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DTM Experience Initial Thoughts

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Nox, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Hi all,

    So, I installed DTM Experience and got going, doing a little time (not long) at Hockenheim. I'm not one of those people that just is a fanboy, or bitches and moans about stuff. But this time, I want to share my (DTM) experience. Here's my initial thoughts on it.

    Graphics look nice
    The sounds are quite good
    It runs smooth on my computer (GTX 680, if I remember right)

    NO PIT STOPS - I mean, nada, nothing. No tyre changes, no repairs, no pit strategy. If you drive into the pit lane the game just drives you right through like a drive through penalty. SimBin, this is unacceptable. I heard the rumours this might be the case but I thought that would be like releasing a Call of Duty game without guns. Of all the things you haven't got, like multiplayer, releasing a motor sports game without pitstops is nothing short of shameful.

    Too much stuff on screen - There's position boards, fastest laps, and all sorts of race 'info' flickering around the place all the time it's very easy to get distracted by one and make a mistake. It's like racing from inside a slot machine.

    Harsh cut rules - Playing on Get Real (I want no traction, brake help, etc) you so much as just get deep into a corner and run wide off track, even when it COSTS you time, you get a cut-track warning. A few of these and it's a drive through. I agree that cutting the track should be punished, but not if I just make a mistake and miss the corner, lose time, positions, etc.

    There's more stuff I am disappointed about, but I am going to cut it here so that it doesn't end up being a rant thread. This is NOT a DTM Experience at all. I was fine to get this game even without multiplayer, but I expected a game, complete, with a full, you guessed it, 'DTM Experience'. How can that be without pitstops?

    They've released a game that is very disappointing, especially considering the high price point (I had money for one game this season, and regret my choice). I'll put some more hours into it so I'm not going to be unfair and not give it fair chance, see how it pans out, but I kind of feel ripped off. 40 euros is already high for a game. It feels like nothing more than an alpha version of DTM Experience 2014. My initial recommendation: Save your cash.

    If 2014 version doesn't have pit stops or multi player, it's the last time I spend a cent on new SimBin stuff. They haven't even bothered replying to stuff on here, or to the contact form I filled out on their website days ago. It's almost as if they know it's crap and they're avoiding customers.
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  2. Wow ... sorry to hear the bad news. It is exactly what I had feared. So much potential to make a good game but it sounds like a rushed/broken product. I hope things get better rather than worse as you put more time in, but I wouldn't put money on it. Good luck!
  3. Yeah this is kind of upsetting in a way, even with all our worries, I was still looking forward to it. Now, as it begrudgingly downloads R3E to my steam (which I didn't want) I'm a little let down by the whole thing.
  4. Thanks for the the review Andrew. I was scared when i started reading all the negative things about it and to have them confirmed is even worse. Not to mention the price was one thing that started to drive me away. At $55 US I would expect more, but add the lack of SimBin's response and missing so many key features this is definitely a no deal for me.
  5. Damn, damn, damn. I love DTM, but this sounds too bad. What a letdown. I would like to have a statement from SimBin.
  6. Nox

    Staff Premium

    A few more things wrong with it:
    1. You HAVE to have R3E installed to play DTM Experience.
    2. Between load screens there's always a bloody advert for another SimBin product, like the controller. Just leave me alone, I want to play the game and I already spent money to get it.
    3. No weather control. Looks like there's just one weather type.

    Another pro:
    1. The intro video is awesome, I must say.
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  7. martinsalat


  8. Okay, my frist impressions: whole day I was waiting DTM EXPERIENCE would show up in STEAM SEARCH as a separate title, when I finally realized in the late afternoon, that RaceRoom Experience was updating, which took almost three hours (DSL 6000 speed I have).

    Then, when starting RACE ROOM EXPERIENCE there was a new "appendix" there next to "single player" that was "DTM Experience". Redeemed the code, was into the game right away.

    So here are MY first inital PLUS AND MINUS:

    :) PLUS + :)

    Very gorgeous graphics with beautiful tracks/scenery and even more beautiful cars and car hood perspective (in which I am racing).

    Great sound the cars make

    Cars are nicely driven

    The brake zone markers (now that I know of them and what they mean) are a big help to me to brake early enough before the curves.

    :( MINUS - :(

    Game can only be played via RACE ROOM EXPERIENCE portal and therefor cannot be played STEAM OFFLINE gaming.

    This is a BIG minus to me, as I am usually prefer playing OFFLINE, even Steam games.


    Not very much rumble effects ontrack (mostly curbs and offtrack rumble effects).
    For instance, the very bumpy Zandvoort track does not rumble on-track with my Thrustmaster F430 Force Feedback wheel, even though FFB is to maximum and 100%.
    BIG Minus to me.

    AI is too strong for me, even in amateur mode, the AI pushed me offtrack couple of times from behind.
    I would wish that like in rFactor user could adjust AI aggressiveness and AI difficulty level, which is not possible here in DTM it seems to me.

