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Fanatec CSR and CSR-E Firmware updates

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Tom Moreno, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. just got the filmware update for my elite, might actually use it for dtm
  2. YES! Now I can cheat!
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  3. what do you mean mate?
  4. Automatic clutch. Wusses, get some extra fingers!
  5. Had a go with this tonight... Works well enough. Makes you change gears as fast as the car's clutch will let you. In my A4 DTM I don't think one is quicker than the other. There is a slight shift in balance on corner entry that can be adjusted for using manual clutch with ACL but I reckon I'd probably stick to the car's auto clutch. Now in stock lower level cars the difference is dramatic. I've finally moved up a step in the Reasonably Priced Car rivals event that had been an unsurmountable wall before. Should be good for the Clios as well.
  6. i updated my firmware and gave it a whirl in a gt2 practice, i enjoyed it and its the first time ive actually got round to using it (got it for xmas) and have been waiting for the adaptor for my spare set of G27 peadles
  7. will have to give it a look once I have managed to get a new power lead sorted..
  8. I needs to save the hundreds of pounds needed to buy one!!
  9. Well i installed the new firmware today at work and ive had a go tonight and now im a bit confused. Am i right in thinking this auto clutch thing lets you change gear, when you have the in game option set to manual with clutch, without actually pressing the clutch pedal yourself? Sounds a bit of a dumb question but when i tried it it is no different to how it was before when i changed gear without pressing the clutch pedal.
    I did a test on a mile drag strip and i was much quicker when i was pressing the clutch pedal myself than when i was justing shifting with the auto clutch on. Am i been a bit thick and totally missing the point of this feature?
    Over to you Mr Moreno.
  10. What button layout are you using? ACL only works if you've got button layout A so the clutch is mapped to button A. It definitely is doing something different on mine.
  11. I'm not really following this thread but these cougars certainly get my attention ........ A cougar for me would be in her 60s though" :(
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  12. W,
    There's still a few nice looking bit's of skirt in their 60's mate, all hope is not lost, lol.

    Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Racquel Welch, Olivia Newton John, Helen Mirren, Cheryl Teagues, Jaclyn Smith (she was my favourite 'Angel' too, lol) to name but a few.

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  13. Ok. I don't think I have got the button layout set right. I remember changing it, with help from you, so I could use the x and b buttons to look left and right. I'll check it out in the morning and report back.
  14. Yeah, it's a bugger that to use ACL you have to lose left/right look. Oh well, I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too! ;)
  15. All sorted. Cheers for that Tom. Not sure how much I'll use it though I kinda like having to press the clutch pedal myself, but I'm sure it'll come in useful for some scenarios.
  16. Totally agree. For me this is going to be about trying to get as high up on LB's and racing stock cars like clios online. No more getting out dragged down straights by the controller crowd.
  17. No ull out drag us with ur perfect shifts
  18. My controller shifts are perfect anyway!

    No more excuses from the wheel users, we controller guys will have to start moaning about their unfair cornering advantage. :)
  19. The fact remains there is nothing stopping you controller boys get the steering wheel

    You may say you'd rather hold on to your money but if you spend the time on Forza the question is why not

    And for me that's steering wheel brings the game to life

    If I can save the money I'm sure every single one of you can as I am on rubbish money
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