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Fanatec CSW V2 : other players with this one here ?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Le_Poilu, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Hi

    I received my new Fanatec CSW V2 yesterday (in replacement of a Fanatec CSR-Elite).
    I would like to know if other players here have this wheel.

    The wheel seems to work perfect, but It's look like the game doesn't recognize it well.

    The more disturbing is about "wheel settings" in car setup.
    Usually you have something like wheel angle 540, steering lock 24.
    But now I have "N/A" in wheel angle and 13 for steering lock. I can change steering lock settings, but wheel angle is blocked on "N/A"
    It's strange, so I'm not sur to have the proper wheel angle settings for each car.

    On Fanatec Drivers settings I have set 900° and for the on-wheel settings SEN = OFF (as I had for the CSR-E)
  2. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    hi can you send /link your rcs , i might be able to do something , but need your controller file as it should have the id number in it

  3. Thanks
    Here the rcs of my profile.

    I think the game did not recognize the wheel correctely as it asked me to create the device.

    is this something else than RCS file ?

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  4. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    ok heres where it gets complicated ..... ;)

    go here Steam\SteamApps\common\raceroom racing experience\Game\GameData\General

    in there at the bottom ish
    is a file called steering wheel ; copy it make a backup as such ;put it somewhere safe
    done ? great now replace it with this one ive linked here (its the only file,right click and save linked content as)

    does that now see your wheel
    you might need to redo a controller file at this point

  5. ok, thanks, will try this ASAP this evening ;)
  6. Same problem here. Even tried your modified XML Andi - no luck. The game does now correctly set the default wheel rotation to 540° but leaves the steering lock at 0. It also crashes as soon as I click "drive".
  7. Same problem here. The wheel is not detected properly.
    I tried the XML Andi provided and still not properly detected. I aslo got the 540 and the steering lock at 0.
    However, I was able to set in manually to 24.

    But this is very troublesome, if I Need to do this for every car all the time, because I use the Oculus DK2 and the menus are not implemented properly.
    I think it was in an interview on THE SIMPIT where it was mentioned that it will proberly come in the Dec uipdate but it did not :-(.
  8. But you have no problems to actually drive the car after setting the steering lock manually to 24? Every time I try to leave the menu to go on track the game just crashes.
  9. No, I can drive with out the game crashing. I tried practice only so far.
  10. Hm... That's interesting. I tried different game modes, different experiences and different track-car-combinations - all without any success. Yesterday after the update everything went totally fine with my CSW v1.
  11. I thing I'll delete all my settings in MyDocuments and start fresh to see if it's doing better.
  12. I have the CSW v2 and I set mine up two days ago for R3E. My wheel settings are mostly at default in the tuning menu, 900 degrees rotation, FFB at 100%, Spring at 10% and Damper at 0%. In game FFB settings, I have the FFB overall gain setting at 60% and vertical load at 175%, everything else at default if I recall and I love the way it feels. I use 32 degree wheel lock for all cars since my wheel is set to 900 degrees.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2014

  13. I have the same issue as you with the xml file from Andi.
    Game crash when push "drive".
    And I wasn't able to reach ADAC 2014 Exp, I had server issues many times. Once I put the old file : no problem to play ADAC 2014 exp.

    I looked at the modification in the XML: Andi added the "CSW V2" device with the Device ID. But in the game, it still didn't detect it as "CSW V2" like it should.

    I hope we will find a workaround :)

    EDIT: I even tried with a full delete of my personnal files in MyDocs to start over, no changes.
  14. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    yes sorry guys , i tried the only work around i knew ; but the devs have been told ; and they are aware of the problem

  15. Good to know, hope we will see a fix soon :)

    the wheel works it's only a matter of wheel angle detection :)
  16. I have to admit, that i have similar problems. I'm a CSW base v2 owner since 2 days, and it seems that the wheel detection in R3E doesn't work as it should.

    First of all, here are my wheel settings (CSW Wheel display):
    SEn:OFF | FF:100 | Sho:OFF | AbS:OFF | Lin:OFF | dEA:OFF | dri:OFF | For: 100 | SPr:OFF | dPr:OFF

    In R3E menu it seems like the wheel is detected twice.

    And after loading a track the automatic wheel rotation shows N/A with steering lock 0.

    Then after going on track and return to this menu it shows the following:

    Also the virtual wheel in the cockpit is not synced with the wheel in my hands.

    Here's also my controlset file. I hope it could help to find a solution.

    Frank (a.k.a. Ernie)

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  17. What bothers me is the lack of grip information, no matter how I set the percentage. The only thing that affects FFB is the overall strength. No matter what level of grip the car has, the wheel is always on the same resistance, instead of getting lighter when the wheels start to slide during under/over steer.

    It was the same with G25.
  18. I've found a very simple workaround for the CSW V2 to work properly.

    We only lack for an automatic/in-game wheel angle settings, but the wheel itself can set is own wheel angle via the SEN settings (on-wheel).
    If you set SEN = OFF, the game will use the driver Settings. If the driver is set on 900°, the game will use 900° whatever steering lock you set (in-game).
    And 900° is really a bad wheel angle for GT class car, if you have steering lock at 25 (or less), the driving will be very bad.

    My advice is simply to set SEN on the value you normally will set on the wheel angle in-game settings (with the proper steering lock).. and Tada !!

    I've plaid GT Master with SEN=540 and (in-game) steering lock to 25 (like it will be with automatic setup) and it's perfect !
    Now we just need to know what wheel angle/steering lock we need to set for each class of car, because not all the car fit with 540/25. I know that the radical is something like 400/15, the DTM use 540/18 or something like that, etc ..

    But I guess the wait for an official fix will not be long:

    Seems that S3 has lot of CSW V2 to play with ;) (check 1'09")
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Hello everyone,

    My V2 came Wednesday, just plugged it all in tonight and given it a test on RRE. Can anyone offer me any advice please? I ran a V1 previously, so i downloaded the new drivers, installed them and calibrated the wheel / shifter.

    I've followed the advice above about setting SEN to 540 and (in-game) steering lock to 25 (using ADAC 14 as a test) and used Frank's settings (SEn:540 | FF:100 | Sho:OFF | AbS:OFF | Lin:OFF | dEA:OFF | dri:OFF | For: 100 | SPr:OFF | dPr:OFF).

    Until the SEN issue is fixed, is this all i need to do please, or can anyone offer some help with my settings to get the best feel? My in game settings are shown below -

    Speed Sensitive Steering - 0
    Min Steering Speed - 63
    Max Steering Speed - 186
    Analog Sector 1, 2, 3 - 0
    Return Multiplier - 4
    Steering, Throttle, Brake & Clutch Sensitivity - 50%
    Steering, Throttle, Brake & Clutch Deadzone - 0%

    Force Feedback Intensity - 100%
    Smoothing - 25%
    Steering Force Intensity - 100%
    Understeer - 100%
    Vertical Load - 100%
    Lateral Force - 80%
    Steering Rack - 0%

    Engine Vibrations - 20%
    Brake Vibrations - 20%
    Kerb Vibrations - 30%
    Shift Effect - 80%

    If anyone can help with some suggestions to get the feel nice i would really appreciate it, RRE is the best! Soon as this gets sorted, its off to RF2, AC & GSCE etc :)

    Thank you!
  20. I can suggest you to lower force feedback intensity.
    I set it at 60% and it's more than enough. but I set a higher Vertical load. Vertical load should at least 200 to give a better feeling..

    ans "smoothing" to 0 !

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