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F1 Circuit Racer - online game

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by David Carter, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. A game that I get Seriously adicted to and I think deserves to be reconized.

    Game will restart roughly when f1 season starts and it does most of the f1 calender.

    I hope to see some of you compete with me soon and hopfully someone challenge my crown.

  2. Its back for another season, I would love to see you race on this unrealistic but addictive F1 game :)

    If you do play, please say your team name so I know who is who :p

    click on this link to get on the main page http://circuitracer.f1grandprixmanager.net/
  3. I've signed up. Meet BLUE COW RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Thank you Alexander, best of luck
  5. Guess whos on on top:), by three thousandths of a sceond:eek:
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  6. You have just hit me where it hurts :eek:
  7. guess who is on top by just less than a tenth. :)
  8. Guess who just struck back:p
  9. Guess who just replied :p just the 8 and a bit tenths faster :D
  10. Just gone a bit faster :D
  11. Guess who hates 'quicksand' grass
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  12. 11 teams have so far have taken part at Australia and last seasons champion, Carter GP is nearly a second clear of 2nd placed team Arghs cars with Blue Cow Racing in 3rd just over 1 tenth further back.

    If anyone wants any help on set up, im the man to ask :)
  13. The current lap times​

    1.Carter GP 30.150
    2.arghs cars 31.094
    3.Blue Cow Racing 31.234
    4.Elviskan72 31.792
    5.Lucent f1 team 32.437
    6.Didu F1 32.700
    7.WC & PL 32.796
    8.lions 34.396
    9.Gea Racing 39.944
    10.tnor 42.093
    11.Sparkys McLaren GP 42.496
    12.Storm 48.456
    13.treecko 54.649
    14.GM Macrae 66.094
  14. i signed up a while back just recovering my password and il join ya david
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  15. also david i could use some set up help
    i also hate the quick sand grass alex
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  16. whats the problem, is it understeer, understeer or lack of speed?
  17. lack of speed fastest so far is a 53.5. also understeer at turns 3 and 4
  18. I have rear wing very low and my front wing is 45 but I like a slightly understeery car. I also leave the brake bias and gears the same
  19. if you want the back of the car to stick also then put a bit more rear wing on the car. lowering the suspension makes the car faster in a straight lin but it also affects handling.
  20. Whoever "Lucent F1 team" is, YOU WILL SUFFER I PROMISE :mad: