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Editing tires to pick up debris, flat spotting

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by HK2014, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Hey, I have recently converted a mod for personal use and wanted to make the tires picking up grass/dirt when going offtrack, and flatspotting when braking too hard for example.
    Do I only have to edit some files or do I have to create a new tire with already dirt/grass texture on it or something like this?

    thanks in advance
  2. Hi,

    Use the default Reiza textures for dirt/grass/sand pickup and flatspot texture, and map these textures on your tyre textures in 3DsMax. Look into an original Reiza carmodel as reference.
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  3. Thanks for replying,
    Is 3DsMax the only way to map textures ? because it will takes ages for me to download it as my connection is very slow.
  4. Don't know if this is the only way as i always use 3DsMax. Blender or Collada are other alternative tools to do this, but never tried them.
  5. Hey,

    bringing my thread back to life, since i now have 3DsMax 2010. Firstly i started looking where are located the dirt/grass/sand/flatspot textures and found them inside the cmaps.mas in the vehicles folder. Then as i want to know how it works, i extracted the Gmt and DDS files (from Formula V10) and opened them all on 3DsMax, so i can see the entire car. When i focus my view on a tire (material window) i can see the different maps but absolutely no one related to dirt/grass/sand/flatspot. So i am asking you if you could help me to find this ?

    I also explored all the .VEH, .GEN files (and all the others) to see if there was any link between a tire, and its texture but i can't find how it works, i mean how the tire is supposed to know when its texture has to change ? when you drive on the grass, the tire will have grass texture added, i don't see how it can be done only on 3Ds Max, i mean, don't we have to add some code to a file to make the relation between a tire and its texture ?

    If you guys could bring some light on this i would be very thankful !
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