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Misc FFB Deadzone Fix for Logitech G27 1.2

Little tweak to improve forcefeedback when the steering wheel is straight

  1. Piereligio submitted a new resource:

    Deadzone Fix for Logitech G27 - Little tweak to improve forcefeedback when the steering wheel is straight

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  2. Erg


    I want to try it on DFGT, but is there a way to take the things back? Or what to backup?
  3. The file to backup is the one you edit, that is controls.ini, it is inside Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg
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  4. How do I revert to the original? Installed this a couple days ago. It's good but for some cars that have the center rattling it worsens it, and for me I'd rather have a dead zone for those cars.
  5. The bat file you executed, did a backup of your controls.ini original file. You will find the file under documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg .
    Just rename the backup one into "controls.ini".
    You also could simply decrease the value of boost multiplier, read the description to understand better what value I mean.
  6. Ah yes I could try tweaking that value. Thanks.
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  7. for G25 too ?
  8. Theoretically yes, but you could have to change the values I've provided with different ones. The description describes how the values work.
  9. I've answered that question a post before your one..
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  10. Just want to ask what Min_FF does, as it's set to 0.00. What effect does increasing it's value have? Thanks for this info.
  11. That's the setting of minimum feedback strength, it's in normal Assetto Corsa settings.
  12. I mean what's it's relationship to Center_boost_gain/range? What would be the effect of increasing it, in contrast or in relation to Center_boost_gain/range? Thanks.
  13. Working in my G 29 too!
    Thank you !

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  14. If you use the center boost gain, you don't need the minimum force feedback strength. Or at least I found better it with that value at zero. The minimum force value affects ALL the range of the steering wheel, not only the center zone. Theoretically should boost every little force to the percentage that you choose. For example if you have a little bump that generates 1% strength, the minimum force will boost it at the value that you set. I find that thing not very good, it makes the wheel way noisier, and the wheel loses detail in all the wheel range.
  15. @Piereligio, BTW, does the value of Center_boost_gain=4 correspond to a certain Deadzone value per Wheelcheck logs? I'm asking because I've seen many G27 users reporting wheelcheck deadzones around 15-18, and mine reports around 19, do I have to increase Center_boost_gain? Thanks again.
  16. The value you reported is the multiplier, not the range. The range is the very little value. When I put 15 or 18 percent to the value that changes the range, I feel like a "step" when the boost is working and when is not, it is strange. I preferred to boost only when the wheel is in almost total centre. Anyway you can test the values by yourself, no? ahah
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  17. Multiplier? I'm referring to FFB deadzone on the G27, where there's no FFB felt when turning the wheel a few degrees. Some sims have Min Steering (rF2) or Min Force (AC) where, from my understanding, force is sort of increased at the lower ranges of steering to compensate.