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Favourite Cars?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Just want to get peoples opinions on what they think are the best career cars in the game and why they think so.
    My self im only in my first season running with lotus on intermediate setting and i dont really have an opinion on what cars are good.
    Im nearly finished my first season only four races left and i have recently took up a new contract with force india and i hope i picked a good car to drive with because lotus are not the best team imo.
    So any feedback would be great.

  2. if you watch formula 1 season, the answer to this is pretty obvious.

    best teams, in order:

    red bull
    force india
    toro rosso
  3. Well you have the Different brackets, and different drivers. My preference has always been towards Mclaren, after Damon hill moved to arrows and was no longer able to compete in most races i started to like mika hakkinen, coulthard was also driving for them, i was a big fan of the Mclaren F1 road car and being british i just edged towards them. I love how the ferrari cars look, and i second that with the red bull but i am a Mclaren man through and through.

    Anyway in terms of which are the best cars, it goes in catagories, roughly along those lines above, but there is a fairly distinct difference in the performance of said cars. how well the game reflects this i dont know, cant say i've had the time to drive every single car around every track.

    1. Red Bull, Mclaren, Ferrari
    2. Renault, Mercedes
    3. Williams, Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso
    4. Lotus, Virgin
    5. Hrt

    I also took up a Force India contract for my second season.
  4. are force india good?
  5. good enough to put at least one driver in Q3 most of the time in real life.

    so i'd say "average".

    in the game it's probably the best option you'll have for the second season. fwiw, in real life force india is DRAMATICALLY better than lotus.
  6. yeah i would say they are lotus are not great but their only new so why would they be
  7. Brawn GP were new... and look what happened with them :p
  8. True Very true
  9. Brawn GP werent really new though, Ross Brawn bought the Honda team and renamed it. This is the same Ross Brawn responsible for the team behind Michael Schumacher in his ferrari world champion dominating days. The Honda F1 factory in the UK had already designed a car for the 2009 team when Honda pulled out of the sport, Ross Brawn picked up the team and they worked hard to ensure all went well.

    2009 was also a year where both Mclaren and Ferrari turned up with a fairly bad car, one that took Mclaren half a season to fix in order for it to be competitive and in the case of Ferrari they just gave up in order to concentrate on the 2010 car. Red Bull were gaining strength in the latter part of the 2009 season towards their now dominance in 2010.

    Its a completely different story to Lotus/Virgin/HRT as they are brand new teams working from the ground up, with limited funds and a much tighter schedule in regards to ensuring they made it to the grid for 2010.
  10. @Bigbazz... true again, but by taking that into consideration. Lotus aren't new either, in fact they are one of the oldest F1 teams around - even though they've been out for a few years.
  11. thats not true. The current team named lotus has nothing in common with lotus at all. they own just the rights so they can name the team that way. This will change next year when they will/must rename the team.
  12. Aye the old lotus team is completely different, the current one is just a name. The old lotus team stopped racing in 1994. In 2011 they will be called Team Lotus, despite the name the team has nothing to do with the actual Lotus car company.
  13. That is also incorrect. The team is owned by Proton Holdings Berhad which owns Lotus Cars and has for 14 years. The link was also shown by the "Lotus Racing" team displaying 500th GP livery at the European GP this year with Colin Chapman's son, Clive, in attendance. On paper in the F1 world, it is a continuation of the same team.


    They would not be allowed that if they were just another team called Lotus.
  14. Not incorrect at all, completely different owners, they merely licenced the name for the year, something that they have been not allowed to keep next year, Lotus the car company are not happy with the Lotus team using the name, stating that it was not within the rights of the person who sold them the name to do so.

    Secondly, it is a new team, new people in a completely different era of racing. 16 years in F1 is a lifetime, a generation and this team was founded from the ground up. The fact that there are so many legal arguements over the situation with the Lotus company, the fact that in malasia the team is know as Malasia F1 team.

    Brawn was a fully established team that was merely bought and renamed, everything was already in place.
    Lotus is a team that was started from the ground up, as a brand new team but licencing the name, something they aren't allowed to keep for 2011.
  15. ^^
  16. In 2011 they will be Team Lotus with the old logo. And as I said, they would not have been able to claim 500 races if FOA did not consider it a continuation of the same team. We all know this is a new company claiming legal rights on the name, what I said was on paper F1 sees it as the same team.

    As for new people and a different era.. that means nothing.. people change over time. How many people are still at Ferrari from '96?
  17. Ofcourse it means something, regardless of there being new people at Ferrari, they have progressed and developed through the years.

    Lotus is a team that was founded from the ground in 2009 for this year. As a team they had no previous incarnation, they started F1 in 2010, using an old name, that is all it is, a name.

    Other "new" teams like

    Toro Rosso = Minardi
    Force India = Jordan
    Mercedes = Brawn GP = Honda

    They branch from already established teams, with years of experience as a team, with many of the same people behind them, using the same factories. You cannot compare these to Lotus who are a brand new team licencing a big name from the past.
  18. this is a really interesting topic personally i dont know the ins and outs of F1 but im learning lots here ha
  19. In the game, Lotus is the worst car by a mile. It understeers like mad, then snaps to oversteer without warning. In real life, of the new teams, I think Lotus has the best car. But in the game it's the opposite :(
  20. I think the currently top teams on F1 are Ferrari, McLaren and RBR