    Couple of times when my car was turned around I was driving into a car and that car became a ghost, meaning my car was driving through the other car!!!!

    Even though I have NO RULES NO FLAG the game gives penalties - too bad, I thought like in rFactor or Race07 when flag/penalties are turned off, I would get no penalties whatsoever and that I can then shortcut whenever I want without getting penalty.
    BIG minus to me, that I cannot shortcut without getting


    Okay, I do not regret the buy, it is only money ;-)
    Game after all looks like fun and graphics are gorgeous!

    What I really hate is
    a) that it cannot be played offline,because I am an offline gamer!
    b) game is pretty low on-track-vibrations/rumble effects
    c) no pistops
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  9. Thank you Andrew... you just saved me a few $... I will look at it again next year...

  10. Jempy


    Dtm experience installed .... rather say: R3E installed :(

    Not yet played ... just first trying to swallow the fact R3E has to be installed to play the game.

    2 demos working as standalone games, no word about the fact R3E is necessary to run the game before you've paid and received the mail with the redeem code .... ???

    What's that for a working method ??

    Hoping Simbin and Raceroom are not part of the culprits with ITR for such a system ... that I totally disapprove.
    I feel a bit cheated in this case.

    Now, I know I'll have to pay attention to such practices.
  11. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Completely agree; there was no warning of a R3E requirement, or Steam, until AFTER I purchased it. Another disgrace, I feel really let down by the company.
  12. Jempy


    Anyway, not sure I will not boycott Simbin and RaceRoom forever if I ever have a single confirmation of suspicion in this affair.

    I don't know if R3E has much success ( as I'm not ok with free to play or free-to-pay systems ), but this DTM Experience is maybe a hidden publicity manœuvre.
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  13. martinsalat


    ITR have nothing to do with that practices.that's only raceroom entertainment.
    simbin is not simbin any more.its a part of KWautomotive.
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  14. Jempy


    Then ... a very bad point to KW Automotive for this kind of practices.
    Surely not the best way to keep Sim fans as customers !

    These were my last words about this observation.
  15. Jempy


    I just noticed that launching DTM Experience by mean of the desktop shortcut doesn't open Steam.

    It seems DTM Experience uses Steam and R3E but may be played offline.
  16. That is it actually. Sim fans are not the audience they look for. Simple, quick races, easy winning fans are the customers here. Sells quickly for not much work. Might be that DTM game will be sold more times in next weeks than AC and rF2 togethere. That is money maker game that lasts for a year and than its forgoten.
  17. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    Going off the install instructions it seems like you can install DTM experience without RRE.

    I set up RRE install this morning before I left for work, but only just before I left did I notice the DTM experience installer in the install instructions I recieved from DTM in the email with my redeem code

    1. If it is your first time playing, you need to ‘Register an account’ here:

    2. After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.

    Click the link to be directed to the page from where you can download the installer for the game.

    Download the DTM Experience installer.



    4. Follow the steps that the installer will show you. Please note you have to approve the EULA in order to install
    the game.

    5. In order to operate, this game requires the Steam platform to be installed on your computer. The installer will lead you through the process of installing Steam.

    6. You will see a login window as it is shown in the image on the right.
    Login using your Steam credentials. You will need to create a Steam
    account if you don’t already have one.
    7. Once installed, you can launch the game from the shortcut on your
    Desktop called DTM Experience.
    8. The installation process is now ready and you can start to enjoy DTM

    Now I'll just have to make the decision if I remove RRE and just install DTM experience or if I just leave them both installed.......​

  18. DTM experience needs r3e so it can run, its a must and it will download the game. It was reported from none r3e ussers to. Remove it and you will see it will install again.
    The differente is only that as none r3e usser you need to register new on steam and make an r3e account to and you think that the game of 3 cars plus 9 tracks are 12gb size as this is what is sayed to be needed of free space.
  19. I tried the Demo a while back and I wasn't overly impressed, but having read various user reviews and comments I'm truly sad to hear that this is what has become of Simbin.

    I've loved Simbin since the fantastic GT mod in F1 99-02 and bought GTR1 as an import as I'd played the demo to death all those years ago. Then they produced GTR2 which still to this day was the most complete Sim I think I've played or owned straight out of the box!!

    Then Race 06/07 and it's many addons all adorned my PC and had many hours pleasure and lots of online League/Club racing.

    RRE was the first big moment of concern for me!! I hate buying bits of a game and paying to add more. I'd rather buy a full game and proper addons later than all this crap :-(. DTM Experience could have been something special if it had been done by the Simbin of old, but now I think they have lost their way :-(.

    I'm mean seriously, to go from GTR2 with it's night/day transitions, changeable weather, 24hr races, pitstops and strategies, damage, tyre wear, championships, online play, huge grids and all this and moddable too and now they can't even properly simulate the DTM series fully!!!

    I hope Kunos Simulazioni and their Assetto Corsa can take up the slack!!!
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  20. Thank's alot for the review! Think I will have to do a big PASS on this one.
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