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Cars European Super Touring Reloaded 1.0

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97 submitted a new resource:

    European Super Touring Reloaded - Super Touring Cars

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  2. Legend!
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  3. Hmm I dropped all the files into the right places but it stuck all the cars in with the old ESTC V3.6 files...

    What do I need to do? I would have thought they'd be in their own class?
  4. They are in the same class as the old cars.I forgot to mention that in the readme.All you have to do is go to the ALBTCC98 folder and locate the teams folder(e.g Brovallen Motorsport in the audi teams).Basically you need to remove the old estc for the super touring 3.6.I hope this helps:)
  5. Done this and it has worked thank you. Great work. Cars look much better.
    Will it be possible in the future to get the aero discs onto the rear wheels of the BMWs and Hondas like in the v3.6 mod?
  6. I don't know how to convert those but i think they will be done at some point.
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  7. How's progress on the bathurst 1000 skinpack?If you need any help just tell me;)
  8. Haven't touched it tbh. Photoshop on this PC keeps crashing :(
  9. After converting a few cars from the old supertouring 3.6 i realised it's actually much easier than it looks;).
  10. Tbh I'd send what I did over so you could have a look but I know I've flattened everything
  11. Thats ok;)
  12. Many thanks for this and all your other work :thumbsup: small thing I noticed is the BMW needs the flatter front bumper easy to do just change the cas file front bumper line
  13. Cars need aero discs on the wheels too but otherwise loving it.
  14. What am I changing in the CAS file to have the later front bumper? I don't like fiddling with stuff incase I break the game... And I don't want to do that haha
  15. Mr.T. will be making fixes so i think that the later bumper will be included;)
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