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F1 2012 Total Overhaul

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Roberto Costa, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. F1 2012 Total Overhaul Mod

    You like the immersion of the career CM has made and you really enjoy playing CM's F1 but you feel that there's many unrealistic things that needs to be changed? Then this is for you! :thumbsup:

    About Total Overhaul:

    Total Overhaul is a mod made based on the community feedback to bring CM's F1 2012 to a next level, completely changes the game to make it realistic in every possible way, making it closer to a simulation.

    Mod AIM:

    Safety car (Already at work in a separate mod - more info here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/safety-car-fix-mod-alpha-w-i-p-v0-5.60558/)

    • Safety car chance system disabled (Done since by just settings chance to 100% on all tracks)
    • Safety car deployed on crashes that pose a threat to the other drivers on all tracks (w.i.p)
    • Safety car deployment system changes, lap it is deployed.... (not found yet)
    Realistic damage

    • More realistic crashes with the ability to damage interior car parts on impact
    • Grip changes on crashes, car spinning, car flying due to lost downforce
    • Reliability of car parts (Mechanical failures)
    • Make debris pose a threat to player and AI
    Surface grip changes

    • Change grip levels of most surfaces on the game
    • Reduce grass grip and friction
    • Increase gravel friction/reduce grip
    • Reduce grip on overal surfaces like cobblestone, astro turf, etc

    • Tweak the cars to match the real life cars handling
    • Increase gear 1st to 4th acceleration and decrease 5th to 7th
    • Tweak car's top speed on all tracks
    • Change top speed of the car based on real life using and not using DRS
    • Increase braking power
    • Change car setup for every track to give better setup control to the player
    I know that 90% of all this is possible because i've done a lot of tests and i was able to change most of those things, just some few things maybe impossible to change due to scripts or being coded on the exe, but most changes can be made by us, the community, as long as we share our findings and knowledge about the game files.
    Lets work together and make this game much better than it is!

    Some Info:
    I (Roberto - Bob) have started to look at the game files because of the SC that wasn't working even with the DB chance set to 100%, then after some research i found a way to fix it for every track, found Remy here on RD and we started to work together to mod the SC, some more time and Wills joined us to help with the mod and he showed some good skills to make a tool to help us to fix the SC. Since we started looking onto many files of the game, we all looking for more realism started planning this Overhaul.
    Some more guys with the same goals appeared and are always trying to help, Kartik is being in contact with me for a long time and always focusing on the "realistic damage" part of the mod.
    Now, around a month since we started this, more and more nice guys are joining us and giving more and more good information every day.
    There is a lot of people to thank for, most of all, Ryder, not just helping us, but helping everyone with his free tools, making all this mods possible.
    (If you want to help with money, then donate to Ryder, see here: http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/)

    And thanks also to Remy, Wills, Demy, Kartik, Kristian, Vlasovas, Keith, Met_Fan and everyone else that is giving us feedback on the SC thread, sharing knowledge and helping with a lot of changes.
    Sorry if i forgot someone.
    Also thanks to all texture modders, for sure we will play a community made F1 2013 using the overhaul + F1 2013 textures :D

    Mod Status:
    Safety Car - 40%
    Realistic damage - 20%
    Grip Changes - 70%
    Handling/Physics - 0%

    Now i hope everybody can give us feedback and share some knowledge, i bet we can make F1 2013 better than the oficial one will be :thumbsup:

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  2. Looking good. If you want you can include my semi pro mod for users who race at intermediate in career but want a better challenge and find Pro a bit too hard.

    Keep up the good work.:thumbsup:
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  3. We will have a look at it :) Thanx :)
  4. Since there is some AI mods out there already i haven't said anything about it on the thread, but its something i want too.
    There will be a lot of different settings for players to chose from, so we may include some optional modules like your semi pro mod. ;)
    Thanks Andy
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  5. Looking great guys, can't wait for all of this to be completed. Haven't had much of a chance to play F12012 over the last couple of weeks as been too busy with work and other things, but I do have a new wheel and will wait until most of these mods are completed to get back into the experience of playing it again with my new wheel. Something to look forward to in the future.

    Keep up the great work!
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  6. Hm....i must say, i actually only played first month, after time its just modding and learning about the game files :roflmao: I'll start playing for real after the mod is finished too ;)
    Since so many good mods are made, until this one is finished i think we also are going to have some new seasons. It will be hard to decide which season to play :roflmao:
  7. Great Job guys :thumbsup:
  8. Roberto Costa If Possible Change the Gear ratios for Tracks like Singapore, China
  9. Possible im almost sure it is, but i don't know how will they look in the car setup in game. :(
  10. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Can't wait for this. Sounds incredible.
    I just have one question, is the wet weather grip level a lot lower than it is in the default game? Coz in the default game, the grip in the wet is way too high.

    Edit: Also, will the braking distances be shortened? They seem to be a bit too long in the original game.
  11. For now i have focused the grip changes on the parts out of the track, grass, gravel and others. One thing is that i haven't noticed anything regarding the wet, i may be missing something but if im not, then i believe the game automatically changes the grip level in the wet using the values for the dry, probably it uses some % to reduce it. If we find this, for sure we will take a look on how to improve it, but maybe with the tweaks to the surfaces, they may be much better on the wet. I'll do some tests to see if i can find ;)
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  12. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Awesome! Can't thank you guys enough for all your hard work!
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  13. Ok Lets see when we reach that stage. First i will look into Gearbox to create the Overevving effect which Destroys the box when you bang it for most of time but if you manage it well you can go to end.
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  14. @ Roberto, Costa,
    What parameters you`ve changed to achieve that ?
    "Increase gear 1st to 4th acceleration and decrease 5th to 7th" I am really looking forward to this mod . Great stuff keep the good work.
  15. Haven't done this yet, the handling part is going to be the last one i believe. But if you want to take a look, the key to the handling changes are inside the ctf files. Inside each car folder you will see a CTF file, this file can make some difference on the handling, but the ones you really need to change to see the difference is the one inside the folder track, that is inside each car folder, they are config files to the car for each track, you can change the gear ratios there to mod the acceleration :thumbsup:
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  16. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    To add to that, the balanced folder is for player online, and AI I believe.
  17. The Overrevving Damage rate of Gearbox works when the Player tries to Shift the gear down with out giving enough time to set the Revs down. the Higher times you do the Higher Damage rate it will get. Finished a Race in Monza and Nursed the Gearbox after finding this Mechanism since Lap 21
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  18. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Wow, I can't imagine how much time it took you to test that, nice job!

    Also, it looks like in "track/x/x/x/ai_track.xml", we can change the whole racing line for the AI, including the position of the brake points, that are normally modded in ai_vehicle_track. It looks like a pain to do changes to that file, but it's possible to completely change the way the AI drives a track. (NOTE: converting this file can't be done with Fergo/Gulbroz binxml, use RBC)
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  19. 160 laps of racing in Monza allowed me to get that. :)
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  20. I think i remember this file. If im not wrong is the one BIG file, with the gates, and safe retire locations right? I know its this one or the other file with track info in the tracks folder. I think this is the file the SC system uses along with the triggers_pit file to check if a crash happened inside the "SC zone". WillsB3 is working on a Tool to help us to map the tracks for the SC, but with the tool, probably we will be able to change these other things, like the racing line max left/right and the braking zones. For now the only way i know to do it right is to open the track file on Max or 3Dsimed and check the x/y locations, works good but its a pain.... :roflmao: