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Far Cry 3

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Craig Stevenson, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. So anyone else get FC3 today, if so what do you think and what version did you get?

    I got the Lost Expeditions pack and as it was from Amazon I also got The Warrior Pack. I've not tried MP yet just a couple of the SP missions, I've spent quite a bit of the time collecting the loot and stuff to Craft a bigger bag etc. I believe there are no vehicles in MP which is a big let down as I was hoping they were gonna go back to FC1 for the MP model which I thought was pretty brilliant.
  2. Unnecessary post after OP has been edited. :)
  3. :redface: thanks for pointing that one out :redface:
  4. LOL how did that even happen
  5. Billy Sausage Fingers, two keys side by side and not paying attention I guess.
  6. Just got it today. Well, the official version. My Uplay name is Spuddywuddy if you want a game.
  7. This game is AWESOME !!!!!

    I love Vaas, such an outstanding villain.
  8. I thought about getting it...how much is the game?

    I had the impression that the base game was relatively cheap but that there is DLC?
  9. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Bought it yesterday and it was 22€, DLC would be ~3€ iirc. Prices change daily tho, so you might need to wait a bit for it to be cheaper again.

  10. It was released on Steam today at £29.99 not sure if that comes with any extra's, my box serial won't allow me to Activate it though so I'm stuck with uPlay. Has anyone with a box version been able to Activate it on Steam?

    6.5 hours on it this evening and loving it, the water is stunning as are the other graphics, there were one or two graphic glitches originally but I haven't noticed any since the V1.02 patch and the nVidia V310.70 Driver.

    Personally I think FC3 goes back to it's FC1 roots as far as gameplay goes, I didn't really get on with FC2 and it was quickly relegated to the shelf but I think I will be finishing this one. I love the fact you get a bonus for Stealth instead of charging in everywhere, in that respect it reminds me of one of my all time favourite FPS games, Project IGI 1 & 2. Find yourself a vantage point to watch the enemy via your camera, tag them and plan their stealthy annihilation :D

    Plenty of side missions to keep you busy along with a bit of hunting to get stuff to craft yourself some new kit.

    Game of the year for me :thumbsup:
  11. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Steam keys are different from uPlay keys, so no - I don't think the box key will work for anyone. Except the Steam logo is printed on the box or it specifically says you need a Steam account on the box, much like Black Ops 2.
  12. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Been strolling around today and I noticed that I'm more of a hoarder right now. Wanted to do a quest and 30 minutes later I've been back to the town 4 times because I found so many animals to uhm...make use of. Once I have my sniper rifle (~800$ to go) it'll be more of a shooter for me, I think. :)
  13. I have left many of the secondary missions for later. I have now done 8\18 Radio Towers and many outposts, I always loot the dead guys and chests to make sure I have the money to buy kit. I've spent a lot of time hunting and crafting now and pretty much have all the kit maxed out, to continue crafting I need to find some rare animals such as a White Belly Tapir or Black Panther which I think can only be found by doing certain side missions.

    The Sniper Rifle rocks but there is so much pleasure to be had by taking over an outpost using just a knife, especially when you've earned the Takedown Drag skill to move the body out of sight.

    As I mentioned I have done 8\18 Radio Towers and they have put some work into the game, so far each tower has been unique when climbing it, most games it would probably be the same tower over and over.
  14. I finished the main quest, all skills maxed out and daaaaaaaamn, that's powerful, especially with the late game weaponry ;)

    Finishing off the second island's outposts and side missions atm. (Playing on Hardest setting)
  15. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I have yet to meet Citra but only like 3 outposts on the island left. I didn't figure out how to get onto the southern one yet since it's always saying I'm out of bounds when I'm trying to use a boat etc. - might become available later. :)

    I'm seeing some graphics issues sometimes, any way to fix this? Most often if an animal is gored by an NPC.

  16. I seemed to have quite a few of those glitches before the 1.02 update and nVidia V310.70.
  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Hm...ah well, don't want to install beta drivers and it's not that bad. Arrived on the 2nd island now and I'm glad to see that the mercenaries hit a lot harder than the rather stupid and weak pirates. Granted, it still only took 6 bullets to take out an entire camp...but well...it's a step forward. :D
  18. How did you get to the Southern Island, I was down there last night but kept getting out of bounds warnings, do you have to do all the Story missions on the Northern Island first?

    One thing I have found annoying so far is that you can approach an outpost just as a Bear or other animal is heading into it for Lunch, you can sit and watch as the Bear takes over the outpost for you. It's a bit different if you free an animal from the cage, at least that is your doing.

    Have you tried the Signature Sniper Rifle?, that is quite an impressive piece of kit :D makes a very slight bang when you fire it though.
  19. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Yep, you gotta meet Citra and fight a boss first - afterwards you need to help someone getting his plane ready and you can simply drop off over the other island. That's indeed all there is, story-wise. :)

    I haven't had such luck yet but opening the cages is fun nonetheless. The sniper rifle is great but the AI will know where you are - not that a silenced sniper rifle would make a difference...those little crooks seem to see some sort of bullet trail. :p

    That's my setup, weapon-wise. Captured all the outposts & radio towers on the other island today but didn't continue the story.


    1: AMR Z93 Sniper Rifle
    2: Shredder Vector .45 ACP Submachine Gun
    3: Ripper MKG Machine Gun
    4: Bushman P416 Assault Rifle

    Those are all signature weapons, so they're extremely powerful. 1 & 3 aren't silenced but the other 2 are. :)
  20. I generally find a vantage point and then tag and study the enemy with the camera, it's possible to shoot the animal cage to free the animal without being heard and I've found I can usually take out at least two or three of the enemy with the Silenced Sniper Rifle without being heard, just a matter of timing. The problem is with the Heavies as one shot probably won't take them down as they're well armoured.

    I do like my stones and knife though, again I watch their movements with the camera and then find a safe place to lure them one by one and do a takedown.

    I'll have a look at my weapons load-out tonight, probably pretty much the same as yours I think.

    Have you maxed out your kit?, I still have the "Extended" kit to craft on most of the kit but as I couldn't get to the Southern Island last night I started back on the story and clearing up the Northern Island so it should take me long to find the missing animals to skin.