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Does this even work?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Yapci, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Hi, just tried demo today and was kinda smooth, with the f3.5 and the corvette, single, race, and night.

    I liked it so bought it. I try to run the same settings as in the demo (gtx 660, i5 4440 3.10ghz, 8gb ram)

    Now it doesn't work. Just doesn't work, any car-track combo it doesnt run, 2fps. wich you know...not good.

    The demo was running 120-140fps, which could be improved visually but was not possible to do (because if I changed anything it would go to 2fps).

    So now, even with the same settings as before, it doesnt work!

    Aren't cars-tracks-game optimised enough to run same settings in all of them?

    I'm kinda frustrated with these...
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  3. @Yapci I get much higher FPS with much higher settings than that, with a 970. 150+ except for race starts which are normally 80-100.

    Which car/track combo are you running?
  4. Tried silverstone, monaco 66, bathurst, and some others which I don't remember. The Formula ISI, f3.5, nissan, the ponzo or whatever its called...

    I run AC all maxed, ALL, something even on ultra (with 15-20 cars).

    Run Dirt Rally in High too with no problems at all.
  5. I saw that the Startup Log says this:

    rFactor2 Content Inventory @ nov 15 2015 17:34:59
    Component "Core UI 1.0" failed to verify, removed from inventory

    Any idea?
  6. I had similar problems with the 64bit version. I had everything minimized, resolution and all, and still choppy terrible FPS. I then switched over to 32bit and it was MUCH better. I still can't max everything out like I can in AC, iR, GSCE, or DiRT Rally, but at least it's playable now. I have 64bit system too BTW. I don't know if it's a common problem or not though, and I just got rF2 and haven't messed with it much.
  7. I got 32 bit Windows if im not wrong...anyway tried forcing 32 bits and same result here...

    Im trying even lower now but doesnt work in bathurst yet...
  8. PaulH

    Premium Member

    Have you setup your video settings in the rF2 launcher? Although I don't have the steam version, it may be different
  9. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

  10. Yeah, the demo was running good in that configuration.

    And the full game too, until suddenly it started to run at 2-6fps in monaco 66...

    I have changed nothing! It was running and suddenly not...
  11. This is a known issue. See the bottom of the page here. http://rfactor.net/web/2015/11/11/rfactor-2-build-1028-now-available/
    I get it but I don't see that it causes any problems.
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  12. Yes, I have read that exists but dont know how to solve it neither if it is the cause of the game suddenly going like cr*p or suddenly going 150fps with opponents!
  13. Not sure if you are aware Yapci, but if you have 8GB of RAM and a 32 bit version of Windows... Your computer isnt actually using any more than 4GB of RAM. Its a technical limitation of 32 bit OS's.

    So that is definitely a hindrance there.

    As for the issue, are you running the Steam version of rF2 or stand alone? Not really sure about the problem though.
  14. Well, my knowledge of pc's is basically too basic...so I didn't know that...xD

    It is the steam version, and the demo was steam too.

    Any tutorial on how to convert my PC to 64bits???? Is windows 7 and obviously not much legal version...so feel free to PM me if it can't be said in the forums or something please!!!
  15. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    Your i5 supports 64 bit. So you need a 64 bit OS.

    But i recommend a legit version!!! Your operating system is the most important piece of software!!! It will save you a lot of trouble... Don't complain about game crashes or other things if you have a "not much legal version".

    Windows10 64bit home edition will do fine on your system. You can make full use of your PC's resources and your 8GB RAM. And you're ready for future games (DX12). You can get it for 135 euro's from the Windows website. Maybe cheaper somewhere else. But make sure it's a reliable store.

    If you don't have the money... Christmas is coming... ;)
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  16. I was hardly struggling to pay 18€ for rFactor2...don't see that as a possibility rigth now, as the three wise men don't frequent my home as wealthy as I would love...hahahaha
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  17. Ok so installed w10 x64 and it runs smooth with default settings (all high) so that was the problem! Thank you guys!
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