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Driver cant Join the track Online

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Antoine Morin, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi there ;)

    We have a problem with a driver that cant join the server. All is good offline but when he want to join in he have an error message. I 'm going to post the screens but for now i just don't have them ;)

    If some have the same problems please tell the thing here so i can help him ;)

    We have check his folders and it's look like they have the good size with the good number of files in ..

    Screens to come ;)

    EDIt : here they are ;)



    Later Guys ;)
  2. Working on it...

    ...maybe it is a steam update. But we will fix it.
  3. Ok , Thx David , i edited my post and you have the screens now ;)
  4. Sure he has the mod installed the correct way?
  5. I have the same problem. But David and Xose are checking it out. :)
    The mod is installed oke with me. Did the both races on Monaco and Zuhai with it. :)
  6. Several ANE drivers unable to join server

    there are several [AnE] drivers unable to join the SC server - game is running an updated or modified game. In my case i did a fresh install of Evo, downloaded the mod, skinpack and saftey car and installed them, still get the same error. Track is installed fine as i can use it offline, car skins show up in offline mode as well. Any help is appreciated
  7. Did you install the mod first, and then the saftey car after?

    Strange one anyway, but this is the problem with custom stuff.
  8. yes i installed the track,then the mod and finally the safety car in that order. other members have done the same but this problem is severly limiting our available drivers. As is stands i am down to race on thursday with Nick carnell and neither of us can join the server
  9. And you installed the skins aswell?

    Anyways, when I installed it all I first installed the Mod, then the Safety Car and last the skins. Works for me and my teammates thought some of them also had problems in the beginning but it all seems fine now.
  10. It is an installation issue.
  11. Its not an installation issue david. yet again i downloaded the mod, skin pack and safety car. I opened up my Race 07 folder and deleted all the files from previous install of the mod etc. Even deleted the files from the UIData-Menu folder. I then deleted all the skins from the custom skin folder in Race 07 and My Document-Simbin folders just in case. I then checked for any signs of previous STC content and deleted. Then i extracted the Gamedata and UIData folders to my Race 07 folder (from the mod), extracted the Gamadata folder (safety car) to Race 07 and finally extracted skins to My Documents/Simbin/Custom Skins folder. Ran the game and went to Online, and it is still coming up Class Unknown and when i try and enter the usual message about a modified game. Works fine in offline practice etc.
  12. Try delete (or move) all other mods you have installed so you only have the STC one
  13. that's the one that did it at Blue Flag couple of weeks ago (before Silverstone). No problems so far for our two players, they have test-joined today. Reserves will do the same (hopefully)
  14. I have found the cause of these issues.

    the GT sport addon with the F550/lambo/MC12 doesn't go together with the safetycar.

    We had a driver not beeing able to join when the safetycar was on the server. When i took away the safetycar it was ok. When he took away the GT sport addon it work fine.
    Just tried myself, everything working ok, then installed the GT sport addon and i couldn't join the server anymore. Class was giving UNKOWN, with the safetycar also given as unkown.

    SO the safetycar addon doesn't go together with the GT sport addon.
    Maybe david or Xosé can ask the guys who made both addon why they don't work together.

    Solution is to remove the GT sport addon (or maybe all mods until you have found the guilty one) .
  15. Think i know why the GT_pro_addon doesn't go together with the Saftercar.

    the F550 and the Safetycar have the same modelID=250

    here you can read more about this and the list :

    Basically 2 cars can't share the same modelID without giving these kinds problems.

    David/Xosé can you warn everyone about this ?
  16. can confirm: never had that add on, and never had the safety car trouble. just went online 45 mins ago and it worked like a charm.
  17. Wops this is important! Thanks for notice it Tom.

    Sure I will make a poast at the Team Spokesman Messages later today.
  18. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Yes, this was commented with the people having issues.

    We will modify the ID in next season's mod to avoid this problems.
  19. Right another AnE driver with a little problem, class is fine no problem with that but.. the track is unknown but i have your track pack installed???
  20. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

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