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Expert - Legend AI

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Giovaneveterano, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. I found myself splitted between Expert and Legend difficulty during the weekend, but not in the way a lot of you may think.
    Regarding FP and Q I can make a single fast lap on fresh tyres and be competitive in Legend difficulty (top 10 with McLaren), but when race comes I can't keep up AI pace for more than 2 laps and I finish dead last: I'm 1s off an ideal pace due to tyre wear, it's much more like an expert pace.
    The problem is that I can't qualify on expert difficulty because I can take pole every time.
    I found this problem since F1 2013: race pace and qualiy laps are only 1 or 2 seconds off, in real life more like 3 or 4.
    Some tips? I play 50% races and no assists.
  2. Go on expert, use a good steering wheel, no assists at all, no brake markers, no line and cockpit view only. Damage on full simulation, no abs no TC. If you can beat the AI with all that then you are far better than I will ever be. My hat goes off to you. I can't string a decent lap without TC on at least medium.:notworthy::notworthy:
  3. I'm going exactly as you say: no assists at all, and cockpit view only. I love full realism.
    I'm using only flashbacks, but in qualifying I don't need them at all to make one fast qualify lap.
    For example in Bahrain I did pole lap in a McLaren in a 1.34.490 by 1 tenth of a second in expert difficulty, but in race with legend AI my best lap was 1.35.8 after putting SS tyres for the last 4 lap stint, my race pace was around 1.37.0.. obviously I finished last and lapped.
  4. Lazarou


    This has always been a issue for me in codies F1 games, stuck in the middle of a difficulty setting. I started my career on Expert in a Renault with no assists and after 9 races I have been battling for the podium in the last 3 races and taking pole once, obviously this is not very realistic.

    I tried a few quick races on Legend difficulty but really struggled but I thought as Silverstone is a circuit I should know really well I thought lets give it a go in my career, at first it was a struggle with the R&D stuff, but I did a whole session just doing laps and setup, and it suddenly clicked, 100% on R&D quali 13th and race finish 8th which is much more realistic, and it felt miles more rewarding.

    Hungary is next and that will be a the real test if this difficulty is doable for me.
  5. The main problem is the race pace. F1 cars can't go 1s off the qualifying lap.
    I find Legend AI really competitive for me in FP and Q so I go for it and then I swap to Expert for the race.
    I really can't imagine why Codies don't adjust race pace, how many people has this problem?
  6. Lazarou


    Like I say it's always been a problem for me, maybe they should adopt the percentage slider style AI.

    At least you can adjust it on a session by session basis until you are happy with a setting. Getting your R&D upgrades seems to have a big influence on your pace.
  7. It's really time for Codies to put sliders in the game. In FP and Quali I can finish in the top 10 with the renault on expert. Though on Legend AI I qualify dead last. The FP quali sim and tyrewear sim are not done on Legend, just impossible. While in te race de Expert AI is way too easy for me...
  8. I have not played enough to experience the problem, but to me it sounds like a setup thing. You are optimizing setup for Q and not for R. Maybe you will need to balance better between them. A setup that is better for your tyres during R will not be so fast in Q.
  9. You are all just so much better than me. I'm struggling to finish mid pack in the HAAS on expert difficulty and I use TC. :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
    I never use flashbacks though. That would totally ruin all immersion for me. But each to their own.
  10. I use flashbacks because often the game has black screens, lags and the AI rams me in the back.
    Anyway the race pace is just unreal: too fast compared to qualifying laps. That's not motogp
  11. You are right. It's not MOTOGP. Are you playing the right game?
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  12. Maybe I explained wrong: in F1 the race pace is far off the qualifying pace, more like 4s.
    In this game the fastest lap of the race is more or less only 1s off the pole lap, never seen that in the last 6 years.
    Players that play on very easy or easy simply can't do an entire lap without crashing, I can't imagine a player that is so slow and so constant during the race, he should coasting during the entire race.
    And so a player that play on medium or hard can't do a lots of clean laps because of his controller or anything else, but he know how to complete a clean lap and can still do one really fast lap if he don't commit errors in his flying one.
    A player that play on expert is a good one, one that has a good control over the car and can run dozens of laps without crashing, he surely needs that extra pace to be faster, but he can't improve his times 2s more, simply he can't because this is his limit.
    A player that play on legend or definitive is a really fast one: he can be fast and costant during the entire race and he can push the car to the limit for more than 1 lap.

    How many of you play on Hard, Expert or Legend? I bet 90% of you.
    I'm the only one who is comfortable with expert race pace but prefer a slightly faster qualifying?
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  13. In F1 2014 there was a mod to make closer Ai difficulties with less gap between.
    Not in F1 2015 .Is F1 2016 unmoddable as 2014 ?
  14. Sadly.. yes.
  15. Lazarou


    As suspected getting wasted at Hungary on legend, bottom of the pile no matter what I do. :(

    I may have to lower it again to expert for the sessions I have left P3,Q,R otherwise I will be finishing last.

    I was four seconds off in P2 its so frustrating the inconsistency.
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  16. kedy89


    Imo Hungary is one of the more difficult tracks on legend. And don't worry about your place in the practice sessions. I always seem to be at the bottom in those, but come quali I suddenly can fight for top 10. Probably because of increased grip.
  17. Lazarou


    I will give it a bash, but I will hold you accountable if it all goes to :poop:;)
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  18. Lazarou


    Qualified last, race was a bit of struggle for 14th. Lap times were a lot closer, I was not the slowest!

    Spa is next it will be interesting to see how I get on as with most of us I have done so many laps around the track that I am hoping for better.
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  19. I still have problem in race pace, one shot lap is not the problem.
    At the moment I'm playing on Expert with great fun and I turned flashbacks off, now I'm completely without assists, cockpit view and no HUD, 50% races.
    I just need AI faster during qualifying
  20. Lazarou


    Idiot am I, Hockenheim is next not Spa :rolleyes:. Just done the first practice, was running fast enough for 16th on the softs and 11th on the supersofts, so things are looking more promising on Legend AI although the AI never ran the supersofts, as Kedy said Hungary is slightly odd and I never felt I had the setup nailed, with Hockenheim, I already feel on top of the car and few more setup tweeks I think it could be enjoyable, if I get top 14 in quali I will be happy means I have a chance for points, which is how it should be in a Renault.

    Unfortunately because I was doing so well on Expert AI my rival is Ricciardo, so no chance with that one!