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DTM14 is out.

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sk3ptik0n, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I just finished (prematurely) a race in DTM14. It's pretty good. The pit stop is not explained all that well. I got totally confused the first time I went to the pits, but what ended my race ahead of time was that I was following a group of cars and they all entered the pits in the next to last lap available. All except one.

    I chased that sucker down the front straight while at the same time I looked at my button box to activate the pit menu. Suddenly, I am up in the air and rolling. I had no idea what happened, so I hot replay and it's pretty clear:

    The car in front, did not enter the pits, but it thought it did. Right around the beginning of the pits slow zone hit the brakes and I plowed right into it.

    So it looks like there are still a few bugs. But it is definitely an improvement. The pit stop was a bit confusing, as I mentioned, but I should figure that out quickly.

    Edit: another thing: I just noticed you can choose Prime and Option tires, but only in race. In practice there doesn't seem to be a way to choose your tires, so you can never practice with the options. Only the prime. Hopefully they will fix that soon.
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  2. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    the option tyres are only available for the race in real dtm so i guess they are sticking with that idea

  3. I notice we still don't have adjustable Tyre Pressures, at least in Practice, I've not tried it in a Race yet as I don't do Single Player races. Tyre Pressures are adjustable in real DTM aren't they?

    Glad to say the auto view switching seems to be fixed so you no longer have to manually switch from Cockpit to Bonnet view when leaving the Pits (I presume that is a global fix, not just DTM:E).

    Glad to see the pricing was pretty sensible for people that already had previous content.

    Still waiting to see some kind of Weather system and of course saving\loading\downloading\uploading of Setups.
  4. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I don't like DRS/Push2Pass systems so I'm not sure I'll buy the DTM2014. People say "well don't use it then" which is a bit of a dumb idea. Everyone on the track time challenges will be using it. The AI will be using it. *shrugs* I find that kind of system really off-putting. For me, it ruins racing.

    Yes, I know the real DTM use it now, which is why I rarely, if ever, watch it.

    The new free Portimao track is very well done, but I did have a braking-zone issue with it yesterday which doesn't seem to have affected anyone else so ran a file check on Steam. Hopefully it'll behave itself today. ;)
  5. Hello, I've noticed some small problems with the AI and performance.
    When you enter in slow turns (e.g. Oschersleben and Norisring T1) the AI is very aggressive and smashes herself into the barrier or gravel.
    And if you brake a bit earlier they push you off the track. A bit less aggressive would be nice.
    They starting very slow into races and straight speed is even really less or does it depend from AI adaption?
    Also the fps performace with a full grid is even worse for me. Are 60fps possible with an i5?
    Hope some developers read this or anybody other can confirm my problems. ;-)
  6. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Only fired it up for a few laps on Hockenheim.
    First issue i have is that the max resolution is 4800x900, changing to 7680x1440 gives an error, CTD and then back ingame to see reso @4800x900:cool:

    Fps performance @high settings is qround 70.
    Should have a look with full grid.
  7. Well, the good news is that they are eliminating Option tires for 2015. I just find it hard to believe they cannot use Option tyres outside of the race. How do they get any data on it? I can understand in quali having a fixed tire, but as a driver I think it would be important to know what to expect when those options go on the car rather than find out as I am approaching T1 at the Nurburgring GP with a bunch of other cars around.
  8. Well, the organisators wanted option tyres as an element of surprise, but it didn't really work out.
  9. So if you already purchased DTM 2013, do you have to purchase DTM 2014 ? Or is it a free addon?
  10. It's only free if you bought it for 39.95€ and got a Season Pass for 2014.
  11. It is heavily discounted though if you bought DTM:E 2013 without the season pass, 83% in my case.
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  12. thanks
  13. Well, is it any good? Anyone? Better than 2013 version? Worth buying?

  14. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    2 compounds
    Pit stops
    Tire wear monitor
    Updated physics and ffb as well as optimization to graphics
    Updated teams, cars, liveries and tracks
    Check the release notes from yesterday's update for more details.
    If your a dtm fan and enjoyed dtm 13 than yes its well worth it :)
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  15. i like the game physics and sounds but from what i remember of 2013 the tracks are boring and very short.
  16. I'm guessing you are primarily thinking of Brands Short and Norisring?, if so I would agree, I think both those tracks are a waste of space, really can't understand why DTM didn't use Brands GP circuit, anyway it wasn't on the Calendar this year and has been removed from DTM:E 2014, so Norisring is really the last short Crappy circuit left.
  17. William Wester

    William Wester

    I guess I wouldn't call a circuit "crappy", wouldn't it be better to say its not something you like. I didn't know much of Norisring until DTM and it has grown on me since... I actually like it now for some very close racing. Also, while the sampling below is rather small it does seem to indicate that not everyone has the same opinion on this particular track:

    DTM 2013 Favorite Track Poll on RD:

    38.1% Red Bull Ring Spielberg
    28.6% Circuit Park Zandvoort
    21.4% Norisring
    14.3% Nurgburgring
    11.9% Brands Hatch
    7.1% Hockenheimring
    7.1% Moscow Raceway
    7.1% Lausitzring
    4.8% Oschersleben
  18. Not really, both the tracks I mentioned are as stated CRAP and a waste of space, yourself and the 21.4% of people that agree with you are just wrong :p

    It's also wrong that Zand is only 2nd and I'm stunned that Oscher is last :speechless:
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  19. Brands short is immensely boring. no-more-simbin should really give us the full brands track, even though given their previous efforts with it, I am not sure I want it.

    I remember learning the track in Race 07 and then joining iRacing and never connecting they were the same track. For the longest time I thought there were 2 brands hatch circuits.
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  20. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    sometimes you lot scare me , you buy an official series game then complain because it contains a track you dont like .... really, really scared now

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