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Engine blowing up bug?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rob Poelmans, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. First smoke and then boom.
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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    As it should :) Very good, no more over revving the engine and manage it just like in real life
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  3. The car status sucks -> doesnt show anything... engine green, but there was smoke for about 10 laps... yep smoke and the engine didn't blow up... strange
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  4. It's not a bug, it's a feature ;)
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  5. Hi Dewald Nel, you know if the engine losses power or something?
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Would you believe that @ Melbourne yesterday, in the Sauber (quick race), I blew 7 engines at turn one when trying to setup my gearbox ..... yup SEVEN! - I restarted the sessions

    The default gearbox settings are way out, so after some aero tweaks, I needed to set the gearbox up. In the end I had to make gearbox very long (Low DF). It took many runs, and on each occasion I was hitting the limiter way too far before the braking zone. Then as soon as I hit the brakes, and drop 3 gears ....... bang. I was always on the limiter just prior to the engine blowing.

    I am now going to record the sessions for my own piece of mind, just to see why it's happening. I only recently (in the past 4 months) change to left foot braking from right foot braking (and not playing recently). I am suspicious that my co-ordination isn't quite on the ball yet, and it's possible that I am not doing what I THINK I am doing (braking & changing correctly), and that I MAY be just be dropping the first of those gears JUST before I brake. I know the car was on the limiter at the time, so that one gear may have just taken it over the edge.

    This is why I am going to make a video or two, just to see if the car is actually retarding BEFORE the gear change. A bit of slow-mo action will tell me that :)

    Anyway, I have seen this 'bug' discussed over at the CM forum, and now here. However, I just want to say that angry as I was at the time, I can't call it a bug until I have examined my own technique first ....


    EDIT: I should add that I wasn't using flashbacks (none available), I never noticed any signs of smoke or over heating. Who looks behind (for smoke or anything else) during free practice, I don't?
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  7. I found how you brake you're engine. Fast downshifting. Just forget everything from 2011. You need to start downshift after you hit the brakes. It's much more sensitive than 2011 where you too could blow your engine but only in P or Q. Now you can do the damage even in the race which is cool and it's definitely not a bug.
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  8. No I was only joking, I do not have the game yet... I have no idea how the engine breaking down works...
  9. The same happened to me after flashbacks
    I stepped on the throttle after choosing the point for flashback, then the engine blew up before I could control the car. If the the engine didn't blow up, it starts to smoke and sound like something is loosen inside.
  10. It's NOT a bug that the engine blows up if you downshift too fast, but It's definetly a bug that when u use a flashback the engine blows up immidetly, before you can even do something..
  11. I cannot say about the flashback/engine blowup as I do not use flashbacks.
    BUT I am convinced that, as others here say, it is NOT a bug if the engine blows up in other situations. People must learn to brake FIRST and THEN drop the gears. The engine will blow if the driver does not do this, they need to re-program their brain, they might think they are braking a fraciton of a second earlier when in fact they are NOT. I have had to change my braking/gear change, but have completed a 100% race with no engine problem after making this change.
    I just hope CODEMASTERS will not dumb this down to suit the vocal minority who want to be able to over-rev and engine-brake their way through their races.
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  12. same over here!! same problem :(
  13. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I only blew my engine once in F1 2011, China, end of long straight, when i was starting to learn Manual Gear changing and before the Patch came out.

    It's not hard to brake first then drop gears.... Just requires some re-training as some have already said.
    Dropping Gears doesn't have the same effect this year that it did last year. There is almost no engine braking effect. For instance, I was driving around Albert Park yesterday and found myself going a little fast through turn 14. I was in 5th gear and instinctively downshifted to 4th and lifted off the throttle to slow down.... but the opposite happened.... I seemed to lose more grip when i downshifted and slid into the gravel. Too much speed and turning in too soon is what caught me out (I think). Easily corrected in F1 2011, but not now in F1 2012
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  14. If this is a feature, how are we mitigating auto gears blow ups?
  15. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    It's semi-auto... you can change them manually if you want when set to auto gearing right? so maybe people are hitting a button by accident? Maybe grasping at straws here a bit, but it's hard to tell what people are doing without seeing them drive
  16. I have a video of me racing around Malaysia (got to upload it yet) in the Marussia on game difficulty of easy (to see the difference between each difficulty setting) no assists and manual gears, about 5 laps from the end and i start to see smoke coming from the rear. I expect the engine is going to call it a day soon but continue to push, finally 2 laps to go and i have enough fuel to get me to the end on standard so i increase the fuel mapping and off i go. I finish the race without the use of flash backs (which i never use anyway) and i don't loose any places (maybe some speed, but thats hard to say for sure, the car didn't feel as fast).

    Yes i got F1 2012 today, a friend said he wanted to race me, so he lent me the money till next week.:D
  17. It's definitely a bug. Something to do with useless default setups/gear ratios. You can't even touch the limiter or it's race over. There's no damage indicated on the HUD either. Nothing to do with flashbacks or gear shifting, although for that reason it is intended. It's not intended for auto gears to retire after 3 laps every race or finish every race with a smoking car. The only way you can finish a race with auto gears is put all your gears to the max and even then you'll be looking like a Red Arrow all race, nice one Codies trolololol.
  18. Yeah I understand it's got that override facility, but figured people wouldn't waste time mentioning it if they had slammed it down themselves, unless they think auto would protect them. I don't know.
    I'm all for it being pinpoint realistic and stopping people abusing engine braking, but it does all sound typically dubious to me. Did this happen on the demo too?
  19. Using multiple fast downshifts ( and I mean in a brutal way, almost instead of braking)in the privious games (as many drivers did) was totally unrealistic. If they had done that in a real F1 car they would have been fired pretty quickly for chewing through engines like popcorn :rolleyes:

    That said, it do sound like a CM bug (no, no, i mean feature ;) ) if it now happends frequently, and even in auto too...was it even possible to blw a engine in 2010 or 11 ?