900┬░ in both. Some suggest not to tick the checkbox to allow to change settings in the global profiler but allow it in the specific profile. If you won't use a specific profile you have to tick it in the global anyway. So at the end what I wanted to say you have to play around on your own and find the best setting what fits your need.
  8. tnx again for the reply's...

    I have my profiler setup so that the game can adjust the settings. gonna try what steve suggest with his settings in screenshot. will get back to you guys.
  9. nope... still the same.... it's kinda ruining this game for me.... and that sucks especcialy now that i bought some tracks and cars.

    Geuss i could try to delete the game and install again and see if that helps.
  10. Do you feel ffb effects like bumps curbs etc? I understood you mainly miss the roadfeel. Did you try for example the setting of Georg Ortner? Should feel quite noticeable. I would suggest to configure the ffb ingame and not in the logitech profiler. Btw it needed some time to get used to the ffb but now i want nothing else and don't like other sims like AC any more.
  11. Nope not feeling anything. Thats my problem. I understand that racing sims are no substitute for real racing and that the feeling u get is an substitute but like i said have nothing off that on r3e.

    I downloaded AC today and the feeling there is totaly diffrent. I can feel the curbs or when te car loses traction.

    Oh well i'm giving up for now. Gonna play some AC for the time being in the hope that some solution comes up in the near future.

    And yes have tried everything suggested here and no it doesn't make any difference. Don't get me wrong i love the way u guys want to help me but i have searched for days now and tried everything except reinstalling the game or my windows installation ( somehow i think win 8.1 might be the problem). But i'm currently done with r3e. Gonna focus on AC for now. Tried the rfactor2 demo but can't get the damn wheel working in total so not going to buy it anyways. Looking forward to project cars. Have high hope for that game.
  12. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    It's not a bug, that's just how the FFB is in this game, lacking info from the road surface or friction of the tires. You can adapt to it and have fun, but you can't ever fix it.
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  13. I just drove in Assetta Corsa, and aside from Assetta being more challenging to drive, the FFB isn't that much better IMO. I do agree that the FFB feels better, but not by leaps and bounds. The thing is, I can feel the car loosing traction better in RaceRoom. Probably all about the controller setup. I'm just getting back into sim racing. Let me add that I was never knee deep into it. So my knowledge was never vast. I'm learning as I go.
  14. I think u are missing the poont here. It's not that i don't like the ffb it's just not getting trough. Would love to compare it with AC but cant cuz i have in no way something similar to AC.
    I'm still looking for a solution but beginning to think this is never gonna get solved.
  15. I thought AC was too easy to drive....great game though.
  16. Im sorry, I wasn't really speaking to your specific problem, but to some of the comments in this thread. It sucks that your wheel is getting zero input from the game. I hope you can figure it out.
  17. Hoping it as well mate. Love the game but the ffb isseus are ruining it for me atm.
  18. You mentioned re-installing. Is that still an option? Have you tried it already? I'm running Win 8.1, so I doubt thats the problem. Can you send me screenshots of your controller setup (in game), so that I can compare to mine? I'd like to do all that I can to help. Hopefully we can figure it out. Have you tried launching the game from the profiler?
  19. That's some weird issues indeed, but you said you where experiencing issues with rF2 as well?
    Could you post a screenshot of your ingame settings on R3E?
  20. well basicly i use the settings found in a thread here to start with.


    But when i play around with them nothing noticable changes so i really have no idea what the problem might be. gonna uninstall the game and the profiler software and reinstall everything and see if that helps.

    will get back to u guys.