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Drag Strip issues???

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kimmo Kokkonen, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. So do you think that AC Drag Strip missing some important Drag Racing options, following information might be the reason but i'm not so sure yet :)

    Do not take this too serious, I just wanna let you know this issue because I found that so many sim includes totally the same tracks even if they say that all made using Laser scanning etc stuff. Check Mugello, all versions are totally with the same layout, so many other tracks also.

    So, few words about Asetto Corsa, I found a very interesting issue with their Drag Strip as it looks so similar with my 2007 scratch build version, their version is much more detailed but don't let it fool you!

    All Similar things I found in one look:

    1. similar stadion lights (my idea)
    2. similar long track (my idea, I had 1000 m and 4000 m versions just for testing top speed)
    3. similar starting lights (not like a real Drag Racing lights but just like lights in my version, pre-stage and stage lights missing http://www.humboldtcountydragway.com/wp/racing-101/)
    4. totally similar starting / race system - cars are located at the starting line waiting for the lights to change just like in my version (a very important burn out option missing).

    If I can see the track layout from their files (already asked to send files to me) I probally can show you what new ideas I found for modding 2007 when I scratch built my version ;)

    Note that AC Drag Strip version includes so many different Drag Strip elements than the real Drag Strip and all those differencies found from my 2007 version so their version is copied from my track no doubt.

    A real Drag Strip include burn out area so where's the burn out option from AC version? A real Drag Strip includes also different starting lights and their version includes just the same kind of lights than my version, stage lights totally missing.

    So how well they know Drag Racing as they don't know that their version is not even close to real Drag Strip. My version created for GTR2 and burn out missing because the GTR2 sim not support Drag Racing so well and I was forced to create something new...like track layout, it's totally different than anything before I just tested and found the way...rest is history.

    This issue is so sad as all us can remember issues with Targa Florio Simbin, NeelJ and TheSky copied my version and my unique solution to make track work in Simbin sims, before my version everybody said that it's impossible as all other modders where tried before me but not solved it, but I did.

    No hard feelings, just wanna let you know this, AC is great sim and need skills to drive it fast, I like it very much, it's as difficult as needed to separate Pros from Amateurs...

    So atm I'm waiting for Kunos explanation about this issue, they already told me that they never ever heard about my Drag Strip version until today, also they didn't said a single word about other tracks they have, did they really scratch build everything or did they buy all those from other sim houses or track builders that's the question.

    Big words, big words but no panic this is just my opinion.

    Videos ( I know it does not look exactly the same track but see the solutions mentioned earlier this message, there's all the same solutions and that's not a coinsident no way.

    See this video about my original track (poor details I know but see how the race mode working, it's totally similar than AC and my version done 8 years ago 2007 so AC is copy of my track):

    AC official version:


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  2. Same problem, same solution...
  3. Sooo, to sum up: Kunos' strip of tarmac looks similar to your strip of tarmac, which ultimately is based on real life strips of tarmac. And both of them have lights like the real life version... Shocking :confused:

    The REAL question is: who cares?
    It's drag... I don't even get why they put it there in the first place.
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  4. Look here for a video of a real life nyan cat.
    Video 1
    I don't see your point.
  5. My point is that drag strips have similarities, be them in real life, or in video games.

    He listed the similarities between his track mod and Kunos track.. but that's it, just similarities. I also see similar things from real life drag strip tracks to Kunos tracks, for example in real life there's also those light posts from start to end.
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  6. My point is the race mode and how it works, it's similar, it's from my head!

    I'm still waiting for Kunos answer so if they show me all track files I can see if the track solution is the same, I mean if there is the most of the same basic track construction so then it's pure copy. There's no other issues with this but they said that they never even heard about my version, still the race mode and many things are so similar, really good coinsident, thaaat's right!

    Race mode is so weird as my version is Amateur work but they are professionals and they did the same kind of so poor race mode, no burn out's, no stage ligths etc, Drag Strip and Drag Racing includes much more than my or Kunos AC version so why they didn't build full support for real Drag Racing, that's because they where lazy or they didn't have skills to do it :)

    See the real drag racing from this video, see all things they do before yellow and green lights, that's not possible in AC version neither my version so AC not include Drag Strip as commercial Game should have, AC includes Amateur work and we paid it full price???

    Some good burn outs from Alastaro (there's some Nitros also time 5.00 :)

    Alastaro race report


  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Is this real life?

    You think Kunos "stole" your idea for a drag strip? That's like making a chair, and then suing everyone who's ever made a chair for making chairs.
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  8. Hey Staff member, please read my messages, there's is my solution so I asked them show me the track files so I can check how it looks, if and if its mine so then it's illegal.

    Why do you guys think about that commercial game is always legal, because they said that, okei you trust them so much and you don't care??? But if I stole track from other modder so I will be robber and if I release track without authors permission so the link / file will dissappear immediately, that's the way it is but if The Game House released / sale my work or others work without permission so it's ok, ok...so would you please think twice before you answer so stupidly as you did, it's so funny what I said I know but if I stole from you it's not so funny for you but it's funny for me as I like freebies because of so cheap prices, easy money comes to papa :)

    Question: Gues how much cost to Laser scan all tracks in the world or even one track, is this AC a really good busines for Kunos? I would like to see all track projects report they have, they should have a lots of pictures from those tracks and there should be their people on the track working with Laser scanner...did you see these pictures already? I have seen only ingame images but that's only the game graphics, anybody can take screenshots from the game and modify images etc...anybody can modify complete track look a little bit different...

