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PC FFB XML files available for enhanced feel (from Jack Spade)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Pustul, May 10, 2015.

  1. Jack Spade shared his FFB Tweaker Files to enhance the FFB feel. I find them very good so I thought I'd share them here (I used the SopLateral ones).

    here is a direct link (can't upload .rar here): http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=89585612779828091777
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  2. So far they seem to work good on the CSR with those settings!
  3. I see no link
  4. Richard Charles

    Richard Charles
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    Can't wait to try these but don't see an attachment.
  5. I don't see a link...
  6. It has been moderated, I have added a direct link to the files.
  7. Thanks for the link
  8. Hey maybe a stupid question, but browsed around the pCars folder and can't see anywhere that was obvious to put these.

    Could someone explain how or where to put them? And then do we just load them from within the game? or does each car default to these?

    Edit: Also, do these work for all wheels? I'm assuming these are just in-game settings.
  9. "This folder must go in > My Documents/Project CARS"

    "It´s a text file (xml) containing the same parameters you find on the individual Car Setup FFB Pages. Once the tweaker files are activated the game ignores just the FFB settings on these pages. There is an optimized individual file for each and every car."

    "In pCARS FFB is directly derivated from the individual car/tire physics hence universal, so the files will work on any type of wheel."
  10. These settings didn't really do much for me. Not really a fix to the root cause which is just substandard FFB coding.

    For those people that feel the need to disagree with my post, I'll excuse you since you obviously don't own a Fanatec CSW v2. These settings give a very heavy centering spring feel and extreme oscillation in the wheel at the race start. The wheel shakes violently left to right in some cars like the Formula Rookie. Its quite obvious these setting crank up the FFB quite a bit to increase the poor road feel coded in the game, in the process creating problems for wheels that already have a lot of torque like the CSW v2.

    My wheel doesn't do this in any other race sim, so I'll get ahead of you and say its not my wheel, its THIS game using THESE settings. If these settings work for anyone else using other wheels, that's good for you, but my opinion of these settings and the FFB coding is still spot-on whether you agree with it or not. The CSW v2 doesn't like these settings AT ALL.
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  11. Should we copy over the folder, or just the files inside?

    Also, will adjusting FFB settings in game nullify these, or can they be tweaked?
  12. Copy one of the ffb folders to ex: my docs/project cars/ffb
  13. William Wester

    William Wester
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    The "FFB" folder, the folder containing all of the FFB files, goes into your ...Documents\Project Cars\ folder. Jack provided two different sets of files, take your pick which to try. I haven't read up on what the difference is between the two sets.

    ...Documents\Project CARS\FFB
  14. Rob, I have the CSR also and these settings dont feel any diffrent to me then the original.

    What other settings do u use, if u could please share them.

    Also, do you feel any bumps when going straings, when wheel is centered for me i feel nothing.
    As soon as I turn wheel FFB kicks in and i feel bumps.
    I read that deadzone remover could fix that but i cant find a value that fixes it, either wheel shakes way to much or nothing in straigh lines.

  15. Which files did you use? I used the second folder and it definitively changed the feel of the wheel (I have a TX). I feel much more the back loosing grip and what the car is doing. But I agree though, they don't change the game, there is still almost no center feel when going in straight line and there is probably no settings that will really change that. SMS needs to tweak how the ffb is rendered in the game.

    Edit: also don't forget to make the changes in the game general ffb settings as describe in Jack's post.
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  16. See thread and make sure you don't use standard(which is the same as basic stock pcars other than the added sop)
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  17. Thanks Rob, I tried it but I cant say what people are so happy about, this FFB feels about the same to me.
  18. There is some improvement, but overall its seems like it could be specific wheels. But, I did notice more of a change in the CSR wheel than GT3
  19. ok, might be so then.

    How about on the straights, are you also lacking FFB when wheel is centered?

    That bothers me the most, im fine with this feeling i have now in corners but it nothing on straights. It really takes me out of the experience seeing car and wheel bump on screen but i feel nothing,
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  20. These new settings are excellent. Really feeling the car forces now.

    The Fy+SopLateral Mix work great with the open wheelers.