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Driving Force GT in GSC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Eric Diaz, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. I just bought GSC today and i am loving it. At first it seemed like just a rFactor mod, but their is a lot of depth to this. Was really worth the money. :D

    I have a question though. Can anyone recommend me the best settings for a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel in GSC, or any of the gmotor2 based racing titles period actually. Ive been having issues getting things to feel right and none of them ever come with presets for this wheel.

    Thanks for any help! :D
  2. These are my settings for the DFGT. Use this for all gmotor sims. :)

    Logitech Profiler:





  3. I can second what Ivo has already said. The game feels fantastic with the DFGT, finally a 'mod' that has properly setup FFB. The FFB may initially feel weak, but when you realise that it has been set just to the point of FFB clipping it becomes obvious why it cannot be any stronger. The FFB is detailed enough that it can get the FFB motor worked up to a good heat in a two hour session, so remember to unplug the wheel every now and again.

  4. If I were you, I would put 0% sensitivity for pedals.
    More precision...
  5. Never liked 0%
    And i read somewhere ones 50% is also more accurate in some sort of way.
  6. Arf... Each person has is personal way to drive... ;-)
  7. Thank you for the help! Those settings are perfect Ivo! I can finally drive the cars properly. :D Thank you so much.
  8. Como configurar o DFGT? aonde altero? primeiro porque eu não consigo sair sozinho dos boxes, aperto a tecla 'a' e o carro sai automaticamente, quando estou na pista, eu aperto novamente a tecla 'a' e tenho o controle do carro. Mas, o carro não faz a curva, o volante não gira corretamente.

    Precisamos de um tutorial em portugues, iria ajudar muito.

    How to configure DFGT? where do I change? first because I can not leave alone the boxes, press the 'a' and the car automatically comes out when I'm on the track, I press the key again 'a' and have control of the car. But the car does not make the turn, the wheel does not rotate properly.

    We need a tutorial in Portuguese, would help a lot.


  9. Onde eu acho essa opção "Logitech Profiler:" da imagem que o Ivo postou?

    Where do I find this option "Logitech Profiler" image that Ivo posted?

  10. o carro acelera e não vai a lugar nenhum!!!!
    o carro não entra a primeira marcha, ele não sobe ou diminui as marchas...

    o que tenho que fazer?

    estou ficando louco com isso!

    the car accelerates and not going anywhere!!
    the car does not go into first gear, it does not rise or decrease the gears ...

    I have to do?

    I'm getting crazy with it!

  11. Achei as opções de deixar no automatico, agora é acelerar e aprender! Eu gostei de Jerez!

    Mas, o DFGT não gira como que eu quero, por quê? é isso mesmo que acontece?

    I found the options to leave the automatic, is now accelerating and learn! I liked the Jerez!
    But the DFGT does not rotate as I want, why? is this what happens?

  12. Onde eu acho essa opção "Logitech Profiler:" da imagem que o Ivo postou?

    Where do I find this option "Logitech Profiler" image that Ivo posted?

  13. It is a software of Logitech. You can find it on rtheir website un suppose. Personally I don't use it. Use control panel of windows, in controller section.
  14. obrigado,
    mas, eu não sei onde está a opções de deixar o carro no automatico...

    thank you,
    but I don't know where the options of leaving the car in automatic...

  15. It is in the game. "options" I think.
  16. sim, eu sei, mas ele não está alterando....
    ontem eu joguei em algumas pistas normal, hoje eu não estou conseguindo...

    yes, I know, but he is not changing ....
    Yesterday I played on some tracks normal, today I'm not getting ...
  17. Eu consegui!!
    Eu uso o DFGT, não tem pedal de embreagem, lá nos comandos tem que deixar como 'vazio'!
    Somente assim eu consegui fazer o carro sair do lugar!

    I managed!
    I use the DFGT, has no clutch pedal, there have to leave the command as 'empty'!
    Only then I managed the car make to get out of the place!

  18. Do you use the 22 steering lock config with those settings? Or just leave it on default?
  19. 20 :)
  20. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Not true!

    50% is linear, gives you the most control over the beginning, middle, and end of the pedal movement.

    0% is very non linear. You control about 25% throttle with 75% pedal travel, meaning that the last 25% of pedal travel controls 75% throttle!

    If you have a rubber block or something similar in your brake pedal, but the brake pedal uses a potentiometer, then it makes sense to adjust brake sensitivity down, perhaps even to 0%. Otherwise all axis must have 50% sensitivity for the best results.
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