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Down for maintenance....

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Günthar Rowe, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Last 3 times I try to log in to iRacing I get this... Love sub based gaming with out a free server system.... :mad::mad::mad:
  2. Only till about 2pm gmt I think. Dont forget mini updates and repairs are coming all the time so maintainance downtime to implement and test things is needed.
  3. My hands start shaking, palms get sweaty, and my right eye starts twitching when they're down for maintenance. lol
  4. Tomorrow maintenance again, 8:00GMT - 12:00GMT.
  5. awesome.... not!!! that is 8pm till midnight another day gone...
  6. I'm really disappointed the way they keep updating and improving the service
  7. Lol! +1 :wink:
  8. They need to rotate the time slots of maintenance so it's not the same people (Aus/NZ) getting left out all the time. 3 nights in 1 week where there is no racing for Aus/NZ in the prime part of the night, it's not exactly fair, especially if we really wanna keep up with other clubs for the RSCC. How are we meant to do that if we miss 3 nights of racing in a week?
  9. I know its frustrating everyone at the moment. But its the first time since I've been a member that they've had that much downtime so close. I could understand if this happened 3 days every week but it doesn't.

    If you don't want downtime, go play rFactor - you just wont get any updates then either. iRacing is such a good service because they update things constantly to make it better for people racing. Everyone was complaining about the issues at LRP in the Skippy and wanted it fixed. They bring out the fix and everyone complains its been down because they were fixing it.
  10. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    What fix James?
  11. Perhaps they could rotate the downtime a little more but as James said I've been a member of iRacing since it launched and I don't remember this amount of downtime happening before so it must be necessary. Unfortunately with an online service you're always going to upset someone when you take the system down for maintenance no matter what the time zone.
  12. There was an issue with a bump and cars appearing to do wheelies. I believe they brought out a fix in the last update.
  13. What they actually need to do is not "provide" a crap page saying that the service is down with out a link to any information, they need to pick up their game... and take the full 2 minites to type the complete 2 sentences that is required to say, "hey all those countries that live in the +9 to +12 gmt time zones. we have decided to can our service pretty much every night and to you but keep your money. But, it's ok and don't get pissed off. We'll tell you later what we did instead of have a page that at least states what we are doing while the site is down..."

    Come on guys! taking down a Prepaid-to-play service for 4 hours+ at a time at the basic same time every time more than once in a week (it has been more than that) that slots in at 8pm to 12pm for New Zealand, 6pm to 10pm for Australia. The system working like this, you find a bug, you fix the bug (on a parallel service), you setup all your download servers, you retest on your parallel service and your beta testers, then you take down your live prepaid-to-play service and quickly update the servers and bring the service back up, then everyone logs and needs to download the update. I can't believe that I'm about to say the following, but here goes.....

    Use the same system that Steam uses!
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Don't see how you can compare the iracing service with steam :) The game updater functionality in iRacing is amazing normally. It autodetects exactly what you need and lets you the choice to download it or not.

    This is obviously not scheduled downtime, but bug fixing that seems to be required to get the service up and running again. Imo it doesnt matter if its subscribtion based or not. Never heard anybody ask for a refund when SimBin's servers were down again :)
  15. Actually they often do say that there will be downtime in the forum. You just check it and it'll tell you when its going to be down.

    As for no message when it is down, just check the iRacing twitter/facebook as it usually has an update on there. They've also recently posted a HUGE topic about their new update system and how they are going to make sure everyone knows about the downtime.

    Its only been down a load this past week. You're acting like they've been doing it since it was released and they haven't. Whenever its down I just do something else rather than sit in a corner crying because I cant play iRacing 24/7. Nor do I cry about them apparently "stealing" my money because I've paid for something which is being regularly updated rather than forgotten about.
  16. No I like iRacing, but what they need to do is rotate the time slots around so that it's fair. At the moment, every time the need to fix or add something, Australia and NZ miss out on 3-4 hours of the best part of the night. We are paying for the service just like everyone else. If they rotated the time slots (ie. 0000 GMT one time, 0400 the next, then 0800, etc.) this problem would be non-existent because each timezone would only miss out on 1-2 night's of racing a season, tops. That is what I would call acceptable and fair.

    Just put yourself in someone else's shoes. You've just managed to free up 3 nights to do some well overdue practise and racing, then iRacing decide to make the service unusable for all 3 of those nights from 6pm to 10pm, presumably because there are more iRacers in North America than your country.

    I don't want to be opposing iRacing, but come on, it can't be that hard to get it right? All you have to do is make the maintenance times different, or god forbid, do what Gunthar said.
  17. Remember guys money talks, with a little over 800 odd subscribing Aussie members compared to the many many more in other markets, (Europe and US,) majority rules and the minority cops the hit on the chin, simple as that.
  18. Perhaps they could stagger the times more but also remember they have working hours too. Its not going to be one guy flicking a switch on the server it will be web guys, database admin, server admin etc.