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European Super Touring Reloaded 1.0

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the european super touring 2000-2001.This skinpack was originally made by Martin Wessely for the old Super touring 3.6 cars.I have converted the skins to the new reloaded cars so the skins might not be perfect.

    Credits go to:
    Martin Wessely for his skins,driver suits-helmets,talent files and menu buttons
    Me for converting the skins
    AndreasFSC for his Super Touring mod

    Have fun!!;):D
    Race_Steam 2015-05-21 16-16-29-48.jpg Race_Steam 2015-05-21 16-21-06-06.jpg Race_Steam 2015-05-21 16-25-11-88.jpg Race_Steam 2015-05-21 16-25-26-22.jpg