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Fiesta Kubica MC 2015 Final Version

Livery HD Ford Fiesta Kubica Monte carlo 2015

  1. Paulska
    Car: Ford Fiesta 2010
    Class: WRC
    Livery: Kubica 2015, RK team / Lotos
    Rally : Monte carlo 2015 #16


    2015-12-06_00015.jpg 2015-12-06_00016.jpg
    Credits :
    Triss - Photograph / Screen
    Polska - Creator livery

    Thanks :
    Triss - Best friend :inlove:
    Codemaster - Best game

Recent Reviews

  1. hawelk
    Version: Final Version
    Great JOB THX
  2. Michal2384
    Version: Final Version
    Good job. I have a request if you can do the VW Polo in the colors of Kubica.
  3. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: Final Version
    beatifull skin.