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Skins Fantasy - Alfa Romeo F1 Team V.2 2.0

Fantasy - Alfa Romeo F1 Team livery man Photoshop file

  1. DimTet submitted a new resource:

    Fantasy - Alfa Romeo F1 Team (version 1.0) - Fantasy - Alfa Romeo F1 Team livery man Photoshop file

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  2. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

  3. Looks good. :)
  4. thnx guys though need a lot of work still :))
  5. Great job, I love the car :thumbsup:

    Why don't have I F1 2012 :cry:

    Can I try to adapt on a F1 2011 skin?
  6. first of all thnx for the great words :) secondly yeah if u could modify it for f1 2011 be my guest no problem for me!! if you want a tip though send me personal message because i dont know how :D and i will explain you :)
  7. Good skin... but the skin that you used by Tomi is based on my Wiliams FW23 skin and he didn't ask me permission to use it as a basis for his skin!!!
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  8. Okay, I will try but in June :p I am bad in skinning so maybe i will ask you for tips.
    And I have a little problem: I have not Photoshop yet. (Sorry if I am bad in English)

    Edit: I like the idea of italian sponsors especially Barilla but I think Fiat and Alfa Romeo on the same car is a little too much.
    It could be a perfect car to be the small team of Ferrari :D
  9. Good idea Dim Tet :thumbsup: !
    Ric I love spaghetti ;)
  10. This is version 2.0
  11. Friend of speed .... good night
    I'm from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    What program is used to edit cars and helmets?
    I can order MODs for you?
    Example 1: Wil Power Helmet with sponsors of Lotus. Car, uniform pilot and mechanics, garage Penske, with the Pirelli logo in place of Bridgestone
    advance grateful
    My E.mail: @ magno.black oi.com.br
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/magno.oliveira.169405
  12. Hello my friend! As I wrote before I'm not such good in skinning as others in this forum. There is also a modding requests thread where you can ask whatever you want. So I think it will be better to post there your request with some pictures to let us know what is this that you ask! ;)
  13. 1) You are from which country?

    2) What is the link to order this part?

    thank you
  14. Ise o theos mou!! ALFA ROMEO???? Me pethanes.....
  15. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    No Greek here --- Oxi Ellinika;)
  16. Yeah ok, sorry guys i got over excited with the Alfa romeo mod. It was a great surprise to me. Anyway i seem to have a prob. The car and all the in race graphics are perfect. What is not changed is the team name and the car i see in any given menu. As I am new with f1 series and even more with the mod part of it, do I need to do something more than simply copying the files from the download file? Actually that seems to be a general problem as i noticed now. Any help? PM if you want.
  17. :) thnx a lot arxige mou (Chief)!! i will pm you on how to change the names and the logos in the menu!!
  18. It's really your skin, did he ask permission for it?
  19. DimTet didn't know that he used a stolen skin... so after he discovered it, he sent a message to me where he asked permission for it