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Mods Fiesta Kubica MC 2015 Final Version

Livery HD Ford Fiesta Kubica Monte carlo 2015

  1. Nie bardzo rozumiem tą robotę. Po co marnujesz energię na skórę, która już jest? Lepiej chyba zrobić taką, jakiej jeszcze nie ma. Chyba, że twoja ma być lepsza od mojej.

    I do not understand this job. Why are you wasting energy on skin that already is? Better unless you do this, which does not yet exist. I think that your will be better than mine.
  2. Hi,
    I do the livery for pleasure, even if they are made 100 times, it does not matter, because as long as I have fun doing the livery I love, I will continue. And I do not look if they were already doing.
    Good day
  3. What is the point in complaining, if the Paulska wants to create the skin and post it then let him be!
  4. You're right, no longer I speak. I meant only that he could do for another, because well it does. I hope it will do new and not as what they already are. It is a pity that persists. Sorry if I offended you, it was not the intention of mime. :)
  5. Dałoby radę dorobić na dachu brakujące logo Lotos'u oraz logo RK WRT gdzieniegdzie?


    Would it be possible to complete the design with Lotos company logo over the rooftop and RK WRT logo here and there that it's lacking?