    You took this too seriously even if I ask do not, so who cares, you, if and if they used my track without permission so what about other tracks, did they really used Laser scanning and build their own versions from scratch? Note that AC is not free game and even free needs permission from authors, so who cares??? If I stole from you so you don't care that's ok for you, right, who cares???
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  9. Yes I already saw also that image long time ago but is it really prove something for us, is it really from their own scan and who is the guy in the picture, oh yes it's one from Kunos of course :)

    As you can see anybody can show these images and prove anything and you believe them immediately as they are professionals...note that they worked for other Game House before so they can have these images even if they did not took them...then it is Simbin who did it and maybe they have permission to use that Simbin data??? I don't know just guessing.

    Btw, I tried to open AC files with 3DSimED but it seems that I must pay full price about version 3.0 that I don't own yet, is there any free tool to open AC track files as it seems Kunos silent continues...or maybe I should support Dave again...I would like to convert my own finnish (Finland) tracks to AC but lets see how much time it takes etc...details and texture guality may not enough todays sim racers but lets see...
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  10. Is illegal to open Kunos ecrypted official game content. For many legal issues, especially because they probably are part of the deal with the Track/Car company.

    Look.. are you seriously saying laser-scanned tracks in AC are a hoax? Not anybody can show these images.. besides Kunos, so far I've only seen Iracing posting laser scan images, and recently Sector3 (simbin) also posted a laser scan pic of the nordschleife. There should be some gran turismo and forza laser pics, but maybe they aren't public, at least haven't found.
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    @Kimmo Kokkonen you are making quite a few strong accusations in this thread but no where you are submitting evidence that back up those claims.

    If you are convinced a company took your track (which they didn't) and included it in a commercial racing simulator you should go seek legal assistance and go to court instead of starting a thread on a forum.

    When the lawsuit is over and you have been proven wrong, I also hope you make the same fuzz and post your public apologies to those you are deliberately trying to damage by making false accusations.

    You aren't guessing, you are publicly accusing SimBin in the quoted paragraph above.

    FYI: you are accusing two companies of steeling your assets of a drag strip (a straight line of asphalt :D) with a logic that makes no sense to me at all. What SimBin has to do with it is beyond me as you claim Kunos used to work for them? If you haven't got a clue about such things, why stating them as facts on the internet?

    Idea -> Lawyer -> Lawsuit -> Judge -> Verdict -> Get proven wrong or right.
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  12. So how hard this case is for you, it seems that the whole sky falling down :)

    Please Bram read my messages do not pic clauses to prove anything for other members they can read as well as you, this seems to be pretty bad case for you, so maybe I found something real interesting issues :)

    Bram you never got the message, those texts you quoted not mean anything like you said, as you know AC Drag Strip is not Laser Scanned and Simbin is nothing to do with AC Drag Strip But could be behind of that scanned image from Nord,

    Compare my track video to AC Strip and found the same track, Racing mode etc...

    See this video about my original track (poor details I know but see how the race mode working, it's totally similar than AC and my version done 8 years ago 2007 so AC is copy of my track):

    AC official version:


    God it's so hard to ask some question if you find some very good evidens, are all tracks stolen from some other games or whats the point?? Earlier this site was a very nice for us modders but know its seems that just hate us, you hate so much that grap we offer U?

    And one more time I just asked to show me encrypted files and you hired a layer, it seems that you don't have anything to hide, right? As you Bram very well know your site is responsible about the msgs here and if it's illegal so you must remove it immediately but You did not done it.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2015
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Don't get it what I have to do with it. Couldn't care less to be honest :) I am just amazed that you go full out without submitting evidence apart from a simple video from GTR2 with a drag strip.

    It's like claiming that every real life dragstrip is a ripoff of your work as well as they all look the same to me: startlights, some armco's, loooooooooooooooooooong straight and a finish.

    Putting the two videos side by side i see only differences. The only thing they have in common is a long straight :laugh:

    But who knows, maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong. We don't know until we see a response from the other party or some cold hard evidence/facts.

    Wow, I make one on-topic reply in this whole thread and now all of a sudden the site hates modders? [​IMG]

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  14. Okay, here is what happened earlier in this case:

    1. I asked Kunos about similirality between my and their Drag Strip, I got a very fast answer via email from them in few hours.

    2. Their answer did not include any word about file sharing because I didn't asked about files at my first messsage.

    3. So then I send new message and asked to see those track files, after that total silence, not even 1 word from Kunos.

    So Kunos never said that they can't share those encrypted files with me, they didn't say anything. It was some of you guys who speak for Kunos and that's not enough, I would like to see their own answer, okay.

    Ps. this Drag Strip is Fantacy track so if they build it from scratch they own it 100 % so there's no legal issues to share files with me.
  15. I'm pretty sure they have more serious stuff to do.
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  16. Of course they have more serious stuff to do, they are so busy that nobody cannot answer any messages until the new drag strip version is ready, is that you mean or what?
  17. [​IMG]
    What I meant was: I also wouldn't bother replying to every ridiculous claim of plagiarism, if I knew it was founded on the simple fact, that both my and the accuser's work look similar to a real life example (and therefore look similar to eachother) they're both based on.

    Hell, if I made a 3D model of the Eiffel tower and I found someone else's model of the same thing on the Internet - should I accuse him of using my work just because the models look kinda the same?

    My advice - get a proof a bit more convincing than "it looks like my stuff" before raising the subject.
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  18. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I drew this when I was 10, this was back in 1998. I think I should atleast have copyright on the long straight.

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