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F1 2012 on Mac

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by koeloe, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Does anyone play F1 2012 on Mac? I see it is available but can it be modded like on PC? I've also read that getting the wheel working properly is a bit tricky.

    Any info appreciated:)
  2. Thanks, will do.
  3. Just replied. to PM. :)
  4. I play with my 360 wired Controller and works great. Also, I've seen that if you dig into F1 2012.app folder, you get the VERY SAME file structure than the PC version... interesting.
  5. Yep same file system so pretty much all mods will work, cars, cameras, tracks, tyres, garages, pit crew, OSD, etc...

    If you are playing with the wired 360 controller and want full feedback included, i.e. to feel the car on the tarmac (off by default) you will need to adjust the effects file on your Mac which is found here > username>Library>Application Support>Feral Interactive>F1 2012>additional

    I have attached mine if you wanted to try it out. Just change the extension from .txt to .xml before using it. I only changed it so I could upload it with this reply.

    Two add ons that won't work are kenken's ingenious telemetry mod and visor view mod, both of which need DX11 and use a .dll to inject the code. You can mimic the visor overlay by using a mac app called uberlayer which allows you to overlay a png with transparency in windowed mode. I used that in combination with some global keyboard shortcuts and the app joystick mapper to switch it off when looking backwards on again when looking forwards again in cockpit view. Also I have a prefpane app called to cursorcerer installed to switch off the always persistent mouse cursor that is present when running F1 2012 in windowed mode. Again by using a combination of a global keyboard shortcut and joystick mapper I was doing this by clicking down the right analogue stick.

    Feral Interactive did a very good job porting this game, so good in fact that it made me want to experience this game at it's very best so I have just got a dedicated gaming rig. First Windows machine in years. :ninja:

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  6. I already have full vibration feedback. I downloaded a 360 driver and works like a charm :) But I'll try your effectsetup :)

    Have you tried any mod, like car skins or track updates?
  7. Yeah done all of those as they are texture mods, but as it was on a Macbook Pro mid 2012 with Integrated graphics so my mileage did vary.

    Cars work, the ultra hires texture files slowed my game too much so I opened up the .pssg file, downsized the textures and then reinserted them into the game. (this at the time was done on a five year old winXP netbook).

    The HD track pack from the pimp your F1 sticky was just installed as is, and worked okay. A little FPS hit here and there but that was my GPU's limitation.

    Garages from the same sticky were also inserted as is and look great. HD Tyres also and also any of the mods to tweak realism, safety car and damage work just fine too. Oh and grab one of the helmet packs to replace the generic one's Codemasters give you to use in career mode.

    I even made and released a mod of my own.

    But because I wanted more, I have switched to a PC for gaming. :redface:
  8. how do i mod my F1 2012 on mac? Where do i put the mod folders into? Help!
  9. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Please do not multiple post the same question across the forum, thanks :)

    Someone has answered you here in this thread

    Once you know where the install folder of the game is in your operating system, the folder layout in the install folder is exactly the same as a PC. So just follow the same instruction as the PC when installing.

    If you download a mod that is in a zip or rar file, then unpack the contents into a folder of your choice. You can unpack these files directly into your F1 2012 install, but just in case you have the path wrong, it's better to unpack to a temporary folder.

    Once you have unpacked the archive, copy the folders that are in your mod into your F1 2012 install folder, and overwrite any existing files. This is why you should back up the original folders before installing mods

    For example, if you have unpacked, and the archive has given you a 'cars' folder and a 'characters' folder. Then copy those 2 folders into your F1 2012 install folder.

    That's it.
  10. But, i have downloaded f1 2012 and in the folder doesn't appear any 'cars' folder.
  11. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff