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Floppy padle shifter or stickshift?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jean Michel Rucheton, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would like to have your take on this. I've tried both, mostly floppy panel because I feel it is faster and it allows to keep the hands on the wheels at all times, which is nice if you have to change gears often like on city tracks. However, on some tracks with slow, very tight turns where the wheel has to turn a lot, I find it more convenient to use the stick.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Flappy for me so I can keep my hands on the wheels. Middle finger to shift.
  3. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Sequential gearstick for me at all times.

    I find the more positive motion of up and down shifting by a stick means less getting it wrong. I find it too easy just to down shift too many times when I'm just (and I apologise in advance for the phrase) flicking a finger.

    YMMV. :)
  4. i mostly use the padels , but in some cases i use them in combination with the shifter . For instance with a tight corner after a straith , u can shift to for instance, second gear in one motion. this in some cases helps me to be able to brake late for a turn.
  5. I use paddles most of the time, in the '87's I use the sequential and sometimes with the E90 since I don't have a H-Shifter :(
  6. Flappy paddles.
  7. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    I haven't got a shifter, so flappy paddles for me. Well paddle and a button :p
  8. I use the "paddles" on the DFP - does anyone know if it's possible to bind the paddles and sequential shifter at the same time? Would like to have the option.
  9. i was thinking about this earlier when reading some of the stuff posted about the sequential (i have a dfp too).... i guess you could reassign shift up and down to two unused keys and then use the logitech profiler thingo to map the controls on the wheel to the keys you setup... gonna try this tonight!
  10. Simple:

    H-Shift for cars that use H-shifters,
    Sequential stick for cars that use sequential sticks,
    and paddles for cars that use paddles.

  11. I use the Stick Shifter on my DFP, used paddles at first but there a bit small and fiddly when you need to put a lot of lock on. Looking at the G25 its probably a more viable option to use paddles though as there a bit more substantial.
  12. Paddles for me anytime
  13. i like the idea of having both available for those occassional moments where the wheel is at mad angles and you're scrabbling around like grand master of yoga trying to flick the paddle... :D
  14. Good idea, was thinking it would probably be possible to do it by editing config files but this seems just as easy

    edit: also, do people really use forwards for gear down and backwards for gear up? I know this is what it's like in real life (from what I've seen) but when I've tried it that way round on the sequential I keep going the wrong way :eek:
  15. I always use paddle shifters since I don't have to take my hands off the wheel.
  16. Both, I mapped my paddles to the sequential shifter on my g25 using the Logitech profiler then set the game to change gears with the shifter. So now i can use both, the shifter is good to use when you have a tight corner and alot of lock.
  17. Paddles for me because I don't have an H-shifter. I will be building one soon so then I'll be giving it a go :)
  18. I usually only use sequential stick.
    Only use paddle when driving F1 like cars.

  19. Indeed.
  20. Sorry for the spelling of "paddles"... wrote the post late last night when I was a little "flappy"... :-p

    Anyway, thanks for bringing up the possibility of using both the paddles and the stick!