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Misc Fix repetitive ai going off-track 1.4

eliminate ai repetitive off-track incidents at some corners

  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Fix repetitive ai going off-track - eliminate ai repetitive off-track incidents at some corners

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  2. Thank you so much:thumbsup:, I finally raced at Monaco, without crashing all vehicles:).
  3. In Canadian GP it doesn't work!!!
  4. Could you please provide a fix for monza based on your ultimate realism mod, as we redline at 305kph
  5. Winner,

    What a crazy discovery, I tried various values, 1.0, 0.975, 0.95 and 0.9, every time you decrease value, more slower is ai, from 1.0 to 0.9 are 3 seconds in china, this is possible!?
  6. Glad you enjoy it.
  7. Yes, there is still a little bit of fun at one of the corner for the first few laps, which I think is tolerable.
  8. I have not tried the mod (not mine). May be you can try using the original ctf files for monza in cars folders.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I did not monitor the timing as I am more concerned with the off-track incidents. May be the ai are more cautious and try to stay on track with the mod.
  10. Winner updated Fix repetitive ai going off-track with a new update entry:

    Use specific parameter instead of global one

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  11. And what about classic tracks? Because Estoril and Brands H. have the same problem...
  12. Impossible for Estoril, you can't touch a file you don't get access to.
  13. Can be done. Estoril and Brands not so bad, however will update if some want it or you can diy as mentioned in ver1.1.
  14. Estoril's file is in .nfs file, even if you place a new file in the default folder the game will not load it, unless you edit the raceload.jpk for the tracks' files to load a different file as last position.
  15. No, if you have read, you will know I used files in ai folders. You can also refer to my other mod: ai going wide series.
  16. Ah, yes, I got confused by the tracks' folder as you've written it now only affects specific tracks and those circuits' files were put in the mod.
    Well, if the game will recognize an added entry for an other circuit, then it might be possible, yes.
  17. For me this was useless because it did not solve any off-track.
    My problems are in Canada and in Shanghai.
  18. when i tried this mod AI's were 3-4 seconds slower than their usual times
  19. Mee too, please help winner